Top 10 Video Game Villains

As Halloween has just passed a lot of people chose to roam around dressed as villains, which got me thinking “Who are my favourite villains?” Everyone has their most memorable and favourite Villains/Antagonists in video games- some loved others hated. So here are my top 10 video game villains:

Sonic Doctor Eggman Doctor Robotnik

10. Doctor Robotnik

Sonic the hedgehog

Starting at number ten we have Dr. Robotnik, better known as Doctor Eggman! The Sega Mega Drive was my first ever console I owned and Dr. Robotnik in the Sonic the Hedgehog series was my first encounter with a villain in a video game. Dr. Robotnik is a recurring antagonist throughout the Sonic Franchise. He is the cliché mad scientist whom wants to take over the world, but those temper tantrums he constantly had didn’t help him succeed in his plan much. He was also in the Sonic the Hedgehog comics and television series.

9. Creepers


Creepers might not be a ‘villain’ in the traditional video game context, but they are certainly one of the most infuriating enemies. I think they have made me rage more than any other enemy I’ve come across. Not really any history or depth of these characters, but I still think they were worth a mention on this list. They are sneaky and blow up my beloved crafts, which I put alot of time and effort into. Also, at times, killing me doing so and making me lose my beloved diamonds. If that’s not evil, then I don’t know what is.

8. The Flood


I remember when I first encountered The Flood, I was so horrified that I actually had to run off my chair and unplug the television from the plug socket (Haha). They don’t scare me as much as they used to when I was younger, but a part of me still feels that urge to do my dash to pull out the plug from its socket when they all start coming for me. Here’s a brief history of The Flood- They were first found in the Milky Way and the ancient Forerunner race had to fight a 300-year war to stop them. During this, weapons were made by the Forerunners to wipe them out. It succeeded but they disappeared doing so. Thanks to the Covenant for undoing their work and unleashing The Flood once again by blowing up one of the halo rings that contained them.

7. Handsome Jack

Borderlands 2

Handsome Jack is easily the first villain I have both loved and hated with extreme prejudice. He pulls a lot of heartstrings. But then again, he is a complete jerk due to *spoiler* making me kill a character in the game I didn’t want to kill, then I had to watch my friend die and he capturing my other friend.  To put it straight- I would kill him in the worst way possible, but I absolutely would party with him if given the chance.

6. Origami Killer

Heavy Rain

I’d just like to mention I adored this game, but I know a lot of other people didn’t. It was a little predictable guessing who the Origami Killer was, due to him having the least back story and coming off as the ‘nice guy.’ The concept of kidnapping children and testing their fathers love to see if they have what it takes to save them by making them endure in horrible tests, from crawling through glass to making them kill as well, was fascinating. All of this stemming from his personal childhood trauma. Dark. He’s clever and has well thought out plans, from timing of the weather to gruesome challenges. What gets me the most is that he still tried to kill the father, even though he completed his tasks and proved his love for his son. I also love this villain because he slightly reminds me of Jigsaw from the ‘Saw’ series from some of the challenges.

5. Sephiroth

Final Fantasy VII

There is always a debate on who the biggest antagonist is of the Final Fantasy franchise. It always comes back to Sephiroth for me. Is he just misunderstood?  After discovering the horrible truth about his existence, I wouldn’t be so thrilled either. Still, it doesn’t give him any excuse to try and destroy the planet and kill the innocent. Doing those things does make him evil. From his theme song, sheer power and skill to his evil plan is enough to prove himself as one the best antagonists. He’s also appeared in Crisis Core, Dissidia Final Fantasy and the CG film Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.  He is also in a difficult battle in Kingdom Hearts 2.

4. The Joker

Batman Arkham Asylum/City

Everyone knows who the Joker is and most people love this character. Why? It’s because he is different, and the people that don’t fear different, embrace it. The Joker is definitely one of my favourite villains. He’s absolutely mad and a genius. He represents the most detestable of human behaviour and he is unpredictable due to never knowing what he’s got up his sleeve next. He also killed Robin… with a crowbar. Who else has done that?

