The Walking Dead “Seed” Review

The Walking Dead Prison Scene

Season 3 of The Walking Dead kicks off with “Seed,” the appropriately titled episode that finds the survivors planting themselves in their own personal fortress of solitude.

It has been eight months since we last saw our ragtag group of survivors and they all have learned a thing or two since. During the opening scene, not a single word is spoken. Their body movement, how they interact with one another without saying a word speaks volumes to how well they have adapted under the circumstances they have found themselves in. Carl scans the kitchen for something to eat and is more than happy to find a couple cans of dog food. Rick on the other hand, isn’t about to let his family eat pet food. He swats it out of Carl’s hand before T-Dog signals the group that walkers have arrived and it’s time to go.

The Walking Dead Glenn Prison Scene
Glenn used “Poke through fence.” It’s highly effective!

They have been moving nonstop since the end of “Beside the Dying Fire,” going from house to house and never staying in the same place twice, all while staying within in the general area of where they were at the end of the season 2 finale.

We were greeted to a brand new opening cinematic and I found it not nearly as powerful as the previous one. I understand that it needed to be updated to reflect the loss of Shane, the RV and other iconic mementos, but the broken pictures really drove the point home that they aren’t just survivors; they are the walking dead, fragments of their past selves. The new cinematic just features glimpses of random places the group will go. It’s really disappointing.

The real star of “Seed is Carl. Yeah, I didn’t see that coming either! He shoots like Daryl and romances like Glenn. Up until now, we have all been hounding Lori to put her kid on a leash. Now, I found myself upset when Rick benched him after the initial courtyard sweep. After Carl’s proven badassery, I can see a lot of fans shouting in unison, “Release the Carl!” – especially when he can pull off multiple headshots from over 150 feet away without dealing with the slightest recoil.

Badass Carl The Walking Dead
Watch out. This little charmer will get you pregnant.

Michonne didn’t get nearly enough on screen time as I wanted, and Andrea being as useless as ever quickly diluted the on screen time she did get. My heart goes out to Michonne, it really does. Dealing with a prissy little white girl is the last thing that zombie-killing badass should have to deal with.

Lori’s pregnancy has taken a turn for the worst. Besides the burden of everyone knowing it’s not Rick’s child, her belly looks extremely fake. Most women when pregnant gain weight throughout their entire body, not just their stomach. All things considered, I’ve never seen an undernourished middle-aged pregnant woman dealing with the stress of everyday zombie life, so maybe I’m not the best person to criticize what looks unrealistic given the circumstances.

The Walking Dead continues to be a show about stupid people making stupid decisions. While sweeping a wing of the prison, the group decides that it would be okay to take their one and only doctor with them instead of keeping him safe and sound back with the pregnant woman that could need him at any moment. Needless to say, the group of idiots did not check the conspicuously positioned zombies on the floor and one bites him in the leg. Knowing that the bite will kill him and death is what turns you into a walker, in the heat of the moment, Rick takes a hatchet to Hershel’s leg. It seems their lives are meant to be much harder than their comic counterparts.

Michonne with Sword
More of this in the future, please.

“Seed” ends with Rick’s group staring eye to eye with a group of living inmates, setting up the next episode of season three to deal with them.

Given the up and down nature of season two, it’s great to see season three of The Walking Dead to be off to such a strong start. It has been stated by Robert Kirkman that the prison story arc will be a two season affair, so I’m a little worried that things might have been rushed too much in the season premiere  Only time will tell if this season will hold up to the hype, but one thing’s for sure: It’s going to an interesting ride.