The Walking Dead “Hounded” Review

Spoiler for The Walking Dead below

The Walking Dead is one of the shows that put AMC on the map and season three continues to prove why. After last week’s questionably inconsistent episode, “Hounded” picks up the pace and provides more answers than questions.

“Hounded” opens with Merle and his group hunting down Michonne in the woods. While viewing “Go back” written in the ancient dialect of zombie carcasses, Michonne ninjas in and take out all but one of Merle’s men. While this is was a badass scene, it’s yet another reason why I dislike Michonne’s character. Instead of getting to safety, she decides to play huntress in the woods, just to murder people that share a different way of life. Granted, they were hunting her, too, but if she made an effort to actually get away, she could have.

rick holding the phone the walking dead
“Yes, this is dog.”

While she’s dumb as all hell, she’s a light-year and a half ahead of Andrea’s ignorance. I’m sure we all saw it coming, but the inevitable boning of the Governor left a bad taste in my mouth. At this point, she doesn’t know he’s the pure embodiment of evil, but she’s still reckless and I can’t say I won’t enjoy it when she finally meets her demise. I don’t think anyone gives a shit about her at this point, so hopefully her storyline comes to an end real soon, as it is arguably the lowest point of the show.

Rick is truly a broken man, and I love it. While his reaction to Lori’s death was remarkably played, I was worried the writers wouldn’t be able to pull off the phone call as well as they did in the comics. I was worried they were going to drag it on like everything else, but Lori made her presence known before the episode was over. Hershel knows Rick is going crazy, but he’s not about to confront Rick about it. He’s smart and I love that he didn’t go back to the others and give them the “Rick lost his marbles” speech I was expecting him to. This gives Rick hope and I think that’s something he needs right about now.

merle and his group the walking dead

Carol is a hide and seek champion of the apocalypse. Well, runner up, actually. Her daughter has her beat there. Last week I felt like Daryl handled Carol’s disappearance in a very… unlike Daryl manner. He jumped the gun, assumed she was dead without even bothering to look for her and buried… his hopes, dreams and lucky condom? Who knows? It obviously wasn’t Carol he buried. Carol’s condition is quite pathetic. Despite hearing Daryl and the others talking in the hallway, she did nothing more than barley push on the door. Not a peep more. It lead Daryl to believe she was a just a Walker too dumb to open a door, and to be honest, I think Walkers are more competent than her. It is nice to see and hear more of Daryl’s personal life as the series goes on, but it also worries me that his time with us may be coming to an end.

Glenn and Maggie’s capture by Merle has me terrified for them. Judging from the preview of next week’s episode, it looks like Maggie might fulfill Michonne’s role as the Governor’s plaything, and I don’t think she’s strong enough of a person to go through what he did to Michonne did in the comics. If he does harm her, I can see Glenn snapping and taking out his anger on the Governor in the way Michonne originally did. It wouldn’t make sense for Michonne to go loco on him if she didn’t suffer the same unfortunate fate as her comic counterpart. The writers are mixing things up just enough to keep fans on the edge of their seats, so I can see them using fan favorite Maggie instead of Michonne.

rick holding his baby the walking dead

The pacing in “Hounded” was perfect. A lot of important stuff gets done without feeling rushed in the slightest. For the most part, season three continues to be the season The Walking Dead fans have been waiting for since the end of season one.