5 of the Most Iconic Fathers in Video Games

Top 5 Video Game Fathers

We all have dads. It’s a fact. If your dad didn’t impregnate your mom, you wouldn’t exist. This proves my theory that everyone has a dad. And since it’s Father’s Day – the day where you morn the life you had before you accepted the thought of your parents doing it – what better way to celebrate than by reflecting on some of the most iconic fathers to ever grace the world of pixels?

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Eli Vance (Half-Life)

Eli Vance,

Eli Vance, father to Alyx in the Half-Life series, is one of the best father’s ever portrayed in a video game. During the Black Mesa disaster that claimed the life of his wife, Eli managed to escape with only three things he holds dear to his heart: Alyx, a family picture, and his wedding ring.

To protect a young Alyx in the new, hostile world that was created, Eli built a giant robotic companion named Dog to protect her no matter what. Whenever they talk, Eli refers to Alyx as “baby,” “sweetheart,” and various other synonyms that show how much he cares for her. In fact, he’s willing to sacrifice himself for her at the drop of a dime. Just before he died, the last thing he told Alyx was that he loved her. That’s just beautiful.

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Ness’ Father (Earthbound)


I’ve been told that being a dad isn’t easy. But I wouldn’t know, considering I haven’t had any illegitimate offspring show up on my doorstep six years after my “wild” era came to a dramatic close. However, Earthbound does a wonderful job at showcasing the emotional toll fatherhood can take on a family. As Ness, you speak to your father fairly frequently, but never face-to-face. This isn’t an era of Skype, but back when rotary dialing phones were a thing. Remember those? No? God I’m old.

Since Tracy and Ness’ dad was affiliated within the revered hamburger industry, this meant he was frequently away from home on business trips. Of course, I’m sure it didn’t help that he owes their neighbor a few hundred thousand dollars. Regardless, pops always made the time to talk to his kids whenever they picked up the phone and gave him a ring. Not only that, but he would also save their game progress whenever they called. But wait, there’s more! Toward the end of the game, dad stops saving progress so he can make it home in time for Ness’ 13th birthday! That’s called caring.

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Octodad (Octodad)


Not only is he a loving father and caring husband, but Octodad is also a secret octopus! Yes, that’s right – with Octodad in your life you basically have a 007 Agent as a dad. An Octodad. Sure he’s lacking in the gadget department, but he wears his heart on his sleeve and is quite aware how lucky he is to be living the American Dream™.

Whenever he feels that he could loose everything he holds dear he goes up and beyond to stay the husband his wife fell in love with and the father his children look up to. Also, he can please your mom like one of those anime French girls, so that’ll always keep her in a good mood. As we all know, a happy mother results in happy children.

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Dr. Light (Megaman)


Does creating children through the use of wrenches, bolts, and hammers somehow classify the product as a form of adoption? I know using those tools can be one way to prevent fatherhood, but in Dr. Light’s case that’s exactly how he brought his children into the world. Sure, he gave up on his rebellious son Protoman and left him for dead, but you can’t say your father didn’t consider doing the same to you! You’re the reason he drinks, you know.

However, Light didn’t give up on fatherhood after losing his first-born. Instead of seeing his new freedom as a gift, he decided to create two more robotic offspring: Megaman and Roll. One went on to become the greatest Robot Master of all time. The other, well, she remained a housekeeper. Not every child is a winner.

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King of All Cosmos (Katamari Damacy)


Understanding the true meaning of a hard day’s work, King of All Cosmos would much rather enjoy the finer things in life – like Katamari Damacy. Oh, and family. Ever since the Prince burst forth from the King’s loins, the King has shown that he only wants what is best for his son. Sure he’s emotionally and physically abusive, impatient, and impossible to please, but that’s just what every boy needs to succeed in life. Right? Obviously he cares for his son, otherwise he wouldn’t put him in charge of rebuilding the universe, one sushi roll at a time.

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Did your favorite video game dad make the list? If not, tell us in the comments!