Weekly Bundle Roundup: 9/28/2013

monopoly-man-running-with-money-bagWelcome to the Weekly Bundle Roundup, the only place on Geekenstein where a week can be defined as a period of time somewhere between seven and nine days. This week, EVERYONE introduced a new bundle. So we’ve got a lot of games to list before we get to the giveaway. Let’s begin!

UntitledAlaska Bundle

For ~$5:


  • Ends 10/2
  • Electronic Super Joy has Trading Cards

To me, this bundle is basically Electronic Super Joy and Friends. Super Joy is a rather recently released platformer in the same vein as a Super Meat Boy or They Bleed Pixels, only this game takes place in a hypothetical rave. It’s a blast to play, and worth the $5 on its own. However, you also get a pair of obscure Paradox strategy games and a game that sounds like Awesomenauts. So it’s a pretty good deal.



All Games on Steam

For $1:

For $6


  • Ends 10/3
  • Tropico 4 and Anna have Trading Cards

Humble’s weekly offering this week is strong outside of the higher tier. For $1, you get an excellent SimCity clone, a PC successor to Crimson Skies, a SHUMP, and a horrible horror game. For $5 more though, the price of many other bundles on this list, you only get another Tropico game, which is very similar to the one you get for a buck, and a Jagged Alliance game that has gotten anything but stellar reviews. Unless you really need to see the latest the Tropico games have to offer, I’d pick up the $1 version and spend the rest of that money elsewhere.

Groupees_logoSteampunk Bundle

All Games on Steam

For $1:


  • Ends 10/1
  • Jamestown has Trading Cards

Here we have proof that Groupees has a rather loose definition of the word Steampunk. Jamestown is definitely the most steampunk, with its flying wooden ships that shoot lasers at martian indians. Greed Corp. is a turn based strategy games that has a lot of robots in it, so it could also possibly fit in. Vessel is about an inventor, but he certainly isn’t wearing gears on his head, so that might disqualify it. Naval Warfare has Victorian surroundings, but the boats certainly don’t run solely on steam. The games are all on Steam though, and well worth the $1 to see if you agree with me.

Build a Bundle 7

75 cents per game, ~$5 for the entire bundle


  • Ends 10/9
  • Zack Zero and Retrovirus have Trading Cards

Groupees isn’t done this week, as they are currently running three bundles (including the extended KISS 2 bundle from last week). In this one, it’s easy to pick out what you do and don’t want to play. I personally love to see the origins of the Duke Nukem character as a 2D platformer from 91, and feel that more platformer characters should make the jump over to hyperviolence. Retrovirus is a hidden gem of the Steam catalog that I’ve written about previously, so needless to say, that’s worth a look as well. Oh, and Zack Zero is a Ben 10 clone if you can believe that.

That will do it for the main sites. However, if that wasn’t enough mad deals for you, a NEW CHALLENGER has emerged. It’s difficult to say if they will stick around, but check out the Flying Bundle if you missed Ittle Dew from previous bundles. Also of note, Get Loaded is rerunning their Bethesda deal, where you can get a great deal on Dishonored, the Fallout games, RAGE, or Doom 3 BFG. This week’s Indie Game giveaway is for Little Inferno, a charming poverty simulator where you get to burn things. I’ll see you all next week!