The Walking Dead “Say the Word” Review

After last week’s show-stopping episode of The Walking Dead, I was looking forward to Rick’s reaction to the loss of his wife. I expected him to go borderline insane and maybe even take his anger out on the remaining inmates. Instead, in “Say the Word” we see him killing a few Walkers and grunting a lot. His loss of words were understandable, but words are always powerful and it’s a shame the writers didn’t give him any other than his single line at the end. I guess that speaks volumes about Andrew Lincoln. He’s a great actor who doesn’t need words. He can act solely with his emotions and still make you feel his pain.

Rick looks like the walking dead.

We get to see more of the Governor in “Say the Word.” His love for his daughter is actually heartwarming and makes you feels sorry for the man. Throw out everything you know about his comic version out the window and you are left with a weirdo that loves what’s left of his family and is willing to do whatever it takes to maintain their ‘normal’ lifestyle.

Michonne stumbles upon the Governor’s cage full of rotting playthings and takes care of them with her trusty sword. Of course, she was caught and has her sword taken yet away. Yay. In a shocking turn of events the Governor ends up allowing Michonne to leave Woodberry. This move was obviously an attempt to trick Andria into believing that Michonne was crazy for believing they were being held captive. Michonne leaves Woodberry and Andria is left wondering if she made the right choice by staying behind.

There are quite a few inconsistences in this episode. When Rick goes on his Walker-killing rampage, he stumbles upon the place where Lori died. There’s some blood and chunks of flesh (maybe afterbirth?) on the ground and an un-deformed bullet that’s missing the cartridge. This led me to believe that Carl didn’t have the guts to go through with shooting his own mother. This thought process also led me to believe that Lori was a Walker, as the camera panned to a bloated zombie sitting against a wall. The zombie looks pregnant, even, making me instantly think of Lori’s huge baby-bump. Turns out it’s not Lori, but Rick picks up the knife used for Lori’s C-section and repeatedly stabs the Walker’s body after shooting it in the head. He’s distraught and it makes sense that he would need to take out his anger on yet another Walker. Maybe the stabbing of bloated belly symbolizes his hate for the newborn illegitimate child that was responsible for the death of his wife. Maybe he planned on giving the Walker a C-section and fishing around inside it for his wife’s remains or wedding ring. This was never made clear. I’m not sure what the writers were planning on making me feel, but they didn’t handle Lori’s death the best they could have.

There were three graves dug. While there were some remains found for T-Dog, that’s only one body to toss in a hole. Lori has been completely eaten, so putting her in a grave is a no go, and Carol is missing in action after T-Dog saved her. But toward the end of the episode all graves are filled. It’s kind of disheartening to see Daryl not care enough about Carol to go looking for her. Sure, he took the time to place a flower on her grave, showing that he cared, but true love invokes homicidal tendencies and an actual search.

The ending of the episode is the best part. No, not because the episode is finally over, but because a telephone rings in the prison. While I don’t want to give away what the telephone signifies in the comics, I will say that we haven’t seen the last of “crazy comic Rick.”

While “Say the Word” wasn’t a bad episode, it certainly felt like a filler episode. Nothing exciting happens and its existence is solely to set up future events. If the preview after this episode is anything to go by, it looks like the next episode will bring  back the season 3 The Walking Dead that we’ve grown to love.