The Dead Linger Preview

The Dead Linger Preview

Let’s face it, we’ve all secretly wished the zombie apocalypse would happen. Unfortunately, we haven’t had a scientific breakthrough in reanimating dead human corpses, so we will have to wait a little longer for that day to come. In the mean time, The Dead Linger is the closest thing you can get to the real zombie apocalypse.

While other zombie games are off being generic first-person shooters with a coat of rotten flesh-colored paint or griefing playgrounds suitable for an after-school Halo clan, The Dead Linger is focusing solely on the enjoyable survival aspects of the zombie apocalypse.

The Dead Linger Preview
Talk about a highway to hell.

Instead of offering an online-only experience like DayZ, Sandswept Studios understands the joy of playing with oneself and are offering a fully playable solo-mode in The Dead Linger. Of course, sometimes it gets lonely up on that water tower; that’s why you can also play online with up to 16 friends. Instead of griefing each other, the goal is to work as a team and survive together, at least for the initial co-op.

Gameplay in The Dead Linger is all about surviving. You’re thrust into the world as a helpless human and it’s up to you to not die. Doesn’t that sound fun, children? You bet your ass it does. The first thing you are going to want to do is find a weapon. I rushed to the nearest home I could find, kicked in the door and searched until I found a blunt object. Naturally, with my luck the only blunt object in that house was a toilet plunger. I equipped it, grabbed some canned goods from the kitchen and left the house only to find out that the noise I made attracted zombies to my position. I ran back inside and locked myself in the bathroom. Plunger in hand, I wept as the zombies banged on the door. I thought to myself, “Well, I had a good run. 10 minutes of life in a zombie apocalypse is more than most people get.” Instead of accepting my fate, I broke the bathroom window and climbed out it just as the zombies broke down the door. I sprinted to a new house and started looking for food and a better weapon. After finding some new clothes, a gun, ammo and some oranges, I climbed up the water tower and sat, admiring the world Sandsweapt had created. After eating my oranges and sniping some zombies, I was ready to start the process all over again.

The Dead Linger  Preview
I wonder if Hershel is home.

Much like Minecraft, The Dead Linger uses “seeds” to randomly generate worlds that are different from one another. Your world will be completely different from the world of your friends. On top of that, each world is up to 25,000 square kilometers and consists of suburban neighborhoods, forests, mountains and farmland – with more environments to come in upcoming builds.

Although it hasn’t been implemented yet, players will be able to create barricades to keep the undead at bay. The creation of barricades is planned to be free from, instead of snapping to a predetermined area. You will be able to barricade anything you want – doors, windows, other players! Okay, maybe not that last one. There will be two types of barricades, indoor and outdoor. The indoor barricades will be used to seal off entry points the zombies could use to enter the house and outdoor barricades can be used to build fences, walls, and other structures that will make life (death?) harder for zombies and other players. I wouldn’t mind recreating Woodbury from The Walking Dead, but I have a feeling that’d be too resource intensive.

The Dead Linger Preview
Black Friday madness.

The Dead Linger is currently in early Alpha. It’s rough and nothing is final, but by pre-purchasing it now you can play Alpha builds as they are released and get to witness the birth of a new breed of zombie survival game. I spent a few hours in the world of The Dead Linger and it left me watering at the mouth. It is the zombie game I’ve always wanted, but it still has a little ways to go before it lives up to its full potential. Sandswept’s passion and creativity shines through their buggy, constantly improving labor of love and I cannot wait to finally play the finished version of The Dead Linger.

The zombie genre has died. Sandswept is bringing it back from the dead. [Pre-purchase here]