What qualifies Zoe Quinn’s personal life as gaming news?

Zoe Quinn So as most of us took this unfortunately departed weekend to unwind from the week, one man took his time to carefully lay out his personal experiences in a romantic relationship with the creator of the fantastic Depression Quest, Zoe Quinn. If you haven’t read the story yet, Quinn allegedly cheated on the author with multiple people while sending him into a spiral where he couldn’t tell if he was being paranoid or something was wrong. Whether or not the story is true is far from the point. As it stands, it is an incredibly personal matter that really shouldn’t be on the Internet for all to see. But this is 2014 and if you can even slightly be considered a public figure, expect your dirty laundry to be draped in the open with a spotlight on it.  Depression Quest

Who is Zoe Quinn?

Zoe Quinn is an independent video game designer. She is most notable for her project Depression Quest, a free-to-play narrative experience that aims to show what the experience of depression entails. Depression Quest is a fantastic game that should be experienced by all, as I found it did accurately represent how I felt when I was depressed and provides quality insight as to why depression is such a problem. Quinn became ‘Internet famous’ after she submitted Depression Quest to Steam Greenlight and became the target of intense, unrelenting harassment. As a result, she has become a spokesperson in the constantly growing movement in the video game community to fight back against the sexual harassment of women and general injustice. She took a public stance to fight back, labelling her as a “Social Justice Warrior” and forever pissing off swaths of the gaming community. Quinn was also one of the indie developers involved in the infamous Game_Jam reality show that attempted to shove product placement down the throats of the developers involved and also sexually harassed the women involved. If you haven’t read that story, you definitely should as it is factually corroborated and a shocking look at humanity.

 Depression Quest

Why is this news?

So why is this news? Why are people freaking out that someone may or may not have been an adulterer? Isn’t this none of my god damn business unless I want to romantically pursue said person, and even then, it’s said person’s responsibility or choice to reveal certain aspects of their past to me, not some dude on the Internet? Allow me to answer that writing from the assumption that the accusation that Zoe Quinn is an adulterer is true, as most of why this would be news revolves around that. If it isn’t true it is just another example of someone harassing a prominent female figure for reasons that are unbeknownst to us. This story would be the same one you keep hearing and some of you keep trying to tune out, that women are being harassed for simply being female at a staggering rate that is not only difficult to comprehend, is almost impossible to understand without also being a victim. If this is true, however, it presents a much larger problem and poses a serious question that consumers have to ask themselves. Quinn stands, supportive of and supported by, side by side with fellow feminist gamers such as Feminist Frequency’s Anita Sarkeesian in the raging fight against sexism in the video game industry. Say what you want about their methods, their hearts are in the right place and their intentions are good. The fight against sexism is far from over. That is not the issue here. The issue comes from a figurehead going against what they preach.

Depression Quest

The Actual Problem

As a feminist, Quinn has stated that having sex with your partner also engaging in an affair is tantamount to have non-consensual sex with your partner, as they essentially ‘don’t know where you’ve been.’ By cheating on her then boyfriend, she was moving against everything she stands for in the public. Cheating is never a good thing, but where this becomes more than a private issue is due to her strong feminist voice in the public. Whether or not Quinn should be forgiven or punished for her actions has absolutely nothing to do with her public persona. It is an issue that rests solely in the hands of the person she wronged, who has clearly decided to punish her, and her own mind. Further harassment is nothing more than ‘slut shaming’ and should be treated like all misogynistic bullshit. We are all human and we do all make mistakes, but we aren’t all public figures. Quinn’s actions will be used as fuel in the fight against feminism. As a spokesperson in the feminism movement, these action can now be used to throw all of her legitimately good ideals and actions into question. After all, if Zoe Quinn, Miss Feminism, can use a person just like she claims men use women, is how society is right now really wrong? That conclusion may be garbage, but it can be the convincing factor that doesn’t help teach misogynists that their actions are wrong, but instead reinforce their awful behavior. That’s what being a public figure is about, knowing that you are being watched by an audience and your actions will be judged by them. Quinn’s silence about the issue, be it from not wanting to fuel the incendiary fires by denying it or refusing to accept what happened, only exacerbates the problem just as commenting either way would only be met with more hatred. She is in the most precarious of positions with no real way out.

Depression Quest

Do you care?

