Tron: Uprising “Welcome Home” Review

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Spoilers for Tron: Uprising below

While I guess I should expect it at this point, it always surprises me when children’s shows like this pick up exactly where last week left off. So many primetime shows still rely on the procedural format because of its simplicity that I expect the very nature of cartoons to hold that true. Once again Tron: Uprising has decided to stay true to the narrative it is attempting to tell and pick up immediately where last week’s episode left off, with Keller on the run from Tesler after helping Beck destroy the mind control tower.

Keller’s appearance altering injection seems to only be temporary, as we see it flickering on and off while she attempts to flee Argon, and she keeps continuing to, in a very painful looking manner, inject herself with more of it. She’s being hunted by Paige (who I’m glad to see back) and Pavel, but they’re going to have to beat an unmasked Beck who’s trying to infiltrate the crowd to save Keller.

Beck finds Keller first and can see right through her disguise. I’m not exactly sure how, but it seems through her nervous behavior or he saw one of the times she flickered. Once he confronts her, the injection wears off and her last one breaks before she can use it. Keller doesn’t see the point in joining Beck, but he’s going to help her escape even if she ultimately doesn’t join. Beck has actually grown into this decisive leader over the course of the season and it’s been a fantastic journey.


“Welcome Home” has Beck trying to convince Keller to join him and keeping her away from and distracting Paige after she takes the assignment over from Pavel, who had no problem derezzing as many programs as possible in the process. We has several fantastic scenes of Beck and Paige interacting. I have always assumed that she would switch sides at some point, but I never saw a romantic relationship between her and Beck developing.

The back and forth between Beck and Paige was excellent and served its purpose of developing their relationship perfectly. The episode ends with Paige inviting Beck to hang out when their back in Argon, and with only three episodes left, I really hope we see Paige switching sides or something decisive happen with her character. If Tron: Uprising only ends up being a one season show, which every indication is pointing to, I would just like some semblance of resolution with a few of these plot threads.

Beck can’t save everyone and protect Keller, but Paige offers her the same terms Tesler gave her, if she comes back and swears loyalty, this transgression will be forgotten. As soon as Paige leaves Keller with Tesler, he executes her. It seems like that could be the final straw that gets Paige to switch sides, but only next week’s episode will tell. This has been such a strong season and it is a shame that it doesn’t appear to be doing well for Disney. We are getting a third Tron movie, so who knows what the future could bring for Uprising.

Rating Banner 5