Valve Announces the Steam Controller

SteamControllerSteam has finished off its trio of announcements with the Steam Controller, and what a controller it is. It replaces the traditional analog sticks with a pair of haptic touchpads, and moves the face buttons around those pads to make room for the touchscreen/monitor in the middle of the controller. In the back, there are the traditional bumpers and triggers, along with a third set of buttons on the handrests. The design looks unusual at first, but Valve faced an unusual challenge when designing a controller that works with both Civilization and Euro Truck Simulator as well as it does with Team Fortress 2.

As someone who has experience playing with a controller on the PC, this is everything I ever could have hoped for in a Steam centric gamepad. Valve reports that every game currently on Steam will be supported by the device, with user created button configurations letting the super fans of every one franchise determine what the best way to play that game with this controller will be. I suggest that anyone remotely interested browse the promo page for more information. The Steam Controller will launch sometime in 2014, and this gamer can’t wait.