3. GlaDOS


Genetic lifeform and Disc Operating System also known as GlaDOS. What a bitch. But a loveable one. A unique and unforgettable villain that isn’t afraid to share her opinion of you. Full of wit and sarcasm, with such memorable quotes “This is your fault. I’m going to kill you. And all the cake is gone. You don’t even care.” The first antagonist to make me literally laugh out loud. I felt like the majority of the time I just wanted her to accept me and be my friend! “Remember when I tried to kill you and then I was like “Just kidding!” and you were like “No way!” I absolutely love GlaDOS.

2. Frank Fontaine


Bioshock is one of my all time favourites. I’m going to add a little spoiler alert here but if you haven’t played this game yet shame on you! Okay, so you are greeted at the start of Bioshock by the lovely Atlas. He’s your best friend throughout your Rapture travels and you were out to help save his family. You discover that in fact all this time he was actually Frank Fontaine, who doesn’t care about who he kills. He’s greedy and just wants power… for me, that was a huge slap in the face. I remember feeling so betrayed and manipulated by this. Being his little puppet all this time. A video game character being able to play with my emotions like that, shows that he is worthy of being one of the best villains of all time.

1. Pyramid head

Silent Hill

My all time favourite video game villain has to go to Pyramid head from the Silent Hill series. Silent Hill 2 is my favourite game of the whole series and my favourite survival horror game. James, the protagonist, entered Silent Hill, which is an alternate dimension and everything in it was influenced by him. Including Pyramid head, who was psychologically James. Hearing the noise of the great knife dragging on the ground in the distance is enough for me to have a miniature panic attack. Out of all the video games that I have ever played, he is the one villain that I found the most terrifying, and most brutal of them all.

So that’s my top ten villains of all time. Everyone has their favourites, so who’s yours?  And your experience encountering them for the first time?

[Written by contributor Heather Riddick]

  • Very good article, I can agree with this list. I never played minecraft though, so I have no idea about Creepers. But I think you nailed it. After seeing wreck it Ralph, I could name some more bad guys.

  • Handsome Jack no make the top 5???? :( Sad Panda

  • Brilliant read, Pyramid Head Yikes! I’m a Batman fanboy so I would have had The Joker at number 1. However when Officer Tenpenny gets his comeuppance in GTA: San Andreas I was bouncing all over the room with delight so I might have included him in my own list.

  • Shaniqua

    People should die of jealousy when they’re around you Heather, this was fabby! <3

  • Macanacoke

    Brilliant read hezbaws.Your getting better every time you write a review :D although lack of nintendo saddens me :P
    keep it up n keep me posted on future reviews cause this is really good :D

  • Thanks all ^.^ I know apologies for the lack of Ganon & Bowser.

    • yo mama

      i disagree with both. both of them do the same thing every game

  • Nice list, but poor Bowser all his hard work for no recognition at all lol.

  • I’m glad Creepers are on this list. Dicks, the lot of them!

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  • Jack Napier

    Joker from Arkham didn’t kill Robin, that was Joker from the Red Hood. They are different universes so you can’t mention that in a Video game villain list.

    Also he beat him up with a crowbar, then left. The bomb killed Robin not a crowbar.

    Video game canon, Comic canon, Nolan canon and animated canon are all different and unrelated.

    • I was just meaning the Joker in general, my bad for getting my references wrong. luvme.

  • Jack CG

    The plot twist in Bioshock is awesome, unexpected and brutal, but I think there are other villains better suited for #2 that F. Fontaine. Consider Ganon for example, would you kindly? .. Nice list

  • garyomario

    Psycho Mantis from Metal Gear Solid: Shadow Moses Incident. He read your memory card and made the controller shake, as a kid (my parents didn’t really get age rating, something I exploited) that was mind blowing. Picking such an old character now makes me feel old but I do feel you have had a bias to newer villains.

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