Weekly Bundle Roundup 9/19/2013

TedDiBiaseSR_display_imageWelcome to the Weekly Bundle Roundup, your home for cheap games, indie giveaways, and bundle analysis. This week, Steam embraces piracy, Humble blasts off into space to combat the Bundlestars, and Indie Gala casts a magic missile. Let’s begin!


1d1a5eedc81643b9c3fe0268c0933ae44811bfc1All games on Steam

For $1:

  • X: Beyond the Frontier 
  • X-Tension 
  • X2: The Threat 
  • X3: Reunion + Bonus Package 

For $6: 

  • X3: Terran Conflict 
  • X3: Albion Prelude 
  • X: Superbox Bonus Material


The long rumored X bundle is finally here, and it basically amounts to paying $6 for a franchise that usually costs $30. The X series is one of those PC mainstays that has gotten overshadowed over the last couple of years, but if you can get past the aging graphics for a few of these titles, they are well worth sucking your life away, especially at that price.

UntitledIndie Jam 3

For $5.06

  • Sanctum (Steam)
  • A.R.E.S.: Extinction Agenda (Steam)
  • Two Worlds Epic Edition (Steam)
  • Joint Task Force (Steam)
  • Nexus – The Jupiter Incident  (Steam)
  • Commandos 3: Destination Berlin (Steam)
  • Garshasp: Temple of the Dragon (Steam)
  • Battlepaths (Desura)


  • Ends 10/9
  • Sanctum and ARES have Steam Trading Cards

An excellent new bundle over at BundleStars this week. Sanctum and ARES are old hat when it comes to Bundles, but well worth playing if you don’t have them yet. As for new stuff, we have two oddities out of the Steam archives with JTF and Nexus, as well as a personal favorite of mine in the indie hack-n-slash Garshasp. Get it just so you can ride the endless wall!

indie-gala-double-featured-image1Magicka ++

All games on Steam

For $1:

  • Magicka

For $4:

  • 8 Magicka DLCs

For $6:

  • 13 Magicka DLCs
  • King Arthur games and DLC


The Indie Gala weekly is unexpectedly back from their vacation this week with this strange combination of Magicka and King Arthur. You almost assuredly own Magicka at this point, but considering that they’re still pumping out DLC for the game, you might find something to pick  up there. The King Arthur games couldn’t be further away in tone from Magicka, but it’s a similarly priced discount for the entire franchise here, so strategy hounds beware.

Groupees_logoKISS 2 Bundle

Build a Bundle (2 Games for $1.50 or buy them all for $4)

  • International Snooker (Desura)
  • Hypersonic 4 (Desura)
  • Ampu-Tea (DRM-Free)
  • Steam Heroes (DRM-Free)
  • Shadows on the Vatican (Desura)
  • Bloop (Desura)


  • Ends 9/25

A strange bundle from Groupees, both in that it continues their bizarre naming conventions and that it includes an oddball assortment of games that seem to be destined to be Desura only for some time. Ampu-Tea is a Surgeon Simulator clone, Steam Heroes is a Bejeweled clone, and Snooker is a straight up billiards game previous featured in an Indie Royale. Considering how generous Steam has been with Greenlight recently, it might be worth it to pick up anything that look interesting for the future, but probably not.


That will do it for proper bundles this week! It is also worth noting that Steam is having an official Talk Like A Pirate day sale today and tomorrow with massive discounts on every pirate game you can imagine outside of Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag. So check that out if you have a few dollars left over. This week’s indie game giveaway is for The Maw, so head over there and enter for a chance to win. Thanks for reading!