Top 5 Reasons Why Xbox One is Dead on Arrival

Xbox One

If you know me, you know I’ve been one of the most loyal Microsoft supporters of the previous two console generations. When I’m not being a PC elitist (damn exclusives), my first choice has always been the Xbox 360. With that said, that’s what makes the Xbox One reveal so much more disheartening. There’s quite a few reasons why it’s depressing, but here’s the top five reasons that come to mind.

Xbox One Fail

The Reveal

The reveal itself was lackluster at best for various reasons. When you reveal a console, you have to win over the core audience the moment the curtain is dropped. Talk about the past generation and strides to improve on success are one thing and are expected to open any conference, but the words ‘pre-reveal’ should never be the highlight. The Xbox One’s reveal completely ignored the audience that made Xbox a household name and focused on simplistic dashboard apps and interactivity. It was a conference for investors, not gamers – and even investors were turned off by the presentation. So much, in fact, that Microsoft’s stock drastically dropped the day the Xbox One was announced.

Xbox One Doomed

The Name

I get the motive for the inclusion of “One” in the new Xbox’s name, but that doesn’t make it any less stupid. The Wii was stupidly named as well, but it at least managed to form its own identity. In fact, the Xbox One will find itself struggling with the same problem the Wii U currently has, with consumers confusing it for a previous iteration, thus limiting sales.

Why is it that the code names are always better than the final names? Xbox Infinity is a name that is an infinite times better than Xbox One. Infinity fits what Microsoft is wanting to do. Xbox One makes people think of Halo: Combat Evolved, that behemoth Xbox controller, and the good ol’ days of consoles worth a damn.


The Ugly Design

Okay, maybe this is me being a nit-picky, but the Xbox One is beyond ugly. It looks like a Betamax/VHS hybrid that should have been created in the late 80s when everyone was confused about which format would work in their video player. The controller isn’t bad, but it certainly looks foreign. To be fair, the PS4 controller looks equally as alien, but the Xbox guide button looks so out of place on the One’s controller. It’s like they added a chunk of plastic to the top of the controller just to move it up there. Hopefully there’s more of a technical reason for that, because it’s cosmetically retarded.

The Xbox One is big, bulky and an eye sore. The same thing can be said about the new Kinect. It’s too damn big to sit on top of my TV. If you’re going to create a system that looks to be the size of the original Xbox One, the least you can do is bundle all of the tech inside of it.

The ugly design isn’t exclusive to the physical console, controller and Kinect, but the design of the dashboard itself is also looking incredibly dated. I understand the whole Windows 8 inspiration, as it goes well with their decision to link all home electronics to the damn thing, but it also comes off as lazy and lacks innovation.

Xbox One Demographic

The Target Demographic

Who is this thing made for? Obviously it’s not gamers. At least, it feels like gamers are the ones getting left behind as Microsoft focuses on pulling a Wii by luring in the non-gamer crowd by turning the focus to television and sports. Not that there’s anything wrong with television, sports and any of the features announced for the Xbox One… but they simply aren’t selling points.

I can watch television on it? Cool! The Wii U does that and it’s a feature I like, so I don’t mind having it on my Xbox as well. I’ll probably never use it much, but I like that it’s there. As for sports, that’s cool as well. The fantasy football stuff is something I’ll never touch, but additional options for users (read: not gamers) can’t hurt.

The problem I have is that at the moment, the focus is solely on the features that don’t appeal to the average gamer. They appeal to random people from every walk of life that just happen to own an Xbox One. It’s a game console, not a fucking smart TV. It needs to put video games first and market that fact before anything else. Extra features are awesome and can sway the vote in its favor, but without the core audience the Xbox One is destined to play catch-up with the PlayStation 4 this coming console generation.

Xbox One Restrictions

The Restrictions

If there’s one thing gamers hate, it’s… okay there’s a quite a few things, but the number one cause of Internet rage amongst gamers is DRM. We hate it because it cripples an otherwise enjoyable experience when done wrong. A console itself is a form of DRM when you think about it, since you can only play exclusively branded printed discs on it and approved downloads, but that’s well within reason given the nature of the purpose consoles serve.

Microsoft is actively taking away the rights of gamers everywhere with the Xbox One. For starters, no more used games in the way we’ve always known them. This doesn’t affect me personally, since I only buy games new, but there’s a lot of people out there that are locked into the income range that only allows for the occasional used game. They may not be a constant stream of cash for Microsoft, but they are equally as valuable as a gamer that buys a new game every week.

Microsoft’s solution to the used games “epidemic” is to make them tradable only through their own cloud-based trading website. Much like GameStop, expect to get just a few Microsoft banana dollars for something you paid $60 for. Since the disc is just an installer, buying games physically is next to pointless.

Regardless of what Microsoft says, the Xbox One is an always online console. Sure, you can go offline for up to 24 before it checks for an active Internet connection, but the online requirement is always there. This constant alienation of core gamers is really heartbreaking and something that has the best chance of breaking the Xbox One long before it even arrives in stores this fall.


These are just 5 of many problems with the Xbox One. Sure, they are my opinions and don’t reflect everyone in the gaming community, but there’s a good chunk that agree with me. Over the coming months Microsoft has a lot of convincing to do if they want my money come fall – because right now, the Xbox One is dead on arrival in my eyes.

