Tron: Uprising “Grounded” Review

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Spoilers for Tron: Uprising below

I am now convinced that whoever is in charge of all of television has it out for me. They cancelled Last Resort, they refuse to kill Revolution and string me along with the occasional good episode, and now they’ve moved Tron: Uprising to the prime spot of midnight on Sunday nights. I can feel my dreams of a season 2 slipping away. At the very least, we still have a good portion of the already commissioned season 1 left and Disney XD is giving it to us, albeit at a really weird pace, but giving regardless.

Tesler’s attitude has only worsened since Dyson arrived to rain on his parade. Now he has Argon City back and he wants to end the Renegade once and for all. “Grounded” is all about Tesler vs. the Renegade. Tesler even goes as far to let Pavel ‘upgrade’ his stretchy light arm things. I almost thought that Tesler might be offed this week, with Pavel replacing him as the main antagonist. It would have been an interesting move, but the writers know what they’re doing and I’m interested in seeing the Pavel and Tesler relationship continue.

What I am genuinely surprised that we didn’t see this week was Pavel blatantly sabotage Tesler’s gauntlet things. I still believe that he has put something malicious in his ‘upgrade,’ as Pavel has already voiced his intentions to overthrow and take over for Tesler, but it didn’t show itself yet. It’s just going to remain lingering in the background, waiting for the perfect moment (which this was) to strike.

Beck leads a difficult life and is essentially Terry McGinnis. Besides Tron, Beck’s identity as the Renegade is a mystery, or so we thought. Because his vigilante work dominates most of his time, he has been sloppy and late at work, so Abel grounds him. Leaving Beck stuck in the garage while Tesler openly challenges him to a showdown, mocking him and threatening the people of Argon City if he doesn’t show.

The fight with Tesler was one of the tensest yet. Tesler comes close to finally finishing Beck off, but has his gauntlets slashed by a mysterious rider. It’s always good to see that not everyone in a fictional world is oblivious to the masked vigilante and I’m glad that the person to figure out his identity is Abel. He promises that they’ll have a lot to discuss later, and that’s a conversation I hope we actually get to see.

“Grounded” seemed like it would be screwed, being the episode that followed the magnificent “Scars,” but Tron: Uprising won’t let something like following the best episodes of the series and a terrible time slot keep it down. We had another fantastic episode this week. It’s a shame that Disney doesn’t want to market and feature this show like it deserves, but at the very least we still get several more episodes of this fantastic show. This will be a day one purchase of the complete season for me. Catch you next week program.