Tron: Uprising “Tagged” Review

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Spoilers for Tron: Uprising below

While Beck may already have Cutler, I have been waiting for the moment when the uprising actually started to grow. The world has been cranking up in the past few weeks to something big, and while this week’s events aren’t the culmination of that build up, it does pull it another notch tighter. I was disappointed that The Stranger didn’t make an appearance and beyond Beck asking Tron is he was the first Renegade again, they didn’t really touch that plotline, but the actual events were more than enough to satiate my plot craving.

“Tagged” opens with three ‘hoodlums’ wearing excellently designed smiling helmets and tagging a part of Argon with a graffiti styled Tron Lives message. Tron has long since been expecting that Beck’s actions would inspire people and now it’s time to use them to their fullest potential. The Renegade meets with these inspired deviants, but not as himself first. He approaches the group disguised as a guard to see exactly who he is dealing with.

A rebel, an artist, and Mara have decided that the Renegade needs their help in stirring up resistance in Argon, though they believe that simple acts of vandalism and civil disobedience will be enough. Beck knows that this simply isn’t the case and tries to convince them otherwise. The rebel and artist aren’t convinced, but after a pep talk from Mara, they decide to try and stick it to Tesler by sabotaging his ship.


They give the attempt their all, but the alarm is raised and Beck has to swoop in and save the day. Pavel is there and tries to lead Tesler’s forces with all the composure and restraint of a drunken cat on acid, lucky for him Paige shows up just in time to clash disks with Beck. Beck stays and fights Paige and as many guards as he can so the little rebel trio can make their escape.

It still has yet to happen, but I’m patiently waiting for the moment when Paige finally realizes the error of her ways. She’s watched as Pavel slips further into his devious and ruthless mindset and Tesler has slowly been losing his mind because Beck thwarts him at every turn. While Beck has fought Paige, he’s always gone out of his way to make sure she survives whatever reckless situation she’s gotten herself into fighting him. I’m ready; let’s develop this character further.

The rebels disband, only Mara was able to actually handle some real action. She pledges herself to Beck, but he says that without her friends she’s useless to them. Tron asks if Beck made the right decision and he says that he can’t put Mara into danger yet. Tron says what we’ve always known, she’ll be there when he needs her. If anything, Mara has been the deepest and most developed character in the series. While “Tagged” didn’t carry quite the punch of the last few episodes, I’m very satisfied with the plot and character progression that has been happening.

Rating Banner 4