The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Review

The Amazing Spider-Man didn’t capture nearly the same amount of love that Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man did. While there were plenty of people who enjoyed the new take on the wisecracking hero, many felt that it was little more than a tired remake and just another retelling of an origin story that they already knew. With that said, I actually enjoyed the first film. But that’s not to say there weren’t plenty of problems. Most of those problems, as well as those of Spider-Man 3, plagued the trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man 2, placing my anticipation at an all-time low for what has always been Marvel’s biggest character.

The trailers for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 would lead you to believe that this is a 10 hour season of an HBO show instead of a two hour movie. While the trailers did make the movie look good, they also made it seem impossible to cram all of the highlighted events into a single comprehensible movie. I can say that, at the very least, there is little room for confusion in the plot. That’s not to say that the plot is particularly spectacular. Just as Spider-Man 3 was bogged down with the unnecessary Venom plot line and the ‘Emo-Spidey‘ hour, The Green Goblin shouldn’t have been in this movie.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Electro's Lair

The Green Goblin is the Joker to Spider-Man’s Batman, the Red Skull to his Captain America. So much of what makes Spider-Man who he is comes from interactions with the Green Goblin. While I wouldn’t say that a movie has to stay true to the characterizations in the source material, the changes that The Amazing Spider-Man 2 makes to the Green Goblin significantly remove the power of that character and try to turn him into something that he isn’t. It doesn’t help that this is an Electro movie, so beyond one very important scene that happens in the final act, there was no reason for him to be here, beyond setup for a future film.

Jamie Foxx was fantastic as Electro and it’s a shame he didn’t get the sole villain spotlight here. His meek, invisible Max Dillon turned electrical being who just wanted to be noticed was the deep villain that makes Spider-Man one of the best superheroes there is. Even his interactions with Harry Osborn, as unnecessary as he was to the story, felt like the classic villain team-ups that beat poor down Peter even more. As for Paul Giamatti’s Rhino, he’s barely in the movie and serves his part well without further complicating the plot.

Green Goblin Fighting Amazing Spider-Man

Marc Webb has definitely gotten better at directing action and beyond the incredibly obvious, almost cartoonish CGI in the opening scene, Spider-Man moves like you always imagined he would, more so than ever before. What Webb’s real talent lays is in the dialog scenes. Peter and Gwen Stacy have incredible chemistry and every conversation feels real. Andrew Garfield embodies Peter Parker and lets all the quips fly when he’s swinging around as Spidey. As much as I enjoyed the Raimi films, this is the Peter Parker I know and love.

The best Spider-Man movie ever made is hidden within The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but unfortunately it’s obscured behind an underdeveloped, needlessly changed Green Goblin storyline. Even with all of the apparent effort put toward establishing a Sinister Six movie, The Amazing Spider-Man 2 manages to ignore what makes Spider-Man’s villains interesting for him to fight. Despite this, there are still enough enjoyable moments to prevent you from giving up on the franchise. However, judging from the plans Sony has been talking about, expect the Spider-Man film franchise to crash and burn fairly soon if they don’t give the characters and plots room to breath.

Rating Banner 3-5

In Theaters: May 2, 2014
Runtime: 142 min
Rating: Rated PG-13 for sequences of sci-fi action/violence
Director: Marc Webb
Cast: Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Jamie Foxx, Dane DeHaan
Genre:  Action, Adventure, Fantasy
Studio: Columbia Pictures, Marvel Entertainment
Distributor: Columbia Pictures
Official Site:

  • Eric

    the entire movie was pointless. do we really have to reboot the franchise every time cgi technology gets a little better? i love me some spider-man, but for gods sake, let’s at least wait until someone actually has something new to add besides “slightly grittier reboot”

    • NeedlerFanPudge

      Didn’t they just reboot the franchise because Rami and Toby couldn’t come back and they HAVE to keep making these movies or else Disney and Marvel get the license back.

      • Ryan Perez

        That is partly true. Disney/Marvel will regain the rights, if a certain quota of films, over a certain period of time, is not met by Sony. What they didnt have to do, was reboot the series. They could have just jumped in, at any point in Parker’s career as Spider Man, and the audience would have completely understood the situation. Same Spidey, new story. There is a plethora of storylines for Sony to follow.

