Tron: Uprising “Scars Part 2” Review

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Spoilers for Tron: Uprising below

Since Tron: Uprising began, it has set a precedent in quality that easily makes it the best property in the Tron universe. Even with that, “Scars Part 1” was not only the best episode of the series, but an amazing episode of television. It elevated Tron: Uprising to a whole new level and really makes me question who thought this should be a show marketed solely at children. WIth Beck knocked out by Tron himself, is “Scars Part 2” where we finally see the descent in Rinzler?

While the first part may have been about half flashback, this episode has much less. What we do see in those flashbacks is incredibly surprising and informative. When we first see Tron after Clu’s uprising, he is trapped in some sort of containment tube and surrounded by his security team. It’s mentioned it Legacy, but this is where programs are repurposed, wiped of their memories and personalities and crafted into loyal servants of Clu. Tron isn’t repurposed, but instead forced to watch his friends lose everything that is them.

Dyson has Tron sent off after a lengthy torture session, in which a guard comments that he isn’t screaming and is told that’s because he’s Tron. Dyson only sees the recognizer crash, but the guard who asked, Cyprus, frees Tron and they jump to safety. When Tron asks, Cyprus tells him that he as of now, he no longer works for Clu and that he saved Tron because the revolution couldn’t end before it even started, echoing Becks words last episode.

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The sheer ferocity that Tron pursues Dyson with is shocking. Tron has long since been our beacon of hope, our social pariah. Even more so, it further solidifies why Beck isn’t just The Renegade, he’s Tron. Tron may be a program, but like Batman in The Dark Knight Rises, he is so much more than that. Tron’s freedom flashback proves that he is a symbol that inspires the will to fight and the strive for freedom in others. With the damage Dyson did, Tron isn’t just training a replacement, he’s grooming the next program to wear his ‘cowl.’

The fight between Tron and Dyson is the best one in the series thus far. Dyson’s weird disc whip thing was clever and countered in an intuitive and natural way. It was nice not knowing how the fight would unfold. Because of the prequel nature of Uprising, there is no way of knowing just when Tron will fall and become Rinzler, so any time he steps out of his lair there’s a chance he won’t come back. It adds that uncertainty that most prequels lack, especially knowing that this isn’t a prequel for our heroes, they’ve already fallen by the time Legacy has happened.

I’m curious to see exactly how Pavel and Paige develop, clearly Pavel is digging his hole deeper, as he tries to undermine Tesler at every stretch. I’m still convinced that Paige is going to turn, but the way the series is progressing I don’t think it will be forced at all. Clu now has a much bigger role (and the Jeff Bridges impersonator is really good) and that is now the plot thread I want to follow the most. Dyson kills the guard that hears him tell Clu that Tron is alive, why they want that such a tightly kept secret and what their plans are will only be revealed over the season and I cannot wait.

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