Top 5 Video Game Harlem Shake Videos

Portal 2 Harlem Shake

Over the past few weeks I have made it pretty obvious that I find the Harlem Shake pretty amusing, and because I am such a kind person I have spent my evening scouring the weird part of YouTube to find you guys the best Harlem Shake videos made using video games! So kind, right? Here are my top five favorite Harlem Shake videos involving video games!

Video Game Edition by EthioMod

Coming in at number five we have Harlem Shake: Video Game Edition. I chose this video mostly because of the wide variety of characters EthioMod has chosen to include. Maybe I just like the fact that Sackboy is doing his best Linda Blair impersonation? Don’t look at me like that.

Do the (Black Ops 2) Harlem Shake by BHLxGaming

This one made the list because the production value was excellent. Unlike other COD Harlem Shake videos, the mayhem that occurred after the drop was a lot less thrown together. It is visually the superior COD Harlem Shake video in my opinion.

Sims 3 Harlem Shake Spoof by TheCurtisParadisShow

I will put it out there, I never really got into the Sims. I had my fun building houses and decorating things, but I never really gave a damn about the characters and I got bored of them pretty quickly. That being said, this video made me want to go buy Sims 3. The use of the in-game features like costumes really made this video a stand out.

Portal 2 The Harlem Shake by Harry101UK

This was one of the first Harlem Shake videos I ever saw. As a huge fan of Portal 2, I loved seeing GLaDOS and Wheatly going crazy after the drop. Again, high production values really made this video a stand out.

Drum roll please.

Harlem Shake (Minecraft Edition) by videogames

Minecraft Edition earns my number one position in my top five list of video game Harlem Shake videos. AMAZING production values, a little touch of comedy and A LOT of individuality. Check it out.

Before I run back to the weird part of YouTube, I’d like to give an honorable mention to Harlem Shake v151 (Pokemon Edition) by GoldenTotProductions because who doesn’t love seeing Ash Ketchum Twerk?

[Written by contributor Viola Turtle-Dove]

  • These are hilarious. I think I like the Call Of Duty the best because of the sheer chaos. But the Sims comes a really close 2nd

  • Sarah

    Our new free iOS/Android game app Space Sports launches this week! We made a Harlem Shake video and I wanted to add it to this roundup! :)