The Walking Dead “When the Dead Come Knocking” Review

Spoiler for The Walking Dead below

Last weeks episode of The Walking Dead was a great step up from the filler episode before it. “When the Dead Come Knocking” continues the tread season 3 has been able to maintain for the majority of the season, with high levels of action and plot development, perfectly setting up next week’s mid-season finale.

For most of season three, I’ve found myself questioning Merle’s morality. For the most part, he has been playing nice with members of different ethnicities – completely unlike Merle! In “When the Dead Come Knocking,” Merle’s confederate flag starts waving in the wind and it’s even more apparent that he’s still the fucked-up individual we saw in the pilot.

Merle’s interrogation of Glenn was hard to watch. The rage that has been built up inside for the loss of his hand was finally taken out on one of the group responsible. The interrogation didn’t go along according to plan, as that little “China man” has developed into one of the strongest characters on the show, even more so than Rick and Daryl as far as I’m concerned. This lead to a frustrated Merle releasing a Walker in the same room as Glenn. Even when tied to a chair, Glenn proves resourceful and manages to fight off the Walker long enough to break the chair, using a piece of the broken chair as a shank. The entire battle in the room was expertly choreographed and shows just how awesome of an actor Steven Yeun truly is.

Giving Glenn a run for his money as the strongest character in the show is Maggie. As I predicted last week, Maggie got the treatment Michonne did in the comics. Well, almost. The Governor interrogated her and made her take her top and bra off, then slammed her against the table, bending her over and implying that if she doesn’t do what he says, Glenn will suffer and she would likely be raped. She didn’t get raped, thank God, so I am hoping that won’t happen at all. Of course, Michonne will be going back to Woodbury in the next episode, so there’s always that unfortunate chance. As the writers have pointed out several times, no one is safe.

Speaking of which, Michonne really doesn’t want to be a likeable character. I understand that information is worth more than gold at this point and it’s a smart move to keep as much to yourself as possible, but she’s truly an unlikeable character for the way she treats others. I mean, she found her way to the prison, locked eyes with Rick while surrounded by Walkers and didn’t say a single word. The first thing she says once she’s rescued? “I didn’t ask for your help.”

I’m just glad she decided to tell Rick and the others about Woodbury; for a moment there I thought she was going to withhold all information. Rick and the others pack up their things into the most obvious product placement of all time and hit the road for Woodbury. At one point, they have to ditch their sparkling clean and reliable Hyundai and travel on foot. Shortly after ditching their Hyundai, they find themselves swarmed by Walkers. To escape the horde, Rick and the gang take refuge inside a boarded up house. There was a dead dog inside, implying that whoever lived there very well might have turned into a zombie and could still be around. Rick checks under the sheets to find a man that’s both armed and alive.

This man was obvious to the apocalypse and somehow managed to live a year without seeing a single zombie. Who knows how long his dog has be laying next to him, dead, and the man didn’t think for a single second to remove its corpse from the house? He even boarded up the house. So, unless he’s the world’s most ugly sleeping beauty, the producers overlooked all kinds of shit during the man’s 45 seconds of airtime.

I do like his death, though. The way Michonne stabs him with her sword for attempting to go out the front door where all the zombies were. Rick’s reaction to Michonne murdering a confused man wasn’t what I expected at all. I was expecting Rick to yell at her, but instead he helped toss his corpse out the front door to help give his group a chance to slip out the back. Rick has changed a lot since the pilot, so it’s truly going to be interesting when he finally faces off against the Governor.

Did I mention that Andrea is a dumb whore? I didn’t? Well, she’s a dumb whore, sleeping around with the Governor and whatnot. Just thought I’d throw that out there. Her storyline in “When the Dead Come Knocking” wasn’t that great, as always. Woodbury’s scientist wanted to see a person die and reanimate, since he has yet to see that first hand, and wanted to believe the Walkers maintain some of their human traits and memories after they turn. For some reason, Andrea didn’t mention a damn thing she learned at the CDC back in season one. The scientist didn’t even restrain the head of the Walker before unshackling its hands. At least Andrea killed the Walker in mid-lunge. She’s an idiot but at least she does know Walkers are not to be taken lightly.

“When the Dead Come Knocking” really has me excited for next week’s mid-season finale. As much as I hate the concept of mid-season finales, the first half of season three of The Walking Dead has been a non-stop thrill ride that’s even exhausting. As much as I want to finish the season, I’m not going to vote against a little break from it. I just hope next week’s mid-season finale does the series justice.