Weekly Bundle Roundup: 9/12/2013

tumblr_mo1u3sgTxp1snml13o1_500Welcome to the Weekly Bundle Roundup, your home for cheap games, bundle analysis, and giveaways. This week, Indie Royale goes back to school, Groupees can’t take a hint, and Humble Bundle shows everyone else up, because that’s just how they roll. Let’s get to it!

HIB9Fellow Bundle enthusiast Valentin Kulemin already did a write up of this week’s most notable bundle over here, so feel free to check that out. I’ll only add a word of precaution that Humble has changed up the way they distribute bonus games in the second week. In prior bundles, anyone who purchased it in the first week got the bonus games, but this has now changed to only include people who buy the BTA games. So be sure to get onto the FEZ tier if you’re interested in getting everything this Bundle has to offer.



Retro Shooters

All Games on Steam

For $1:

For $6


  • Ends 9/19
  • Shadow Warrior Classic, Duke, and System Shock have Steam Trading Cards
  • Owners of Hard Reset and Shadow Warrior Classic will get Steam Coupons for the upcoming Shadow Warrior remake

With their 9th proper Humble Bundle currently fresh on people’s minds, there is almost no need to update the weekly side of their site. However, they put one up anyway, and it’s a great value! An excellent assortment of Doom clones that should belong in any Steam library, along with the long awaited System Shock 2 Steam release. Take this chance to reeducate yourself on the origins of shooters on the PC.

IconsIndieRoyale: The Back To School 2 Bundle

For ~$6


  • Ends 9/19
  • Stellar Impact has Steam Trading Cards

The most notable entries in this week’s IndieRoyale is actually the games on Desura. Both of them are imports, and are making their English language debut in the bundle. So that’s something. Also worth mentioning is the fact that DIVO is a game where you control a hamster, and seem’s to be a ripoff of that Disney movie with super spy gerbils. Of course, if you’re looking for a game you might actually want to play, Thunder Wolves has you covered with hot and heavy arcade action and full controller support.

Groupees_logoBe Mine Special Edition

All Games On Steam

For $1:

For $5:


  • Ends 9/25
  • All Games have Steam Trading Cards
  • Star Wolves 3 Civil War will be added soon as a bonus game

Groupees’ offering for the weak wouldn’t be an exciting affair even if this wasn’t the week of a proper Humble Bundle. Simply put, if you’ve been keeping up with bundles at all, most of these games should seem familiar to you. On top of that, both Ravaged and Tower Wars are multiplayer games with virtually no community, making them worth little in the long run. Star Wolves 3 might be the game to get, but it’s not technically in the bundle yet. My advice might be to wait out to make sure it gets in there before purchasing.


That’s it for this week! Remember that Steam Family Sharing will soon be a thing, so take an opportunity to stock up your collection now, and both you and your friends will benefit later! This week’s indie giveaway is Mark of the Ninja, which is being given away on the Geekenstein Facebook page, so head over there for a chance to win! I expect next week will be overtaken by the Humble Bundle madness, so enjoy this week doubly so. I’ll see you again soon.