The Walking Dead “Killer Within” Review

“Can’t we just have one good day?” No, Glen. Now put your erection away. I wasn’t expecting “Killer Within” to hold the same “holy shit” factor the previous three episodes of this season managed to capture. In previous seasons, The Walking Dead had quite a few uneventful filler episodes to break up the more exciting episodes. I was expecting “Killer Within” to be a filler episode after the previous three incredible episodes. I’ve never been more wrong.

I don’t make a habit out of yelling “god dammit” at my television, but when I do, it’s over the death of one of my favorite characters. From the moment I heard him speak insightful words, I knew the final nail was hammered into his coffin  Yes, T-Dawg was bitten by a Walker, but he wasn’t ready to go out right there. “Gods plan,” as he called it, fueled his response to being bitten. No, he didn’t take his own life or go out guns blazing, he spent his final moments on earth escorting Carol back to safety. When their path was blocked by two Walkers and they were out of ammo, he takes matters into his own hands (literally) and pins the Walkers to the wall so Carol can make it out alive. It felt like a huge missed opportunity for a T-Dog and Merle confrontation, but there’s always the chance Merle will confuse the black prisoner for T-Dog and we will get the spiritual confrontation of what we’ve always wanted. Rest in piece, Theodore “T-Dog” Douglas. May you have more lines in heaven than you had on earth.

As much as I loved T-Dog, Lori’s death marks the most important death in The Walking Dead to date. I’ve never had a problem with Lori as most others. If anything, saw her as the most “human” out of the bunch, trying desperately to hold on to what was left of her humanity. She has made mistakes, but she’s only human. It’s a shame her death in “Killer Within” felt rushed, untimely, and ultimately… boring. Dying during a C-section? Boring. She handled the situation with grace and accepted her fate, maybe even redeeming herself in for all her past mistakes – but the whole dying while giving childbirth angle felt like a huge missed opportunity to make her death feel even more impactful on the group. At least T-Dog died while sacrificing himself to save Carol. Lori dies while saving a burden on the group. Classic Lori.

Lori's Death in The Walking Dead
Give Andrew Lincoln all the awards for his Emmy-worthy breakdown in “Killer Within”

The moment when Rick breaks down upon hearing the news about Lori, I lost it. Up until now, I haven’t cried while watching The Walking Dead. Sure, I’ve teared up quite a few times, but I never bawled my eyes out. Watching Rick’s reaction was heartbreaking and I couldn’t hold my tears back despite trying my hardest. The scariest thing in the series to date is Rick’s breakdown. His screaming, crying and collapse were haunting. Andrew Lincoln is a wonderful actor and it’s nice to see him finally break the mold his character has been in since the beginning of the series. Rick is gone physiologically and I’m not sure if he will ever come back.

Oh, and Andrea is a dumbass. There’s I said it. Michonne is starting to grow on me because she knows Andrea is a dumbass and won’t survive for long without her. Despite convincing Andrea to stay in Woodbury, the Governor didn’t do much this episode. Well, there is one thing. During the chat he had with Andrea he poured her a glass of whiskey, which she unfortunately drank. He waited for her to drink it before he took a tiny, potentially fake sip out of his glass. Nothing came of it this episode, so it might be nothing, but for a moment I started to worry that what happens to Michonne in the comics may happen to Andrea in the TV show. Only time will tell.

For only the fourth episode in season three, it is obvious that The Walking Dead is not messing around this season. More happened in “Killer Within” than the entirety of season two. And think, we haven’t even seen half of what’s to come.

  • Conor Johnston

    Glad to see I’m not the only one who lost it when Rick lost it and when the Governor mentioned his daughter I immediately thought of the zombie girl from the comics. I’m interested in seeing how Rick reacts in the following episodes seeing as Lori’s death in the comics broke him for a while.

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