Whether or not you care about this comes down to whether or not you can separate the art from the artist. Does it bother you that Matthew Broderick killed two people in a car accident? Or that Orson Scott Card, author of Ender’s Game, likes to use his money to oppress homosexuals? Or does your love for Earthworm Jim and The Neverhood let you forgive Doug Tennapel for also being an antigay bigot? Depression Quest is an incredible experience, but can you play it or any other games that Zoe Quinn makes without thinking that she betrayed the person closest to her? If none of those values or actions make their way into the content I want to enjoy, I’ve been content with knowing that while I don’t like the creator, I can still enjoy what they create. This is an immensely personal decision that you have to make on your own, and it took me a while to accept as well. Ender’s Game is still one of my favorite novels of all time and I still recommend it to people. I haven’t seen depression so expertly conveyed as in Depression Quest and I will continue to recommend it as a powerful force in understanding this problem.

line left

Whether or not Quinn did commit the accused acts is ultimately pointless. The damage has been done and anything further will only be considered a lie or further proof that this voice against oppression is a cheating scumbag. I’m going to keep playing her games and continue to remind people that women are harassed on a daily basis and we should do something about that. I’m also going to never talk about this again, because while it’s important to mention, Zoe Quinn does not deserve the venomous hatred and disgusting comments she has and will continue to receive regardless of what she has or hasn’t done.

Editor’s Note:

Since you demanded it, I will add some thoughts on the other issues in this controversy. Yes, there is a claim that Quinn made up the death threats. There isn’t any proof, just hearsay and a recollection of events in terrible infographic form on imgur. If true, that is the work of a seriously troubled mind in craving attention and in need of help. But it is too unsubstantiated to claim as anything more than a rumor. As for Quinn allegedly sleeping with the Kotaku writer who then reviewed her game, sex isn’t a commodity. People like to bone out for fun too. Sure, it could have been the complete and utter failure of the integrity at Kotaku, or it could have been drunken boning. There’s nothing to say that the writer was so sex deprived he would review her game favorably just so he can marinate his nether rod in her squish mitten. If so, that’s really sad, fucked up and finally the proof that so many of you desperately crave showing that the video game ‘journalism’ industry is a corrupt sack of shit. It still doesn’t invalidate the point I was making.

Another add since it’s needed. So while there wasn’t any proof that Zoe Quinn used sex to get positive review scores. The sex scandal has been confirmed and everyone commenting as to why I said alleged in the article, this was written before any of this was confirmed. So yes, it seems pretty likely that Zoe Quinn is going behind the scenes to try and censor discussion about this and may be pretending to be hacked along with Phil Fish. It’s an incredibly fucked situation that has gotten worse and worse. I don’t know if there is, nor do I really think that there is widespread corruption in the game industry, but I can damn sure say confidently that this whole scandal has revealed the game industry, especially the indie scene and journalistic communities, are a completely juvenile world run by friendships and petty popularity contests. It also properly raises the concern that corruption is occurring and that some sort of investigation should be done to see if there is or not. While I believe that the original point of this article stood at the time of its publishing, it is far from that now. This is now an issue of censorship and a serious question as to why. Does any of this justify the harassment Quinn has received? Fuck no. Does any of this justify the questions to Quinn about if she’s taking money and promising fake bullshit and to elaborate on this whole situation in general? Yes it does. Has this revealed that she is a terrible person that has done nothing but fuck up her career by trying to cover this up constantly from the start? Yep. Let’s see just how worse this gets.

In Conclusion

So today I realized something about myself. Zoe Quinn revealed the research and evidence she gathered into the whole #GamerGate thing and it sure is fascinating. This whole time I’ve been trying to advocate that we gather as much evidence as possible, and that screenshots aren’t really the greatest evidence, as they’re easy to doctor or manufacture. But you know what? Fuck everyone, I believe these screenshots and I’m already fucking sick of people who still insist that this is a giant conspiracy and that those screenshots are bullshit, but hey, our screenshots are real and prove a point. Yes, they do prove a point, the point that you’re a fucking asshole who doesn’t understand that you can’t denounce a medium of evidence if your entire point rests on that medium of evidence.

That doesn’t really say anything about me though. Today I learned how intense peer pressure can be and how group think and impatience can fuck over what is important. I slowly came around on the whole issue because I watched friend after friend switch sides due to very flimsy evidence and impatience. We were angry and we wanted answers, but we didn’t want to take the time for the actual truth to come out, because we were angry and wanted answers now dammit. All it did was hurt ourselves.

