The Time Tribe Announced

Prepare yourself! A new game approaches, ready for mass apathy.

We here at Geekenstein have received word of a new Flash game about to sweep across the internet in February. This game, called Time Tribe, is a historical game featuring a group of kids known as the “Time Tribe” who have to explore the past to save the world. Or something. Thundersnow is being pretty vague on the specifics.

In light of this vagueness, I will try to extrapolate a potential story based on the known facts.

The Time Tribe
That’s about it.

There’s that picture, and the official website, which state, in part, “The Time Tribe is an epic time travel adventure series, built on an episodic point-and-click adventure game, an online virtual world, serial fiction, and real-world print and toy collectibles.” Those last few words give me the most pause. If this game takes off, it’ll be the next humongous thing that will barely register on gamers’ radar, like NeoPets and Zwinky before it. For these reasons, we here at Geekenstein have to give a massive shrug and a “meh.”