Weekly Bundle Roundup: October 17, 2013

tom_nook_is_freak__n_out_by_kaykaykutieDon’t fret, Tom! It’s time once again for the Weekly Bundle Roundup, the loosely defined series of articles filled with Bundle Analysis, Cheap Games, and Indie Giveaways! This week, Humble summons the androids to kill us all, leading to a BundleStars bloodbath in the middle of Indie Gala’s Octoberfest celebration. A tragedy to be sure, but we must all carry on and buy bundles, so let’s get going!

Humble-Bundle-for-Android-700pxHumble Bundle With Android 7

All Games On Steam

For $1:

For ~$6:


  • Anodyne has Trading Cards
  • Ticket to Ride DLC is the USA 1910 Expansion
  • Worms 2: Armageddon is the Android Equivalent to Worms Reloaded
  • Ends 10/29

Humble stars us off as they normally do with their 7th Android focused bundle. However, as with the last few of these, the cell phone games are only a bonus to the sweet Steam goodness found within. Worms Reloaded is one of the good 2D Worms games, Incredipede is an interesting digital toy to whittle away the hours on, and Bards Tale is perhaps the highlight, although it has been a while since I rented the Xbox version from Blockbuster. If you have a cell phone or not, this bundle is most likely worth it for you.

Groupees_logoLet’s Build a Doujin Bundle 2

$1.50 for 2 games, $4.29 for all games


  • eXceed games have Trading Cards
  • Ends 10/28

Fans of VNs, Mech Suits, and SHUMPS rejoice! The Doujin Bundle is back for round 2, bringing unique indie games from the land of the rising sun. However, for a Build a Bundle, there aren’t that many choices to be had, especially if you’re only interested in Steam releases. However, if you’re willing to explore the wide world of Desura, you can see a Genesis game out of time in ARMED SEVEN.


The Bloodbath Bundle

For ~$3:

  • Clutch (Steam)
  • NecroVisioN + NecroVisioN: Lost Company (Steam)
  • The Void (Steam)
  • Zombie Bowl-o-Rama (Steam)
  • 99 Levels To Hell (Desura)


  • Ends 11/1

Just in time for the SPOOKIEST time of the year as mandated by the Hallmark company, BundleStars invites you to partake in the Bloodbath bundle. The standout here for me is Zombie Bowl-o-Rama, which is a zombie game that is also a bowling game, and therefore it is automatically amazing and worth your money. Clutch is worth mentioning too, a fun arcade driver that is well worth the sub $3 price here. Get this TREAT before it turns into a TRICK! Get it?!

indie-gala-double-featured-image1Indie Gala October

For $1:

For $5.50:

  • Fairy Bloom Fresia (Steam)
  • Gorky 17 (Steam)
  • Knights of Pen and Paper (Steam)
  • Two Worlds II: Velvet Edition (Steam)
  • Crusader Kings II (Steam)
  • Ether Vapor Remaster (Steam)
  • The Showdown Effect (Steam)
  • Mystery Steam Game


  • Showdown Effect, Ether Vapor, Crusader Kings, Knights of Pen and Paper, and Fairy Bloom Fresia have trading cards.
  • Ends 10/24

Gala’s latest offering is a good mixture of games new to bundles and bundle repeats, although I feel like I’ve seen Two Worlds 2 in at least 5 bundles since I started doing this column. You should be able to make just about $5.50 on the Steam Market from selling the cards from the 5 games that include them in this bundle, so considering that, it should be well worth picking up this large collection of games of notable titles.

UntitledThe Birthday Bundle

For ~$6

  • Cities in Motion 2 (Steam)
  • Duke Nukem: Manhattan Project (Steam)
  • Impire (Steam)
  • XenoMiner (Desura)
  • Perfection (Steam)
  • Mystery Game


  • Cities in Motion has trading cards.
  • IndieRoyale  put up this bundle as I was writing this article, as if they could sense my presence.
  • Ends 10/23

I’m not 100% sure if it’s Indie Royale’s birthday, of if it is just a name, but in any case they know how to throw a party! A bundle filled with games new to the bundle scene, including one of the many Duke games better than Duke Nukem Forever, a dungeon simulator in Impire, and one of the many City simulators better than SimCity (2013).

That’s it for bundles this week! This week’s Indie Giveaway is for Post Mortem, so be sure to enter for your chance to win, and I’ll see you all sometime in the next week!


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