Now I considered writing something else about this. I even considered wiping this and writing new thoughts. Instead I would rather people read this entire story and the notes posted because I fucked up and I want to learn from my mistakes and be an example for other people. Don’t do what I did. I’m still happy that I wrote about the situation, I’m just ashamed that I got venomous and angry just like the people I was chastising. Being passionate can keep you going when things get bad, but it can also blind you to the truth.

Zoe Quinn, I’m sorry for the things I said. Whether or not you cheated on your ex is your business. It doesn’t automatically make you a terrible person or ruin what you stand for. As someone who made Depression Quest (which is still brilliant, fuck the haters), you know what it’s like to be fucked in the head. And as someone who related to the game and has been fucked in the head, I know it can lead us to do things we’re not proud of and will always regret. But that’s something that we deal with, not something to be used to disprove us, and that’s what we did to you. It’s awful and I feel awful knowing you not only had to deal with that, but the entire shit storm of harassment that came with it. The fact that you weathered it to gather this proof only shows how amazing you actually are.

You deserve better than this. We should be better than this. Is corruption in the game industry a topic that should be discussed and investigated? Yes. But we have something far more important to handle first. The fact that we live in an environment where people can coordinate assaults on someone’s character or well-being simply because we don’t like them is absolutely disgusting. We have generated such an environment of hatred and anger and fixing it needs to be our top priority. I don’t know how, I don’t know when, but until we work together to move forward the only way things can move is further down.

  • null

    Reminder that she fucked a kotaku journalist for favourable press and slept around with several indie devs (including her married boss) to get up the indie scene ladder.

    • David Rhinehart

      Allegedly having sex with does not necessarily = sexual favors for press or career advancement. Assume all you want.

      • na

        Does not change the fact that no one at any point thought it necessary to be transparent about the relationship.

        101 Journalism ethics.

      • null

        Depression Quest is absolutely shit so it’s the only logical explanation.

      • wot

        It doesn’t matter if she did it for that reason or not. She’s trying to be a feminist role model dude.

      • Joey

        Not our fault you can’t connect the dots, slick.

      • Yu Xhang

        Not alleged. Did. She admitted to it. Why do you flat out lie? She’s not going to sleep with you just because you showed her sympathy. All you privileged white males are the same.

      • Vorpalrabbit

        At what point does the evidence stacked up against her, up to and including screencaps of her admitting that she did so, not count as ‘allegedly’?

        No, she did sleep with these guys. The fact that one of them is a journalist who mentions her in his articles in glowing terms is an issue for the industry as a whole.

        The fact that she slept with 5 men while in a committed relationship is morally reprehensible, but not the issue. The fact that she slept with someone who stood to gain monetary value for both parties (Him through getting more clicks and Ad revenue and her by getting her name spread to a wider audience), is that issue.

        • m3g4tr0n

          Because her beta orbiters cannot deal with their special snowflake being in the wrong.

          Another problem is the DMCA take-down that she, or an associate, sent…along with the possibility that her relationship with Nathan Grayson started prior to his article at Kotaku.

      • qwerty

        are you really this naive? If you want to go through the standard SJW route I’ll remind you that she fucked his boss. As a boss Briggs was in a position of power in relation to her and thus could never acquire her consent in equal conditions, thus he raped her. And per her moral standards, she was violating her previous commitment to that other faggot she was fucking and was willing to catch a STD and pass it along to him, so she couldn’t ever get HIS consent either, thus she raped him.

        But I don’t see you whining about the multiple dispensation of rape in this sordid affair, why is that?

  • Sender

    Well doesn’t this article just completely miss the point entirely. What the hell happened to journalistic integrity?

    • qwerty

      perhaps she’s fucking him too

  • Niko of Death


    1. She posted about herself on wizardchan to pretend that she’s being harassed by them (those threats you were talking about)
    2. She slept with “journalists” who
    3. She slept with a man who she knew was married
    4. Forced her boyfriend that she was cheating on to not talk to his depressed best friend
    5. She’s a giant hypocrite
    6. She didn’t give the same assurances to her boyfriend as he did her (double standards)
    7. She made a game that is a mockery of a serious mental condition

    • David Rhinehart

      I considered talking about that, but that story is even sketchier than adultery one. I tend not to fact check with things I learn about on Imgur.

