Tron: Uprising “We Both Know How This Ends” Review

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Spoilers for Tron: Uprising below

Sure, Disney XD may have given up on the best show out of their entire lineup, but the writers on Tron: Uprising have not. There has not been a single bad episode and I find myself craving the next as soon as the current ends. The second episode in this time slot of death, “We Both Know How This Ends” does not disappoint. I was worried that we wouldn’t get any more plot progression with Abel knowing that Beck is the Renegade, luckily I was wrong.

After another fantastic action scene to put amongst the plethora this season has given us, we take a step back from Beck. Instead this week’s episode focuses on Abel and Mara. Abel has to go on an errand and he leave Mara in charge of the garage. What should have been an easy assignment is made miserable when Pavel shows up with the tanks Beck put out of commision and demands they are repaired by the end of the cycle or he would derez everyone in the garage.

Mara is left with the seemingly impossible task of fixing the tanks, but the other employees don’t respect her ability to lead and try to fix the tanks without any guidance. Zed and Beck try to help, but nothing seems to help. Beck attempts to suit up as the Renegade, but receives a stern talking to from a frazzled Mara and is forced to work his repair magic. After failing to stop Beck last episode, Link has his time to shine when his attempts to fix the tank let Mara realize exactly what they need to do to remove the really cool looking damage.

Tron Uprising We Both Know How this Ends

Mara regains her ‘inner power’ and reigns in control of the garage. Infuriating Pavel when she does the impossible and fixes every last tank. He can’t help but let them go, leaving his blood lust on the back burner to boil over later. When Abel returns, he gives her a heartwarming message and hopefully grants Mara a more competent position in the show for the remaining episodes. Mara is awesome and should be more allied with Beck, but she isn’t there yet.

The real plot of this episode was where Abel was running off to. In a twist I would have never seen coming before this episode, Abel is the engineer who built Tron’s healing chamber and is on his is on his way to give him a new battery for it. We also see a great appearance from the grid bugs, which I was very happy to see in a Legacy iteration. Abel isn’t just there to give Tron the battery either, he wants Beck out of the war business.

It was a brilliant move to further develop Abel. Tron has been the only mentor for Beck that we’ve seen even though it’s clear that Abel was there first and hasn’t gone anywhere. Not only do we have another character that knows Beck is the Renegade, but we have a father figure that only wants to look out for him. We will probably see Beck torn between Tron and Abel in the coming episodes, each trying to shape him in the way they think is right. This was another fantastic dynamic to introduce into the show and I really hope that Disney’s move to further development on Tron 3 breaths some hope into Tron: Uprising, because we need more of this amazing show.

Rating Banner 4