Top 5 Things We Want in Kingdom Hearts III

5 things we want in kingdom hearts 3

While the release date of Kingdom Hearts III still a long way off, fans can’t help but speculate what the newest entry in the series will bring. As a long time fan of the series, here are five things that I would love to see in the next game.

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5 More Memorable Music

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance added five never before seen worlds to the series. Symphony of Sorcery was definitely the highlight of these worlds. Based on the Disney movie Fantasia, this section of the game had players fighting the game’s signature enemies, the Heartless, to the tune of the movie’s soundtrack. Exchanging the battle noises with crashing symbols and chiming bells made for the most aurally pleasing moments in the series history. Instead of the music being a part of the background, players were encouraged to be a part of it while still engaging in battle, unlike the quick time event heavy “Atlantica” music world in Kingdom Hearts II. Bringing this back for Kingdom Hearts III would be a great benefit to the game. Hearing this massive battle symphony on a TV instead of a 3DS speaker would be incredible.

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4 Flowmotion

Launching off walls and spinning into Heartless was one of the highlights of Kingdom Hearts 3D. Upon seeing Flowmotion for the first time before playing the game, I was admittedly worried. I wasn’t sure how this would benefit me while playing, especially as a player that likes to stop and smell the roses in these beautifully created Disney worlds. I was wrong. With wide open spaces and bigger battle sections, spinning around lamp posts and leaping high in the air made me feel like the Keyblade Master the series always wanted you to feel like. Being released on PS4 and Xbox One, Square-Enix has more console power to play with than they ever had. Not using this power to make the worlds bigger would be a waste. Flowmotion would greatly benefit navigating these larger worlds, and potentially having this during the final Xehanort battle of the series makes me very excited.

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3 Deck Commands

First introduced in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and continued throughout most of the handheld games, Deck Commands made the already great battle system even better. These “special”moves were placed in the battle HUD for you to use whenever you want, provided they weren’t on a cool down. Synthesising different commands to make a more powerful attack added a customisability that the series had never seen before. It added a tactical element to the game, making you think about which moves would work best with each enemy, and deciding whether you would be a more offensive or a defensive fighter. Seeing these commands with new graphics would be an incredible experience and add a fluidity to the battles.

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2 coop

The Kingdom Hearts experience is great when playing alone, but playing the game with friends would be incredible. Sharing the insane battles and lengthy boss fights with your friends, in a game that values friendship above all else, would make Kingdom Hearts III perfect – especially considering the two characters that received Keyblades at the end of Kingdom Hearts 3D. This is a perfect opportunity to add these characters to the main story, with a second player taking control of one of them. Even adding one-on-one battles with your friends and online players with custom loadouts would be a great addition.

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1 More Final Fantasy

With the series being a Final Fantasy and Disney mash-up, the series seems to be lacking in Final Fantasy material in later games. When these characters were in the game (with the exception of Cloud and Sephiroth from FFVII) they usually provided little to the story or gameplay. Square-Enix has a whole back-catalogue of characters that they could use in Kingdom Hearts III, and potentially add them to the player’s party. Nothing would please me more than fighting alongside Irvine or Zell from FFVIII, or even Barret from FFVII. A chocobo riding segment wouldn’t exactly be a bad thing either.

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Whether or not any of these elements will be in the final game remains to be seen. Regardless, Kingdom Heats III will still likely be an incredible game and hopefully a fitting end to the Dark Seeker Saga and a great beginning to something bigger for the series.

Do you agree with this list? What features would you like to see from the upcoming game?

[Written by Contributor Neil Scanlon]