      • You’re wrong

        And yet nobody had that ‘scrutiny’ about her harassment claim. You know, the one also used in the article above.

      • Niko of Death

        And someone anonymously posting a death threat where it’s nowhere near relevant and then someone immediately posting it isn’t sketchy?

        You used the harassment claim in the article.

        • Crd

          It’s only valid if it fits his narrative obviously.

      • Brit Bong

        Something did occur to me that I find myself wondering now why no one is asking.

        Why isn’t this about Nathan Grayson?
        He seems to be as large component of the question regarding Journalistic Integrity as she is.

        The elements that indicate Quinn’s hypocrisy in her private life remain as relevant to the media as it would in any other specialized form of media in which a scandal was developing.
        Sport, business, political, you know what would happen.
        Tiger Woods.
        Brendan Eich.
        Anthony Weiner.

        Should the media respect the boundaries between private life and professional?
        The question of whether this is how things should be is not specific to Quinn’s situation but a separate issue entirely and one that should be considered in regard to media at large, rather than merely our corner of specific interest.

        • qwerty

          because nobody’s defending him to begin with.

          • Brit Bong

            His editor, who is currently on holiday, tweeted that he found no evidence of wrongdoing on Nathan’s part. His reasoning was partially based on the fact the relationship happened two days after the article was published.
            The error in this thinking is the assumption that the influence her closeness with Greyson had is null and void because the sex came after the publishing.
            This does not mitigate the potential for their relationship to have had influence on the article.
            The sex act isn’t the main point here, it’s just the cherry on top of the whole shit sundae that makes up the accusation of a distinct lack of professional distance between the two.

  • You’re wrong

    But that’s not the problem. The problem is that she lied about being harassed by Wizardchan, slept with members of the people who reviewed her, gathers money from events that aren’t taking place, and apparently sexually assaulted someone else and has Phil Fish stepping in to defend her.

  • You’re wrong

    Reminder: http://www.rebelgamejam.com

    Organizing Game Jam since April.

    No public updates since then.

    No real indication of how money will be used.

    Donations go to her Paypal.

    • yep

      She also screwed another dev out of a game jam where he was offering royalties to women to make their games and instead invited them to this jam and requested money.

  • trashwizard

    Did you white knight for Max Temkin after he was accused of rape? I guess it’s ok to turn his personal life into news when it’s SMASHIN DUH PATRARKY

    • GetItGoing

      Of course he didn’t help Temkin. This type of man throws his fellow man under the bus.

  • ZoeBooBoo

    Way to miss how this screws over any woman who gets their game reviewed fairly. She did a journalist dude and the same journalist wrote an article. If that’s not a conflict of interest well, damn.

    People like this should be called out for the sake of other women in the industry.

  • Anonymous

    Indie devs are palling around (or having sex with, in this case) the people that create news stories about and review their games. That’s a huge conflict of interest.

    Not to even mention the internet raid that Zoe Quinn falsified a few months ago. Her game was Greenlit at the complete expense of genuinely depressed and suicidal people.

  • disillusioned

    Well I’m a woman who wants to make video games (and I want to be a programmer, not just someone who comes up with an idea) and the fact that she got favourable press possibly due to sleeping with journalists and her boss, is much more worrying to me then people ‘slut-shaming’ or whatever. It tells me that no matter how much I might want to get somewhere by using my brain and skills, in the end some other woman can get much further much easier by spreading her legs.

    That’s what the controversy is about, it has nothing to do with her being a complete and utter twat, it has to do with corruption in the gaming industry.

    By calling this kind of unethical behavior ‘misogynist’, you’re really showing people like me that you have a low opinion of women. Apparently you think women are just so incapable of behaving professionally and ethically, you think criticising shitty behavior is criticising women in general.

    • Brit Bong

      All the best of luck to you.
      I hope you make it and get the opportunity to help make some damn good games.

    • ruleofthebrave

      Good luck with your career and steer away from the crazies of the business.

    • GetItGoing

      Unfortunately, women normally don’t bear consequences for their terrible behavior.

      Perhaps more sane women like yourself will eventually speak up more and make an example of the women who exhibit destructive behavior.

    • Chris Dagostino

      And herein lies one of the problems. Thanks to people like Zoe, hard-working, intelligent women will have a stigma attached to them when they try to get their foot in the door.

    • df

      I don’t believe for a second that you’re a woman who wants to make videogames. I think you’re just concern trolling and pretending to be a woman so the MRAs can say, “See? Even women agree!”

