Weekly Bundle Roundup: September 5th, 2013

vince-mcmahon-millon-dollarWelcome to the Weekly Bundle Roundup, your home for cheap games, bundle analysis, and giveaways. This week, Indie Gala flashes its customers, Steam makes trading your items a whole lot cheaper, and Groupees makes a CCG bundle without card games in it. Let’s begin, shall we?



Indie Gala Flashpoint

All Games On Steam

For $1:

For just under $5:


  • Ignite is not available for purchase directly from Steam, but the store page is still active.
  • Ends 9/18

Gala comes back this week with a strange collection of titles. Yumsters and Musaic Box are games from the very early days of Steam when no one was truly paying attention, so they’re almost certainly new to most bundle consumers. Also of interest is Ignite, which you cannot actually purchase on Steam proper, so if that game looks interesting to you, this bundle is a must purchase. Knytt Underground has been Greenlit, but is not on Steam yet, which means you’ll have to wait a bit for that key. And then there are 3 mystery games. So overall, there are plenty of reasons to drop your hamburger money here.

Groupees_logoCapsule Computers Indie Bundle

For $1:

For $5:


  • Ends 9/12
  • Transcripted is not purchasable from Steam directly
  • Super Sanctum TD has Steam Trading Cards

The Groupees bundle for this week has a few similarities with IndieGala’s offering. You have a game that has been removed from direct purchase in Transcripted, you have an already Greenlit game in Cognition (along with Episode 2 being the next bonus to be unlocked in the bundle), and you also sadly have a few bundle veterans in SpaceChem and Swords and Soldiers. Still, if you’re interested in Transcripted, this will be the easiest way to get it for a long while.

UntitledArcen Games

All Games on Steam

For $1:

BTA (Currently $5.80)


  • Ends 9/12
  • Skyward Collapse and A Valley Without Wind have Steam Trading Cards

Humble Bundle’s Weekly this week is a disappointment for bundle veterans, since Arcen Games has previously offered this entire bundle over at Indie Royale minus Skyward Collapse. It’s a fine bargain for newbies, as several of these games are less than a year old, but long time purchasers will have to wait for next week for Humble to wow them once again.

That does it for this week. A quick news aside, Steam has introduced offline trading onto Steam, allowing people on your friends list to send you asynchronous trade offers that you can either accept or make a counteroffer to. This is Steam once again taking notice of third party sites like TF2Outpost and integrating those features into Steam proper. Good show! This week’s Indie Game Giveaway is Ion Assault, so go ahead and enter for a chance to win! I’ll see you next week for more bundle goodness!