Uncanny Avengers #2 Review

Uncanny Avengers Issue 2

Uncanny Avengers #2 is late. The issue was pushed back a couple weeks to finish the art, which isn’t a bad thing. The problem is that it killed the momentum that the book had with issue #1. The proposition of a half mutant, half avenger team seemed to be an interesting idea, but so far nothing has come of it.

The issue follows the aftermath of Avalanche’s attack as well as the stronger of the two stories, the capture of Rouge and Scarlet Witch. Both of these characters have a history that is centered on Magneto and is brought up heavily in the latter half.  This is still one of those seeds of the team forming that needs to happen to progress the series.

Uncanny Avengers Babies

The art looks pretty good and is consistent for the most part, the only problem that sometimes the faces look a bit off and smudged. This is understandable except that the book took so long to be released it bothers me. This feels like a better first issue than what was given to us; this is mostly due to the fact that I know what Red Skull is planning to do with the resurgence of mutants. As a reader I now have the context of where the plot should be going from here.

I really want this book to speed up a bit. I understand that it’s still early, but Rick Remender isn’t building a world here. We know the state of the marvel universe in relation to mutants, but I want to get down to the team dynamics already. Hopefully there won’t be another delay or decline in art.

Uncanny Avengers Issue 2

Uncanny Avengers #2

Rick Remender (w)

John Cassaday & Laura Jean Martin (a)

23 PGS./$3.99