Top 5 Most Desired Video Game Items

Top 5 Most Desired video game items

Many games nowadays won’t hand you the resources needed for steady progression. Instead, they give you only one job: Find your desired object/objects. How you’re going to do that, only your imagination and the game’s limits will tell. Many RPGs and survival games implement this feature specifically, and sometimes one item in the game can mean life or death. Other times, finding a special hidden object will hand you the rest of the game on a silver platter, which isn’t always a good thing. That said, here is a list of the top 5 most desired video game items.
5 System Shock 2's Ammo

System Shock 2 was a great RPG shooter in which you fought through two ships infected by aliens. However, you couldn’t just storm through every room guns a blaze. Nope, the developers were too smart for that. Instead, you have to rummage through every nook and cranny of the spaceship looking for enough ammo to make it through the extra-terrestrial horde. And there is no shortage of nooks or crannies.

4 scarab gun in halo 2

When traversing through the Halo universe and battling the Covenant forces, you are going to encounter some serious problems. Arguably, the four-legged machine called the Scarab is one of the hardest problems to deal with. Armed with a seriously dangerous plasma cannon, it is a force to be reckoned with.

However, introduced in Halo 2 was a weapon that put all the unstoppable power of the Scarab’s cannon into a handheld plasma rifle. Now of course, they didn’t just hand it to you. It took some digging. But once you acquired the sneaky little mega weapon masquerading as a rifle, you could destroy the whole Covenant force if you had the chance. Of course, they wouldn’t have ever done that. No great series ends at two.

3 diamonds in minecraft

You had to know this would make the list. Has there been any other item in any game that was so well known and valued? Now sure, it may or may not be needed to survive in the game depending on the intensity of the mobs you are fighting, but when you see that faint blue glow after chipping away at the endless oceans of stone you get a rush rivaled by few items or games. And the fact that it’s shiny helps, too.

2 food and water in dead rising 3

When you are trying to survive a zombie apocalypse, you can’t forget about your simple needs. Dead Rising captures this perfectly by giving you relatively low health and multiple hordes of thousands of zombies. There you go, you have your toys, go play with them. But don’t forget your veggies! Ah yes, after a hard day of tearing through zombies with your trusty weapon of choice, you better heal up with a slice of bread or a bottle of water. Not that they’re too hard to find. Trucks with sizable amounts of food are littered all around the city. The problem is, the majority of the times when you need it the most, it isn’t anywhere to be found. You aren’t going to find any zombie-trampled food in the middle of a horde, so you better collect some before you engage the undead.

1 super mushroom in super mario bros

The classic game of Mario. The sense of difficulty and urgency of holding on to your limited amount of lives cannot be ignored. That’s why, to round off this list, I’ve decided to include the Super Mushroom power up from the Mario games. When life is so fragile, a power-up that will make you larger and protect you from… why am I even explaining this? You know what it does, and therefore you should probably know why it’s here.

[Written by Contributor Parker Kramer]