Titanfall Alpha Footage Leaks, Shows Off Full Matches

tf-video-bgIt’s 2014, and that means that it’s time for the next generation to truly begin. What better way for that to happen than with the innovators of Call of Duty and their giant robot pals? Titanfall is arriving on Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC on March 11, 2014 and bringing with it all the hype that the first major release of the next-gen systems can provide. This hype has even been enhanced with the delay of Watch Dogs into sometime later this year. Server tests are currently ongoing on the Xbox One, and many players have broken their NDA in order to show off the epic mech battles they’re currently participating in. Videos are all over Dailymotion, and showcase the wall-running, jetpacking, mech hacking action that was promised on stage at E3 last year.

There were some complaints recently about Titanfall‘s limited player limit compared to something like Battlefield, but this footage shows that those complaints were unnecessary. The arenas looks small and frantic during a game of what was once Call of Duty‘s Domination mode. The footage above reveals several interesting things about the gameplay, including jump kick melee kills and a post match “Epilogue” where the surviving members of the losing team must physically race to an escape vessel while the conquering heroes hunt them down. With both Call of Duty and Battlefield having disappointing releases within the last year, Titanfall looks ready to pounce on the competition and become the new name in multiplayer shooter action. I’m ready to drop.