The Invincible Iron Man #572 Review

Matt Fraction Iron Man

This issue is the final issue of Matt Fraction’s Iron Man series. The previous couple of issues have dealt with an action packed finale to the series and this issue seems to be just a wrap up. This series has generally been good but this final issue is just a winding down of the series.

Iron Man's sad face
Look how sad Tony is that his series is ending

Despite this being a final issue, it actually works well as a solo issue. It’s separate to the rest of the arc while also dealing with some of the aftermath of the battle against Mandarin. Unfortunately, due to this being a wrap up issue there isn’t much story, which is a shame because the story in this series is usually good.

Salvador Larroca’s art is the same as always, but that’s a problem for me. I find his art to be beautiful for action scenes and scenes involving armor, but when he does close-up faces they just look ugly. Something about the way he draws people that sometimes is just weird. It’s hard to explain, but sometimes the proportions on people looks weird or they look like they’re trying to make a weird face.

Tony Stark
What’s going on with Tony’s face in this panel?

If you’ve been reading this series there’s no point in not getting this issue, but if you’re looking to get into Iron Man (not in that way) just wait for the new number 1 coming next month.

[Written by contributor Conor Johnston]

The Invincible Iron Man 572 Cover




32 PGS./Rated T+