      • Charlie

        So you argue that MRAs are feminists? Because REAL feminists do agree.

      • Jack Covey

        Wow, are you psychic or something? You can divine the true identity and motives of a certain person posting? The Amazing Kreskin has got nothing on you, bro.

    • kimkilwhan

      This x 1000.

      The real misogynists are the white knight “feminist” men, who think women can’t handle being held to the same ethical standards that men are… and over the last week we’ve seen just how many of these idiots there are in the industry.

  • BemaniAK

    You won’t make a piece on the clear implications this has on the corruption of game journalism and the inner circle of Indie Devs she was involved with, because it’s not gaming news.
    But you WILL make a piece stating why you won’t make a piece and made sure to sneak in as much White Knighting as you possibly could, because that’s clearly gaming news.

  • generalgoldstein

    Very well written article. Her ex-boyfriend was super beta and should have just nutted up and gone about his business instead of making this public.

    I’d say you’ve got a solid 5/10 chance of rebounding with her.

    • David Rhineheart

      depression quest 5/5 emotional tour de force everyone should play

    • Daniel Lawson

      that’s usually the end game for Beta men

  • Tyler Marcoz

    I like how you link Feminist Frequency to this, showing how disconnected you are and willing to overlook fraud, adultery, lying, hypocrisy, and corruption as long as its on your side of the fence, rather than looking at things objectively. What people react to and say is their business. I don’t defend stupid people. But that doesn’t invalidate the behavior of Zoe or Anita or anyone. And you’re pathetic for rallying to the defense.

  • You’re wrong

    “There isn’t any proof, just hearsay and a recollection of events in terrible infographic form on imgur.”

    That’s more proof than she has of the harassment.

    • qwerty

      it’s even more hilarious that the pictures so far, prove without a doubt that the ONLY logical conclusion is that she simulated the attack on herself. There’s just no other way it could have played out based on the timeline alone

  • Bradley Helm

    The fact she used sex to get positive exposure in the gaming “press” is what makes her sex life gaming news. Of course, I’m sure gaming “journalists” want to shut this story down as quickly as possible before any of their readers learn what the rest of us knew long ago: gaming journalists are little more than pimps who give positive exposure in exchange for access and perks, and the gaming press is a huge joke with no integrity.

    • This is probably the funniest and most disconnected from reality response I’ve read thus far. However, if you ever decide to write some game journalist fan fiction, I’d totally read it.

      • You’re wrong

        I’d easily say the same about yours. These shame tactics won’t work; its been proven that Nathan linked to her game in a favourable fashion. It’s also been proven that she lied about the wizardchan harassment. Your complete ignorance to all comments below truly shows Bradley’s right when he says the gaming press is a huge joke with no integrity.

      • qwerty

        can you explain why that is?

    • df

      There’s zero evidence she “used sex to get positive exposure.”

      • Chris Rice

        Zero evidence apparently equals screen shots indicating what she did and how she went about it. ZERO. I thought it was an easy word to define.

  • Brit Bong

    If this was just infidelity, It’d be distasteful, hypocritical and entirely her business. However, this is the same internet that demanded the career of Brendan Eich for being privately prejudiced towards homosexuals.

    Now, whether his right to segregate his private life, however outmoded and bigoted his attitude, is less than Zoe Quinn’s right is an interesting debate about the nature of equality in of itself.
    ..but that isn’t the reason this is catching the attention of so many people.

    Apart from the attention sex scandals attract in any media, this is interesting due to the connection to Kotaku.

    It is a well presented, popular site that fosters a perception of journalistic integrity among its readers.
    Engaging in a sexual relationship with someone you feature as a story, and continue to feature in subsequent stories is not a particularly professional action to take, and it certainly brings in to question the degree of integrity that writer has.

    Of course, the writer in question could be capable of separating a private relationship with their professional output, but the thought of such a relationship existing brings to mind the potential of impropriety.
    After all, as readers we do not know the writers personally.
    We do not know them well enough to say whether they are the kind of person who allow a personal relationship to interfere with their work.
    It would be bad enough if this was merely about two people who had a close friendship.
    Sex being thrown into the mix makes it all the worse.

    Of course, this is holding the writers of Kotaku to the standard that one would hold a professional journalist or reporter from other mediums and subject matters.
    Just because they report on the games industry, does not mean they should be held to a lesser standard of expectation and scrutiny.

