Uncanny Avengers #3 Review

Spoilers for Uncanny Avengers below

For the last couple months I have disappointed with the way that Uncanny Avengers has been going. Nothing has happened in the last two issues, but this issue changed my disappointment into amazement.

It’s Alive !!!

We finally get the real idea of the Red Skull’s plan, which involves using the mind of Professor Xavier to turn humans against the mutants. The issue is narrated by an unknown figure, but it was more of an impactful way to tell this story.  Awesome moments include Captain America and Thor becoming mind controlled, which really shows the strength that Xavier has been holding back all of these years. Thor, a god is controlled by The Red Skull and that scared the living daylights out of me.


Also I really enjoyed the reveal of all of the mutants that have been created by Red Skull. They all have been hurt in some fashion by mutants; as a result they have modified themselves as their own form of revenge. Each of their powers is complimentary to each other and especially to Red Skull. An example being “The Goat Faced girl” using her depletion effect which negates mutant powers, this power was used on wolverine in combination with a mind-controlled Thor. You can sense the results. The problem I still have with the art while it’s amazing it just doesn’t feel right for what the writer is going for. It feels more appropriate for another marvel series such as Captain America or Winter Soldier.


This is the issue that I have been waiting for. I loved the narrator and hope that it continues throughout the series. I’m actually excited to read next month’s issue over a bunch of the other stuff I read this month.

Rating Banner 5


Uncanny_Avengers_3 Cover

Writer: Rick Remender


Letterer: Neurotic Cartoonist, Inc

Penciler (cover): John Cassaday

MSRP: $3.99