Tron: Uprising “State of Mind” Review

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Spoilers for Tron: Uprising below

Disney may be completely mishandling their two best shows and just cancelled Motorcity as a result, but Tron: Uprising seems to be still trucking along and has only been upping the game each week. Due to the nature of television production, especially with animated shows, these episodes are done far in advance. That being said, it almost feels like the end is near and they’re just letting loose with the plot. What has happened in the past few weeks is changing the playing field in the Tron world exponentially.

“State of Mind” dives into that age old sci-fi super weapon that is mind control. We’re introduced to Doctor Keller, a brilliant mind forced to create weapons so that Tesler can try and control the city he continues to lose his grasp on. This new weapon is a gas that alters the code of programs, turning their eyes an evil red and instilling a fanatical loyalty to Clu. This episode has some nonlinear narrative elements and starts with Mara under the effects of the gas before flashing back to earlier.

This week, while Mara is losing herself to the gas, Zed finds himself softening to the Renegade. Mara found herself gassed from an accident on the road and Zed heads off to investigate the wreckage, running into Beck as the Renegade there. Zed touches a strange orange powder on the wreck and immediately turns on the Renegade, but only for a moment. He realizes that he needs the Renegade’s help to save Mara and Beck realizes that he is losing touch with his friends and hasn’t been there for them.

Tron Uprising State of Mind

The Renegade and Zed realize that the crash was planned and that there will be more. They manage to stop one, but they see several explode in the distance. Tesler also throws a party in the Argon Square and gasses everyone. Zed and the Renegade see a blimp-like vehicle and a control tower responsible for the gas and know they have to take them out. Zed infiltrates the crowd and Beck goes into the vehicle.

Paige is nowhere to be found this episode but Beck does have to fight Pavel again, who only seems to be growing more and more unhinged, just like Tesler. Keller attacks Pavel, taking him out of the game long enough to crash the vehicle into the control tower, removing the mind control just as Mara was going to derezz Zed for trying to reason with her. Keller escapes and injects herself with something that changes her appearance into a male program.

Not only has Tesler gone to such lengths to try and drug Argon to get it under control, making the weapons for the Tron world even crazier than they’ve ever been before, but Keller’s appearance changing injection and mind control gas introduce this super science into a world where there was pretty much tanks, guns, batons and violent frisbees, these weapons make this world far more dangerous. This type of world building is something that the Tron world hasn’t really had yet and I can’t wait to see what next week will bring.

Rating Banner 5