    One additional point that could be drawing attention are the reactions that people are having.
    Of course, trolls like to be fed.
    We know this by now, but additional to this are some curious statements and actions taking place.
    Some examples spring to mind.

    Someone claimed to have been sexually harassed at a wedding and subsequently, after a degree of aggression from some parties, apologized for making things worse and deleted their claim.
    A curious reaction to a claim of harassment.

    Then comes the deletion of other tweets discussing the events, or the cessation of conversations about it in accordance to a request for ‘radio silence’ that has allegedly come from Quinn herself.

    Ultimately, it comes to this.
    The reason this is gaming news is because she is a prominent figure in gaming.
    Scandals burn a course through every other kind of media when someone who is a significant figure in that field engages in licentious behavior and professional misconduct.
    It may not be about games directly, but it is news in the truest sense.

  • aaa

    “slut shaming”

    come on dude just say “go outside, it’s not your job to punish someone by being an internet shithead” or something to that effect. the idea that ‘slut shaming’ applies to the idea of cheating is silly, you’re just doing what so many other ‘geek feminists’ did: making progressive causes look ridiculous.

    some random ‘gamer’ reader might be introduced to the term through your blog and when seeing it used in a valid context they’ll think ‘oh, this is that term used to justify cheating, right?’

  • D

    I can’t believe you don’t think it’s a big deal that influential male figures in the gaming industry are taking advantage of an emotionally vulnerable individual. (She did create a game about DEPRESSION after all)

    I mean did they pressure her into having sex in exchange for coverage of her game? That’s what it sounds like, absolutely disgusting and even more so that some gamers are victim blaming.

    • ShrektheHulk .


    • aary

      Come on now. Yes depression is a serious (and often debilitating) mental illness, but it does not leave a person completely void of autonomy or responsibility. A depressed person can still make shitty decisions that potentially hurt people, and using their mental illness as an excuse for doing bad things is just shitty.

      • rebecca

        You just contradicted yourself in the same line. Read your last line again. And the definition of mental illness is not having rational decision making.

        • Charlie

          This isn’t the kind of mental illness that excuses her behavior, Rebecca. I’ve known various people who suffer depression and I can tell you that letting them off with nothing more than a faint slap on the wrist is the worst possible approach.

  • Daniel Lawson

    Reviewers are getting boned for reviews… son of a biznitch wtf am I doing wrong?

  • LoseyGosey

    Is it really any shock that the first person to cover this is an apologist? You should have just said nothing because the people are not on your side here.

    • rebecca

      A bunch of neckbeards who don’t even need proof to publicly slander someone? If consensus is the only thing you need to determine your morals, I am glad I am on the wrong side.

      • LoseyGosey

        Right. A bunch of neckbeard internet losers. Says the girl who cares enough to reply to almost every comment just to vent her own frustrations at this situation. Stop trying to project your insecurities onto everyone in this thread. Do some introspection and find out why this really makes you so upset. I bet money its got nothing to do with Zoe and everything to do with your personal life. Unless of course you are just a friend defending a friend. In which case you have shitty friends. Also its not slander its fact. Its been admitted to.

      • SyntheticPhylum

        Don’t need proof? She HAS publicly admitted her infidelities. I think that what she did was fucked up; she’ll just have to live with the fact that she’s violated her own moral code. But I think that this incident should NOT be used to reflect badly on the feminist gaming movement, which a LOT of people seem to be trying to do. Zoe Quin is NOT some great ICON of the movement. She’s a human being that screwed things up in her life, and she has to deal with the fallout. And if she’s making up stories about harassment, that’s going to be even worse for her. Nobody likes a false martyr. If people who aren’t even involved in all the scandal are harassing her online, that’s pretty fucked up, and it should stop. But as far as her infidelity is concerned, and her hypocrisy about it in dealing with the ex she cheated on? She made her own bed in that case. And I’d be saying the same thing if the genders were reversed, and it was the boyfriend who cheated on her with five other people, including a boss and a gaming journalist.

  • Jimothy Russells

    So is she sleeping with you too?

    • rebecca

      Can you tell us who your last five partners are since you seem so obsessed with everyone’s intimate life? What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

      • Jimothy Russells

        I’m not doing anything in the games industry. My private life is irrelevant to this discussion, as is yours I assume.