        • NeedlerFanPudge

          With that I completely agree. They could have even subbed in the HobGoblin if they needed a Goblin for the later films, and there are plenty of characters that they hadn’t touched yet. Wasted opportunity to show that not every other Superhero movie has to be an origin.

          • Ryan Perez

            It really is becoming a quasi-stigmata about superhero films. I hate to demonize CBMs, but it seems that producers and writers only care about the origin. Its almost cliche at this point, and it really dampens the range that can be written in a film, and its sequels.
            The Gwen Stacy addition was a great way to start a trilogy on their budding love, but why not go the full distance… introduce a real Eddie Brock (my personal cast would be Jon Bernthal), and do the Symbiote saga correclty. Introduce Cleatus Cassidy in the 2nd part of the trilogy. Show Brock’s revelation that he needs to be part of the solution, and ultimately his teamup with Parker to defeat Carnage in the third.
            Producers need to stop worrying about origins, when the groundwork has already been established on the silver screen. Just move forward…

      • Nightwatch

        Not true at all actually, Sam and Tobey and the whole cast were already back, setting up new offices at Sony – they had begun production and Sony came in and fired everyone. It was shock to every person involved and a crappy thing to do, but it goes to show exactly what the issue is – cold, calculating people who have never made a film in their lives are running studios – used to be film directors and producers would work their way up to studio heads – not any more… now they hire marketing people for Applebees to run a creative business – not working out at all. This film was dull, slow and full of so many terrible plot holes and half-baked scenes…. like The Rhino is gonna stand in the street and just wait while Spidey has a conversation with a kid. Like Spidey would leave a fight with a villain just to chat with Jamie Fox i the street while people are getting ran over and cars are being destroyed with people in them… Superman breaks a building and people gripe for a year but Spidey can let people die and it’s OK. Jeez. And the CGI has grown so damned old – it looks like I am watching my kids play a video game. Enough. Stick a couple dudes in the suits and let em fight!!!

  • Leonard Miranda

    Old Spiderman movies are great. But i hate Tobey Maguire as Peter Parker, such a flop. Now we have a real fresh Peter Parker and they change all the entire plot. This movie should be call The Amazing Peter Parker and how Sony ruins Spiderman.

  • Nightwatch

    I think you were far too kind. This movie was a misfire. I wish it wasn’t. I love Spiderman. But this was just – not well made. They think we will swallow anything and this film must be made for Duck Dynasty fans who don’t think, cuz I could drive a truck through the bad plot holes. Even by Summer movie standards, this film was not made for a discriminating or intelligent audience.

    • Shanahan

      Plot holes are what happens when you hire Kurtzman and Orci to script – they leave plot holes big enough to drive a truck through, yet they still keep getting hired on blockbusters.

  • Avatar

    I was told that there is way toooo many villains along with barely room for plots. My friends said should’ve stick with Electro as singular villain. Too bad.

    • Anonymous

      I actually think they could’ve pulled off an effective Green Goblin/Electro team up had they used Norman instead of Harry… Pretty much just not compress the entire Osborn saga within an hour or so, which is exactly what they did. Electro could’ve also eased up on his campiness as well (I think I felt my stomach churn a bit at that “birthday candles” quip!)

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  • Shaq2496

    wow. cold cold hearts. sometimes you have to suck it up and deal with it. if you want to support the movie support it if you don’t then don’t watch it.

    • This is literally one of the dumbest comments on the Internet.

      • Shaq2496

        so is yours! I didn’t ask for your opinion. Also its true people have cold hearts when it comes to superhero movies. let them step into the directors shoes.

        • It’s hard to understand what you’re saying because of your broken English, but the whole “if you want to support the movie support it if you don’t then don’t watch it” logic is nonsense.

          You can’t fully know if you want to “support” a movie until you do, in fact, watch it. This review, comments, and most of the other opinions around the web are from people who watched the movie and found severe flaws with it. And every flaw is valid.

          “Sucking it up” and “dealing with it” would only result in more cinematic garbage. In your world, the director’s ten-penny slippers would fit comfortably while they take advantage of the general public’s lack of a voice and chun out shit because “deal with it.”

