Weekly Bundle Roundup: 10/7/2013

Meowth_PartyWelcome to the Weekly Bundle Roundup, your home for cheap games, bundle analysis, and indie giveaways. We’re back on a somewhat regular schedule this week, and it’s only partially because the bundle sites went overboard last week, giving the new offerings a small bit of breathing room. However, we still have Humble’s AAA offering to start us off, so let’s get to it!



8003a0f793a6c0288fb615396a62096f93081996For $1:

  • Red Faction: Armageddon (Steam)
  • Supreme Commander Gold Edition (Steam)
  • The Guild 2 (Steam)
  • Neighbours From Hell Compilation (DRM-Free)

For $6

  • Darksiders 2 (Steam)
  • Painkiller: Hell and Damnation (Steam)
  • ArcaniA (Steam)
  • SpellForce 2: Faith in Destiny (Steam)


  • Ends 10/10

Nordic Games gets into the Humble Weekly game this week, mostly by leveraging the properties it bought in the recent THQ auction, which is wise on their part, but disappointing to any frequent bundle purchaser. Darksiders 2 and Red Faction have been cheaper or on par with this price on Humble before, and the Supreme Commander pack was available for a similar price around that time on Amazon. It’s a great bundle for newbies, but if you already have the THQ remnants, nothing else here is worth bumping up to the $6 tier.

UntitledDebut 5 Bundle

All Games Desura and Greenlight

For ~$4


  • Ends 10/9

IndieRoyale’s 5th Greenlight focused bundle is here, and as usual it is an eclectic mix of titles with varying chances to pass through to Steam proper. Oknytt is probably the most known of the bunch, although it has been bundled before. Jamsouls and From Pulse also have a visual aesthetic that gels well with the Greenlight audience, although From Pulse is in the Concepts section currently, which means that it’s nowhere near close to release.  The other three games look like games that you would only ever be able to play on Desura, so choose accordingly.

UntitledBlaze of Glory Bundle

All Games on Steam

For $2.45


  • Ends 10/24

BundleStars finishes off the week by reminding Steam users of the joy of browsing the bargain bin at a local Circuit City back when those still existed. For less than $3, you get a pile of outdated PC games that you’ve never heard of for the most part. There might be a hidden gem in the mix, you might get the most amusement by the fact that there are games based on two seperate and one fictional World War in the package. For the price of a pair of sodas though, it just might be worth the risk.


That’s all the bundle goodness for now. Not that much great stuff, but not every week can be a winner. With the Fall rush of games coming, it is bound to ramp up in the near future though, especially considering the influx of games coming from Topware and a few other companies getting on to Steam through the Greenlight process. This week’s indie giveaway is for Painkiller Overdose, so enter to win and perhaps get an extra Painkiller title to accompany Hell and Damnation. I’ll see you next week!