Truly Inspiring Batman Documentary Needs Your Help

Legends of the Knight independant film needs kickstarter help
Lenny Robinson visits children’s hospitals around the country spreading inspiration & hope.

I’m often called a Batman “fanatic” by those who know me in my personal life.  My two oldest daughters are named Harley Quinn and Ivy. I have collected Batman toys and merchandise for over 20 years.  I have even spent a couple thousand dollars on Batman related tattoos to decorate my body to be my permanent badge of honor for the superhero I adore.

I’m often asked, “Why Batman?” It’s simple, EVERYONE can be Batman. You don’t have to have crash landed on Earth from an alien planet. You don’t have be bitten by a radioactive insect. You don’t have to survive a science experiment gone wrong. You can just stop being a victim and train yourself in mind and body to your ultimate potential. Batman also proves that one man can make a difference. Batman breaks down social barriers.  No matter what gender, race, economic background, religion or even age, everyone knows the tale of the Dark Knight.

My kids, Max and Penny, in the Batmobile I gave them at Christmas
My kids, Max and Penny, in the motorized Batmobile I gave them last Christmas

As a child of an abusive alcoholic father, I went through a lot of counseling such as Alateen to handle the emotion and physical abuse I endured. One  response from therapists I constantly received was that it’s amazing that I didn’t follow the same road into addiction. I was always a firm believer that the victim never has to become the attacker. I never really associated that philosophy with Batman as a child, but as an adult I most certainly do.  When I was younger, I just watched the Super Friends and played with my Mego action figures, but the older I got, the more I related to a young Bruce Wayne. If Bruce can deal with watching his parents brutally murdered, I can handle alcoholism in my life.   That is just my story.  There are millions more.

Tons of kids and even adults use the tragic story of Batman as an example to live a lifestyle or accomplish almost unreachable goals. This is the concept of an independent movie called Legends of the Knight. Producer and Director, Brett Culp is currently trying to get a feature length movie released that tells the story of eleven individuals, including his own, that have had the storytelling of the Batman mythology affect their lives in a positive way. A little kid battling cancer, a young woman suffering from Muscular Dystrophy, a guy who runs marathons in a Batman outfit to raise money for charity are just some of the examples the film showcases.

Brett Culp and Kye Sapp
Brett Culp with Kye Sapp. At age 5, Kye was diagnosed with leukemia. Throughout treatment, he gained strength by identifying himself with Batman

Check out below the official trailer and I challenge you not to tear up at the end.

From the video’s intro, Brett Culp briefly discusses the film’s motivation and to kindly request support. Now while he is asking for public donations via Kickstarter, he’d also be honored by people using the power of social media to spread the word about these incredible people.  As of writing this, the film is really close to its goal of $31,850.

Check out the official website for more info. If you are unable to donate, that’s ok, Brett is asking everyone to tweet using the hashtag #WeAreBatman to spread the word and show support of the project. Please help out in anyway you can on a subject matter that is near and dear to not just my heart, but those in the film and the Batman lovers across the planet.

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Do you have an inspirational Batman or other superhero related story? How has the Dark Knight affected your life? Let us know in the comments below about  your awesome Batman stories.