Weekly Bundle Roundup: August 20, 2013

This week in the world of Bundles, EA sees the humble light, a YouTuber is thirsty, and as always, there are more ways to add to your Steam backlog. Let’s begin, shall we?


Games are on Steam when available, all games are on Origin

For $1:

Beat The Average (Currently $4.82)


  • Ends 8/28

First we have EA’s first serious attempt at selling a bundle, and what a doozy. Dead Space 3 is $1 less than a year out from release, and should be reason enough to pick this one up and consider the rest of the games a bonus. If you’re only interested in Steam keys, this is also an easy pickup, since the BTA games are only on Origin. Rumors are that Humble will be adding new games to the bundle as soon as tomorrow, so lets just say that if you’re also interested in Command and Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising, Dead Space 2, Bulletstorm, or Medal of Honor: Ariborne, you should probably pick this up ASAP.



Hosted by PewDiePie – www.humblebundle.com/weekly

All Games are on Steam

For $1:

Beat The Average (Currently $2.76)


  • Ends 8/22
  • McPixel has Steam Trading Cards

This week’s other Humble deal involves famous (?) Youtuber PewDiePie and his selection of indie games. I can’t say I’m a fan of his video work, and most of these games have been in bundles before, but it is all for charity! Out of all of these games, I would most recommend McPixel, it’s quite dumb fun.



Prairie Dog Bundle – www.indieroyale.com

For $5.51 (Price Fluctuates)


  • Ends 8/28
  • All Steam Games have Trading Cards

A great bundle to pick up for those looking to level up their Steam profiles or sell some cards on the market, especially considering that the relatively high bundle price will keep the cards from hitting rock bottom. Retrovirus is my pick from this selection, it’s an interesting FPS experiment that is well worth the price tag here.

Build a Meridian4 Mega Bundle- http://groupees.com/bamm

Minimum $1 for 3 games, up to minimum $9.02 for 27 games. All purchasers receive bonus games.


  • Ends 8/31

An amazing bundle for anyone who hasn’t been keeping up with bundles or has just started collecting. The games are not of the highest quality, but spending $9 and getting 30 games once the bonuses are all revealed is an insane deal. Or you could just pick up 3 games for a buck and still get a handful of Steam keys.

I should also note that Groupees is coming out with a new Be Mine bundle tomorrow, with the following games rumored to be included. Full details will be in next week’s article.

  • Ittle Dew
  • Mini Motor Racing EVO
  • Ring Runner
  • The Whispered World
  • Depths of Peril
  • Eador: Masters of the Broken World
  • Splatter – Just Harder Times
  • Angelica Weaver: Catch Me When You Can


That’s it for this week. I hope you found a deal, or at least upped your Steam collection badge. This week’s giveaway is for Two Worlds II, be sure to enter for a chance to win! See you next week!