But how about you? Do you still have faith in Microsoft after their pathetic reveal? I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

  • SONY


    Let spread positive news for SONY, we don’t need any competition and our competitor must get out of console business. We’re passionate to win and conquer your living room.



    • Lol

      Sony isn’t asian..Typical moron ps fan.

      • Rk

        How is Sony not Asian?

        • FYI

          It was originally an american company in California which migrated to Japan.

          • Nelson

            It started in tokyo…

      • Alexwright

        Sony is based out in Japan. It’s a Japanese company.

      • jdub

        Yeah, Sony is a Japanese company. Last time I checked Japan was still in Asia. You’re a dipshit

      • Nacho Zaragoza

        damn… that’s why everybody makes fun of americans…

  • Buck

    Right on the money. This is a joke. No trading games with friends. Now I won’t be able to take it to camp for a week and play(no internet out there). A complete disregard for gamers who made Xbox a success when otherwise it could have been another Turbo graphix 16. I got the original Xbox (xbox one?) right away and was a beta tester for Xobx live. As it stands, I have no plans to get this one.

    • Keltari

      isnt the point of going to camp to get away from the normal things?

      • Nacho Zaragoza

        sure, but you can’t be on “chippewa mode” all day… it gets really boring sometimes…

  • Bailey Lawrence

    Yeah, the name, shape, reveal and target demographics definitely doom this console from the start. -sarcasm-

    Man, people will publish anything as long as it sells. Fucking media.

    • Blackbelt_Jones

      I’m having trouble finding the sarcasm….Wait,you do know that all those things (name,shape ,reveal,target demo) DO matter when it comes to the marketing of ANYTHING right? It’s called marketing….. And if it’s done poorly( as is the case with the xbox 1) it can effect your market image and your sales. And on a slightly different note, why don’t they just call it “The X1”?

  • Dale Ascott

    They screwed up windows 8 and now the Xbox. I wonder if Bill knows what they’re doing to his company

  • Just my opinion

    The thing is, it’s going to sell regardless. This marks a split in the “console wars” where Sony is appealing to the gamers, and Microsoft is appealing to the average shmo who’s Xbox is more for Netflix than games. It’s an entertainment system, and PS4 is a game console.

    • b33m3R

      Oddly enough, I’m an average schmo who owns an Xbox, but I use my Sony bluRay player for Netflix… Xbox doesn’t translate surround sound well…

      Who am I kidding, I’ve been playing games since the Atari 2600…

      It is going to sell though. Maybe not to me, but it will sell.

  • Jimmy

    What porno is that pic from?

  • Nacho Zaragoza

    Oh dear, I was so exited to see the new xbox and… bummer!… The mos annoying thing is about the used games… most of the games I own, and I own a lot, are secon hand… I can’t allow myself to buy new games as much as I want… so this is a total no-no for me. I’m still a fan of the 360º… but seems like my next generation console it’s going to be a PS4… on the brighter side, I’ve always wanted a bluray player…

  • Doomed

    Damn. This whole thing is a joke.

    Here’s the rub: THEY DON’T CARE. They know something WE don’t. This is the future. They dont care whether you like it or not. They rule the world, things will be done their way, and you will fall in line. Or simply not play console games.

    The PC is the ony safe option. While it last. FTW :D

  • b33m3R

    I remember when I was a kid when Xmas would role around my friends and I would plan ahead what Atari 2600 games we were going to ask for so we could trade with each other when we got bored.

    Such was life in working class NY. These days the prevailing “wisdom” with publishers is, if you don’t work on Wall $t you probably shouldn’t be buying a game console…

  • Tracy Williams

    I don’t understand why everybody is having a big headache about the online requirement. Hell, everybody leaving comments on this page right now is connected online. Your cell phones are always online.

    • You can’t connect your Xbox One using a cell phone, so that’s a moot point. Sure, at the moment of commenting everyone is connected online. That doesn’t mean a storm can’t render everyone without power for a week. Keep in mind commenters don’t make up a fraction of the potential buyer-base. There will always be gamers without Internet connections. Or worse, with bandwidth caps. Hit the bandwidth cap put in place by your ISP by watching Netflix and you’d be unable to play a game until the end of the month when the cap resets.

  • chris9465

    I refuse to own a device with mandatory surveillance…..

  • whitewood1

    I travel overseas for months at a time and I take my console to a lot of places that don’t have an internet connection so I guess it’s gonna be PS4 for me from now on…

  • grant elder

    Oh how you were all wrong……

  • Jordan Anderson

    I like how the picture you used for the xbox one above is not even a microsoft product. Look it even says the word “Sony” on the top of it. Um, im pretty sure you can buy a xbox one game pre owned. You dont even need the kinect to play anymore or an internet connection. Backwards compatibility is pretty cool, dont even need the disc to play the game when i install it. Windows 10 is fun to stream on it. The controller actually feels nice and the second generation controller feels even better. Speaking of controllers you can now switch around the controls and stuff with the buttons in the settings, making the controls fit your comfort. Sure the ps4 has a rechargeable controller but the xbox one is also rechargeable, they’re the same thing. And who the fuck cares what console you play on just fucking buy one and play on it. They all play the same games, except for the exclusives. If you really care abiut the console exclusive games then buy both current gen consoles and play every game thats for current gen consoles (even the exclusives).

    • Richard

      You stupid dipshit. It was changed by Microsoft after the MASSIVE backlash regarding used games and the forced Kinect etc

      Xbox Juan is whack

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