          • Shaq2496

            Severe flaws my ass. First flaws for me are minor weaknesses in movies, (every movie has flaws) but when your talking full on trash to a movie that didn’t deserve it. But then you don’t hear anyone talking shit about hunger games huh?! Secondly people were dishing crap on this movie when the first trailer came out. So you saying that people have to “support” the movie by only watching it then your wrong on that part. Thirdly I know my English pretty well to make sense of what Iam saying. It’s up to you to understand it.

          • “But then you don’t hear anyone talking shit about hunger games huh?!” Ha! You haven’t been on the Internet very long, have you?

          • Shaq2496

            Dude II advise you look at some of the reviewer videos and critics and see the rating and the bs they said. I was like are you freaking kidding me. It even won movie of the year. And you and me both know that movie was not out of this world. Same with that bull crap movie twilight.

  • David Rhinehart

    You are all right. I should rescore my review. Didn’t contain the greatest Spider-Man villain, THE BIG WHEEL 0/5

  • Bachelordp

    Can anyone answer these questions for me thanks.

    Richard Parker worked every day in an abandoned subway station and no one from Oscorp knew about it? (At least that’s how I understood it.)

    What were the security officers intending to do with Gwen for searching for Max? And once she left the building, they gave up? Isn’t this the company that crashed a plane to kill Richard? They can’t find her at her home?

    The plot to take Oscorp from Harry was incredibly rushed. Then again, his illness also seemed to affect him very quickly. His father was 53 when he “died.” (I’m not certain he is dead.)

    What was Peter’s real issue with not sharing his blood? As Harry said, he was dying anyway. What was Peter afraid of? Harry would get superpowers like Peter’s? Could the blood be traced back to Peter?

    Harry knows Peter is Spiderman. Is he not telling anyone at the end so he can get his own revenge in the next movie?

    • Enrico Ciampa

      If Spider-man had shared his blood with Harry, he would know that Peter is Spidey.

  • EmoPeter

    A reboot was necessary to include a Gwen Stacy storyline. A prequel was out of the question because the first Spider-man was an origin story, so you can’t have a prequel and you certainly can’t bring her in after Mary Jane. Green Goblin was necessary in this film to be apart of the death of Gwen (if he wasn’t, there’d be a LOT more complaints) but the movie villain couldn’t be only Green Goblin because that’s already been done and even though it is a rebooted trilogy, a fresh villain was still needed in Electro. Gwen’s death maybe could have been postponed to the third film to avoid having so many plots going at once, but I’m glad they didn’t because now they can explore Peter’s life after Gwen. Unfortunately, with the original trilogy having happened, the Gwen Stacy storyline was a difficult one to tackle in a reboot. If they would have just had Gwen as Peter’s love interest in the first film (like I said they should have 12 years ago) and introduced Mary Jane now, things probably would have been a whole lot better.

  • Justin Ranson

    Wow really? Harry Osborne is the Hobgoboin, not the Green Goblin. The Green Goblin is Norman Osborn. Who (SPOILER ALERT) they killed before he existed in this movie.

    • Anonymous

      Uh, actually Harry *IS* the Green Goblin (or rather *A* Green Goblin)… He just wasn’t the first one. TASM2 just took a massive dump all over the classic comic stories, Norman was always far more of a danger to Parker than Harry was. He was the Hobgoblin in the Ultimate series though.

  • JM

    Best Spider-Man movie bitches

  • J.c. Hager

    I’m glad I have the ability to separate the movies from the comics. I thoroughly enjoyed TASM2. Thought it was the best one yet out of all the others.

  • Mike

    One of the nicest reviews of a truly awful movie.

  • Markus

    This movie was awful. The plots were rushed and unbelievable. The villains were a joke. Paul Giamatti deserved better than this role and he didn’t do that ridiculous accent justice. The relationship between Peter and Gwen which was easy because the relationship between Andrew and Emma could be channeled and the Richard Parker mystery was the only appealing parts of this film. If this was a romantic comedy and not a superhero movie I would say this was great. However this was a setback to the franchise which unfortunately won’t be felt due to its international support.

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