Top 6 Firefox Add-ons

Top 6 Firefox Add-ons

One of the things that I like about modern day browsers is just how customizable they are. Unlike browsers of yesteryear, todays browsers let you go beyond the default and let you figure out what works best for you. The browser to start this craze and make it mainstream was Firefox and it is still the browser I use today. Despite that  its rival Google’s Chrome also super customizable, Firefox is still going strong. Here’s  6 of the Firefox add-ons that I highly recommend. Just click the photos to be taken to their download page!

Firefox Addons - Xmarks - Geekenstein


If you’ve ever lost a hard drive and unfortunately erased all your bookmarks, then this one is for you. Xmarks allows you to sync your bookmarks with their servers using an account that you set up with them for free. So if you bookmark everything like me and are afraid that you’ll forget that one site with the cool retro inspired fan art, this little guy saves the day. Bookmark with piece of mind. [Install]

Firefox Addons - Location Bar Enhancer - Geekenstein


Location Bar Enhancer

If you’ve ever visited a website that shows where you’ve been and how you got there;

home > band profile > greg > photos

This is known as breadcrumbs, which is often used in database navigation, and it can make navigating a website much more easier. That is exactly what this add on does but on a more global scale. It will change the gibberish of the web address bar into something more understandable and usable.

So instead of this:

It’ll show up as this: > DS > Games > Scribblenauts Super 2 >

Not only does it look friendlier but you can also click on any of the “breadcrumb arrows” and go back to that directory/page instead of just clicking on the browser back button a bunch of times. [Install]

Firefox Addons - Copy As Text - Geekenstein

Copy Pure Text

Sometimes you’ll find a block of text that you want to use (say song lyrics for a song that you’re blogging about or maybe something from Wikipedia) but wouldn’t you know it, there are links and bold text and all the formatting you don’t want. You say to yourself that there has to be a better way and guess what there is. It is called Copy Pure Text.

When you install this add on anytime you select a bunch of text and right-click on it you’ll now have “Copy As Text” as well as regular copy. All you have to do is just “Copy As Text” and you’ll have pure unformatted text copied to your computer clipboard ready to be pasted. It’s just that easy! But wait that’s not all! Actually it is I just love infomercials and it’s hard not to describe things in that style. [Install]

Firefox Addons - QuickFox Notes - Geekenstein


QuickFox Notes

Fun Fact: When you copy something to the clipboard anything else you copy after that overwrites what was previously copied so if you copy something, make sure to past it somewhere first before copying something else.

Isn’t it a bit crazy how this is still how computers work? I mean they can process millions of bits of data but they can’t allow you to copy two different things without losing the first thing you copied. With this add on your browser can now also become a handy note taking application, which makes sense seeing how most of us get our new bits of knowledge from online anyways. Put that notepad away. Exit out of that notepad.exe you don’t need them, not anymore. [Install]

Firefox Addons - Pixlr Grabber - Geekenstein


Pixlr Grabber

Maybe I’m just a digital hoarder, but aside from saving images on the web, sometimes I just need a screen capture of a part of web page and using the built in Print Screen option just isn’t the right option most of the time, especially if I forget to paste the capture into an image editor first before trying to take another screen capture. The beauty of Pixlr Grabber is just how simple it is. When you click the icon you get to draw a box around what you want then click the crop button to capture what’s inside the box. After that you are given the choice of what you want to do with the capture; edit, share, save file or copy to the clipboard. Bingo bango…uh done-o. Easy peasey. [Install]

Firefox Addons - Stay Open Menu - Geekenstein


Stay-Open Menu

Lastly but definitely not the least impressive is a simple add on that I feel should be viewed more of a fix for something that shouldn’t happen anymore. OK, so you opened a menu and that opened a folder view, which in turn opens into another drop-down that makes you have to move your mouse to the right to highlight the bookmark you want, but whoops you didn’t quite hover over it the way the browser wanted you to and the whole things disappears forcing you to repeat the process. With this add on that will be a thing of the past. As long as the mouse is within the drop down menu it’ll stay open and you won’t have to worry about the annoyance of mis-hovering anymore. Yes, first world problems but once you get used to it you’ll wonder why the problem still exists in 2013. [Install]

Now the little browser that could has become a bit more smart and a bit more friendly and I hope most of all it is more easier to use. Remember you can always remove these by going to the Add-On’s Manager if they aren’t your cup of tea.

[Submitted by contributor Shane Peltzer]