Tron: Uprising “Scars Part 1” Review

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Spoilers for Tron: Uprising below

Right before Tron: Uprising went on its strange and out of the blue hiatus, the next episode teased was the first part of the “Scars” storyline. When we first see Tron at the beginning of Uprising, he is covered in vicious scars from some previous encounter when The Grid fell to Clu. They’re why he’s stuck in a hideout most of the time, forced to remain in a special medical chamber to prevent the deterioration from taking him. “Scars” tells us the story of the person who wounded Tron, as he’s come to Argon to help Tesler keep the peace.

The man who wounded Tron is Dyson, and as soon as his ship passes through the security gate to Argon, the security permission pings a device Tron set up. Immediately, Tron starts to train Beck to fight Dyson, telling him that he must kill him. Tesler reveals his despise of Dyson to Paige and Pavel, showing a less arrogant side and slightly humanizing our villain. Meanwhile Tron is getting almost feral with his hatred of Dyson.

It seemed that at least half of this episode was flashbacks to when Tron and Dyson worked together as security programs for The Grid, back before Clu took over and Flynn was looking for biodigital jazz. Dyson was almost a wide eyed devotee of Tron, hanging on every command. If you’ve seen Legacy and recall the one program at the End of Line bar that had half of his face missing, Dyson receives a very similar injury while trying to keep the peace between programs and ISOs.

Tron's scars in the episode "Scars Part 1" of Tron Uprising

The only, slightly disappointing part of “Scars Part 1” was why the riot started. A single disc is thrown from the ISO side, killing a program. It seems way too obvious that Clu planted an agent to spark the riot. If that’s not the case, there’s no problem, but I fear that it will be revealed as if it’s some huge mystery. Regardless, it gave Dyson the motivation to turn against the ISOs and Flynn. I actually enjoyed that Dyson is the one who struck down Tron, it was a nice way to elaborate on what happened in Legacy without going too far.

Beck’s attempt to take out Dyson was the perfect way to show exactly what Tron was screaming at Beck, that Dyson is an amazing soldier. Beck escapes unharmed, but he seems to have lost the element of surprise and Dyson now knows what he’s up against, or does he? Beck wasn’t supposed to return to Tron until he’s derezzed Dyson. When he does go back, Tron is absolutely livid and Beck questions his true intentions, whether he just wants revenge or a better system.

Tron loses everything that we’ve come to associate with him and attacks Beck. He knocks him unconscious, takes back the part of his disc and sets out to find Dyson. Tron has always been a pinnacle of morality. He has been the voice of wisdom throughout the entire series and the tragic hero in Legacy. To see him reduced to so much is astonishing and really reveals what Clu and Dyson’s betrayal has done to him. If they do recover Tron in a future movie or series from his Rinzler person, what is going to be left? I’ve never wanted to see the next episode of Uprising more. Bring it on.