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What if GTA Took Place in Other Worlds?

For the moment, Rockstar Games has been tight lipped on the official launch date and details for the next chapter in the Grand Theft Auto franchise. We don’t know much of anything beyond that GTA 5 will take place in the fictional “California” city of Vinewood. Not wanting to wait on Rockstar, we took the liberty of creating our own versions of the GTA franchise and produced some concept box art. Enjoy!

Special thanks to our Facebook followers Willy FretschlSmikey Ftg and Daniel Plmnjedi Schwiesow for suggestions!

Comment below what fictional world you would like a GTA style game to take place in?

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  • smikey1123

    Sweet, I got two in there. Good work Bats.

  • EZE

    I would have “coffee” with princess bubblegum.

  • Terrence B.

    I’d love to see a GTA: Regular Show or GTA: Mad Tv