Top 5 Reasons to be Excited for FUSE

FUSE Game Title Card

With FUSE being less than a week away from its North American release, lets see the top 5 reasons why you should be excited for this co-op shooter from Insomniac Games and why it should be on your watch list.

FUSE Character


The story for FUSE follows the journey of a ragtag bunch of mercenaries and misfits in a team called Overstrike 9. Because of Dalton Brooks, Jacob Kimble, Naya Deverauz, and Isabelle “Izzy” Sinclair’s unique abilities and skills, they are hired to stop the evil Raven Corp. from obtaining and using the powerful alien tech known as FUSE led by a man named Fable. While the initial set-up for the story seems to be just another “been there done that” ordeal, the real interest of the story comes from the colorful cast of characters as they all have an agenda and at least from the start of the game can only tolerate each other which is sure to make for some interesting dialogue and plot points as the story progresses. Since this is an Insomniac Game, the dialogue is sure to be one of the more memorable parts of the game and from what I played in the recent public demo my assumptions are looking to be correct, especially with Jacob and Dalton always at odds with each other.

FUSE Warp Rifle


Even though FUSE features a lot of fun to use regular human weapons to toy around with, the main attraction for the action of FUSE comes from the character’s unique Xenotech weapons. Dalton has his Magshield that acts as both a shield and a blaster/shotgun, Jacob has a Arcshot that allows him to fire explosive bolts, Izzy has her Shattergun that lets her freeze enemies and allows either her or her teammates to shatter them, and finally my favorite is Naya’s Warp rifle which allows her to fire upon enemies and cause them to become engulfed into a wormhole, which can affect multiple enemies as well. These weapons, coupled with the human weapons give the Overstrike 9 team their advantage over enemies who use cunning and flanking techniques that put the group to the test, including enemies with their own Xenotech weapons and abilities.

FUSE Co-op

Co-op game for co-op and single player lovers

FUSE is a game with co-op in mind and thankfully with the addition of drop in and drop out co-op, this is looking to be one of the funnest co-op games of the year. Players can choose which character that they get to control and unless a co-op partner is controlling a certain character, can switch between characters during gameplay on the fly. Characters have abilities that aid the team and since players get to earn XP during for killing enemies, getting kills via headshots or getting kills with other character’s Xenotech weapons will always yield more XP. Getting a kill while shooting through Dalton’s Magshiled or shattering an enemy after Izzy sets up the shatter effect are good examples towards this. Because of each character’s unique abilities I found it hard for myself to play a favorite, not hard to where I hated having to play as one character in a full party, but hard to do when I had to play on my own. Because of the ease of switching and the fact that all agents are always present no matter how many players are in the game, FUSE is one of the most single player friendly co-op games that I’ve played in a while. It also helps that the A.I is resourceful and is always quick to heal you when you go down.

FUSE Skill Tree System

Skill Tree System

Most games including the more recent Borderlands 2 that focus on giving the player a skill tree to level up often give the player a majority of what I like to call “selfish” skills that make the player feel like a tank and that his or her teammates can only conveniently feed off of that player’s skill. FUSE differs in this area that even though it does give the player a few “selfish” skills, every character has a majority of player benefiting skills that help the team with their firepower and adds to the effect of damage and effect of teammates using each other’s Xenotech weapons to finish off a “set-up”. Coupled with the fact that each character has their own level, means that players will be able to get alot out of this.




Echelon Mode

Taking a que from Mass Effect 3’s co-op wave based survival mode, FUSE takes the best of its gameplay and uses it towards its advantage in a similarly set up co-op horde mode. This mode will included a similar rhythm of survival against a wave of increasingly difficult enemies and having objective rounds. Because of nature of the gameplay for FUSE, Echelon mode is sure to take up alot of player’s time when they need a break from the story.

FUSE has all of the ingredients to become one of the funnest co-op games of this year, with its use of drop-in and drop-out co-op, emphasis on teamwork, unique weapons, and colorful cast of characters, FUSE is definitely a game that im excited for and I hope that you are too.