Valve Announces Steam Music

1276248681-tf2earbudsAnother week, another new beta to get into on Steam. This new one is a bit more interesting than Family Settings however. Valve has announced Steam Music, an integrated music player that will play your tunes in and out of games launched by the client. As of now, the feature will import your album art, support a basic queue, and be controlled through the Steam Overlay when using Big Picture mode, although a desktop version of the feature is said to be “coming soon”. As with past betas, random members of this group will be the first Steam users to rock out as an Engineer during stalemates on Turbine.

Going into rumor territory, there is a lot of internal text in the latest beta client to suggest that Spotify support may not be far off as well. One has to wonder how much longer it will be before other media options start appearing on Steam. They’re going after the consoles after all, so it only makes sense to integrate a video player and media apps like YouTube and Netflix. They may not be sexy features to most PC diehards, but to those with deep roots in Steam’s social networking features, it only keeps getting better.