The Theory of Everything Trailer

The first trailer for The Theory of Everything has released and it immediately stuck firmly on my radar. I do enjoy the occasional biopic, but Stephen Hawking is one of the greatest scientific minds in all of human history. The fact that we are not awash in Stephen Hawking biopics already and instead mostly get sports and music movies is a travesty.

The Theory of Everything looks like a fantastic movie that not only explores Hawking’s contributions to the scientific community, but the inspirational force that brought him through his darkest moments. I went from knowing nothing about this movie to it being the only movie still coming out this year that I am looking forward to.

Biopics are a tricky subject. Unless they are spot on they are either played too sappy, skipping large important parts of the subject in question’s life and focusing instead on the moments that will tug at your heartstrings or present a bland, unfocused view of the subject that fails to motivate or entertain. Thankfully the team behind The Theory of Everything looks to have missed the pitfalls associated with this type of film and appear to be delivering a truly fantastic film. We will know in November.