Top 5 Reasons to be Excited for Deadpool

Deadpool: The Game

If you’re not familiar with the Marvel comic universe, your experience with Deadpool is severely lacking and this game looks to make up for that fact. Besides the atrocious handling of his appearance in the equally terrible X-Men Origins: Wolverine, the game and film appearances have been good, but ultimately lacking for a character this grandiose. Deadpool is one of my favorite characters and, out of all of the comic book games we have gotten so far, has been the most in need of an entry.

Deadpool was originally Marvel’s rip-off of Deathstroke, who many know as Slade WIlson, the villain of the Teen Titans cartoon. Wade Wilson, the Merc with a Mouth, grew into one of the craziest and popular characters. Deadpool is the humorous entry into the Marvel universe and he’s always winding up in the strangest of situations. There is really no reason why there hasn’t been a Deadpool game yet, but the fact that one is coming should get you very, very excited.

Deadpool: The Game

5. High Moon’s Track Record is Good

High Moon Studios have made good games. While I pause to call anything they made truly great, they also haven’t made anything close to bad. They have been 100% reliable for a good game that you will get enough enjoyment out of to justify its asking price and when you hand a license I have been patiently waiting to be developed into something, I can’t really ask for more. If anything, High Moon’s track record works in Deadpool’s favor.

The Transformers games that High Moon made were good, but with the movies being a billion dollar franchise and the cartoon being so beloved, the fact that they made a Transformers shooter a great game is shocking. The Bourne Conspiracy was good, but hampered by the fact that Jason Bourne kills people but the game had to be rated T and wasn’t allowed to have Matt Damon’s face. For Deadpool, the reigns appear to be given freely. High Moon has a fantastic license to work their magic on, and the more violent, yet cartoony nature of it can only work in their favor.

Deadpool: The Game

4. Superhero Games Run Into Similar Problems

This discussion has come up quite a bit recently regarding games in general, but it also applies to superhero games. We don’t love Spider-Man because he swings around town beating up bad guys, we love him because we can relate to the struggling Peter Parker and get immense enjoyment out of watching him dawn the tights and fight crime. Playing Peter as he taught classes or took pictures for the Bugle would be boring, but fighting countless henchmen runs counter to what Spider-Man is.

Wade Wilson is certifiably insane and does whatever the money, or god willing his conscious when it chooses to appear, tells him. Deadpool does fight seemingly endless waves of bad guys, ones that often do completely obliterate him, only to be summarily eliminated once he heals and decides that the trigger is how you make the gun work. Deadpool is fighting off as many enemies that those in charge think can kill the Merc with a Mouth, so the real question is, why wasn’t there a game already.

Deadpool: The Game

3. It’s Ripe for Comedy

If you haven’t read Deadpool or experienced him in anything, you should know that he is meant to be comedic. Deadpool is insane and in the comics he talks aloud to the two voices in his head that replace the usual inner narration. We’ve seen from the trailers that Nolan North is not only voicing Deadpool, but doing funny voices for his, well, inner voices, so we are actually getting the closest thing I have seen to the Deadpool of the comics. Now throw in a pirate hat and the compensator and you already have me sold.

This is the part that really falls to the writing team, but they have to work with the programmers to ensure it’s not just jokes we are laughing at, but we need funny situations that we help make. It’s a challenge, but from the trailers we’ve seen, High Moon seems to be genuinely thrilled to be working with the character and I think that they’re going to pull out something good. Hell, if they can even mention the latest story line where Deadpool received a secret mission form S.H.I.E.L.D. to take out the magically reanimated former presidents of United States (see, maybe you should be reading comics) I will be through the rough.

Deadpool: The Game

2. The Sky (not really) is the Limit for Settings

So the Marvel universe is a pretty crazy place. Not only is it filled with superheroes, but there are also crazy places like the Savage Land where all concepts of logic and reason go out the door in favor of fun stories with dinosaurs. I love that video games, like comics, can take us to places that are so improbable and seemingly unfilmable. Deadpool is a mercenary, he goes where the money takes him and that money can go anywhere in the Marvel universe.

I want to ride a T-Rex while hunting some asshole in the savage land. I want to be a space trucker for a while and tool through space. I want to be a pirate because that’s what you do when you get a bunch of money, become a pirate. And I want to do it all behind that red and black mask, wielding katanas and pistols, slicing and shooting anything that gives me a funny look or steals my tacos. This game can go anywhere and that is very exciting.

Deadpool: The Game

1. Deadpool’s Powers Work Perfectly for a Video Game

So a brief history lesson, Wade Wilson was a part of the Weapon X program and was injected with a version of Wolverine’s healing factor to not only cure his cancer, but create another super soldier. Instead that healing factor latched on to the cancer and it ravaged Wade’s body, keeping him in constant pain and healing any of his injuries. He went insane and became Deadpool. There is one key phrase up there, and that’s ‘healing factor.’ Deadpool can’t die and that works to the game’s advantage.

Yes, there will probably be some sort of fail state, but that can work if you’re on missions since getting ‘killed’ to the point where Deadpool has to heal for a while would probably ruin whatever job he’s on. What it does mean is that regenerating health not only works, but makes complete sense. The X-Men Origins: Wolverine game was onto something, not let’s see if Deadpool can bring it home. Beyond that, Deadpool doesn’t have any other super powers, but he does have guns and blades and if I’m not mistaken, those work pretty well in video games.

Deadpool has always been one of my favorite comic book characters and it’s about damn time that he gets his chance to shine in video game form. With how Deadpool operates in the Marvel universe and his power set, it still baffles that he has yet to have a video game. High Moon Studios has a recipe for success on their hands, all that remains to be seen is if they can actually pull it off. Come June there will be blood, and tacos, lots and lots of tacos, hopefully they’re delicious.

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  • Steareth

    allready on the pre-order… lets play the waiting game…

  • Trainwreck

    Can’t Deadpool teleport? Never read the comics so don’t kill me for asking, but I did play Marvel Ultimate Alliance and Spiderman: Shattered Dimensions and he teleported in those.

  • Matt

    Yes Deadpool has a teleport, also he can materialize items mainly weapons. There is scene in the comics where he saves two heroes & pulls their weapons out of thin air. They were dumb enough to ask where he kept the weapons, his reply was “lots just say it involved a lot of lube.” One of my favorite Deadpool quotes.

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