        Quinn’s and the five guys though? Their personal lives have had an effect on their professional ones, so it is a relevant discussion.

  • Ethically the guy at Kotaku/RPS probably should’ve revealed the sex to his boss and the site recused itself of discussing her game (or, less likely, have prefaced relevant articles with a disclaimer.)

    Should we care about the morality of artists? I don’t know, in Quinn’s case she apparently muddied the waters by being outspoken on issues of morality.

    Is this gaming news? I don’t know – it’s probably industry news (though I doubt we see it on Gamasutra,) it’s probably news if you care about Zoe Quinn and it’s definitely an embarrassment for the integrity of Kotaku/RPS. This is at least more relevant to gaming than her porn shoots.

    Kudos for being brave enough to post this article.

  • Brit Bong

    Maybe we should be asking why Josh Mattingly’s behavior constitutes gaming news and Zoe Quinn’s does not?
    What Josh did was wrong, distasteful, wholly inappropriate and distinctly unprofessional.
    It is also, at least according to Kotaku, newsworthy.


    • rebecca

      Matt was sexually harassing a female game developer, and he did it in public on social media. He was doing everything he could to further the gender divide.
      Zoe was not public. The only public is what a bitter ex bf put in a blog.
      It is confusing deliberately public actions as opposed to an ex bf who decided to put intimate details on the internet.
      He never directly said that the relationship she allegedly had was for a favorable review.
      A favorable review has never been posted from the man allegedly giving her one.
      All these little boys’ panties are in a wad because a female dared to behave like a male.

      • Brian Crocker

        Josh was drunk, and has had an alcoholism problem he has since sought help for. He apologized profusely – and not one of those shitty “I am sorry if you took it the wrong way” non-apologies, and has sought help. His actions were abysmal, but everyone makes mistakes, and everyone deserves the chance to learn from, make changes, and atone for their mistakes.

        To be fair, the ex-BF posted chat logs. I believe what he said happened happened, but on the other hand, it’s TMZ-worthy. It’s non-news. It’s someone’s personal sex life.

      • Brit Bong

        The full details of Mattingly’s case was explained to me, by yourself and another poster in a thread.

        I’ve left my original comment active as, even though it’s based on an incorrect comparison, it should remain.
        If all the points that are refuted are deleted, then people are just going to make the same mistakes again.

        Thankyou for taking the time to reply and point out the differences in the two cases.

      • m monty

        Once again Rebecca’s logic is incorrect and flawed. Matt’s comments were on an instant messenger, not a public forum. The screenshots were taken by the woman in question’s friend. For the record, I agree that Matt should have been called out for his inappropriate behavior. Just like there is nothing wrong with Eron posting his blog. Once again Rebecca is guilty of attempting to maintain double standards. A girl who bitches about being treated poorly in a relationship is justified, while a male who posts his side of a story is “a little boy with his panties in a wad”. This was a personal blog, the only reason that it has been made public is because Zoe wanted to be seen as a spokesperson for the SJW movement. She did this as a ploy to gain sympathy from small minded pliable people who can not think for themselves, i.e. SJWs and other feminazis who are incapable of rational thought and over use the word “problematic”. Congratulations Rebecca, you are one of these mindless drones. By the way, tell your SJW comrades to stop using the term PoC. I am black, I have a seperate identity from Hispanics, Indians, Arabs, etc. when you use PoC, you are not being progressive, you are marginalizing all of us. Not that I really expect a privileged white woman to understand that, just trust me, it is offensive.

  • anon

    What qualifies Zoe Quinn’s personal life as gaming news?

    She slept with gaming journalists for good reviews. You must be blind Mr, Rhinehart

    This article was obviously biased. It’s pretty horrible that I see people defending her. She’s a hypocrite that goes against everything she preaches.

    Then again I did just give this article and joke of a website more another hit so I guess you won.

    • rebecca

      Reviews that all these angry little boys just can’t seem to come up with. and the article isn’t any more biased than angry little boys still getting over rejected in the second grade by a girl in ponytails, who take some ex boyfriends word in a blog without any proof whatsoever.
      Funny how no one accuses the male reviewer of selling favorable reviews in turn for sex.

      • Guest

        Oh, I would call out a guy for sleeping with a reviewer for a good review. But that’s me. As far as I’m concerned, that sort of behavior is reprehensible, regardless of the gender.
        As far as the Zoe Quinn situation is concerned; What she did was wrong. It’ll have repercussions. She violated her own moral code, and her ex got butt-hurt about it, and he made a big deal about it on the ‘Net, which is screwed up in its own way. I’d feel the same way about it if the genders were reversed, so that whole “female dared to behave like a male” bit doesn’t really apply to me. Screwing your married boss and whoever else behind the back of your S.O. is screwed up, whether you’re male, female, or trans. The bottom line here is that she screwed up, and she has to deal with the fallout. It’s unfortunate that her ex-boyfriend put it up on the Internet for all to see, but odds are that it would have come out at some point anyway, given how hard it is to keep secrets anymore. I just wish people the Trolls weren’t using it as another stick to beat the feminist gaming movement with.

      • m monty

        Once again, Rebecca ignores the chat logs and says that there is no proof whatsoever and that infidelity could not have possibly happened. But then on the other hand, she says “but if it did happen it’s the journalist’s fault”. However, I like this post from Rebecca because it shows why misogyny does exist. Remember that Eron is also an SJW and has a white knight complex. He mistakenly put a woman on a pedestal and thought that women are virtuous and are above lying and cheating. I understand his disappointment and sense of betrayal. Society tends to lead us to believe that men are inherently liars and cheaters and that women are the glue that holds relationships together. However, the most recent studies show that in relationships 50% of men are unfaithful, while 53% of women are unfaithful. Eron made the mistake of being “the nice guy”. As Rebecca’s response shows, if you are the nice guy you look like a whiny little boy. Women do not want whiny little boys, they want men who treat them like shit. Simply look to the popularity of Fifty Shades of Grey to see this phenomenon. Women do not want “nice guys”, they want their hair pulled, and ass smacked, and in the bedroom they want to be called sluts and want men to use them to get off. I do not condone rape or violence towards women, but “nice guys” are boring. If you are a white knight, a woman may marry you, but she will get bored with you and cheat on you with a “real man”. Being “nice guy” breeds resentment and boredom from women. Rebecca defends Zoe Quinn because deep down every woman wants to be seen as a victim, and be taken care of physically and financially by a man. Eron made the mistake of emotionally having feelings for Zoe, and just like every man who wants to take care of a woman, she got bored with him emotionally supporting her. So she found other men that sexually used her the way she wanted to be treated. You can see from Rebecca’s picture that she is not good looking, just like Zoe Quinn is also ugly. Ugly girls are jealous of pretty women that are sexually desirable by men. Therefore, they want to be used by men. Most women suffer from histrionic disorder, and inherently want to be victims. They do not want to go out with their friends and have a boring relationship that provides no drama to talk about. They want drama in their lives. This may sound like it is misogynistic, however it is what women want. If you are a man do not be emotionally available to women, do not financially take care of them. It is not misogynistic if you are giving them what they really want, which is to be used for sex. The real misogyny is a white knight who puts a woman on a pedestal, when what she really needs and wants is a man that knows he can do better than what she is.

  • Mike Larrazzo

    What I think you’re trying to say is that Zoe Quinn fucked you too; hence the favorable article.
    I mean, it’s not like she fucked her mechanic for a free oil change or the butcher for a couple extra lamb chops. She clearly fucks as career moves.
    You may delude yourself with all the feminist claptrap you can ingest, but sex IS a commodity – at least FEMALE sexuality is – and “Zoe the Ho-ey” served it up. I encourage you to challenge this point with something more substantial than a link to an XOJane article or some youtube video. You won’t, because you can’t. A million women and their legion of simps may repeat the same bullshit, but that doesn’t make it the truth.
    You should be embarrassed for being so gullible. I feel for you.

    • qwerty

      I know right? “they call it the world’s oldest profession, but I’m not willing to acknowledge the validity of their commodity because that makes me uncomfortable”

      fucking naive.

    • rebecca

      But some blog from a bitter ex boyfriend is true? How gullible are you? Do you send money to all the Nigerian princes that email you?
      Funny how misogynist you are by claiming that she slept with guy for reviews, but you don’t think that maybe the guy is selling favorable reviews in turn for sex.
      Statements like these only prove how horribly sexist the gaming industry and their followers are.

      • Chris Rice

        Clearly a “white knight” for the video game feminist movement or simply backing Zoe for the sake of…..all women? Not sure why you have bombarded this whole comments section with the same false statement of “no evidence,” but please come back so we can further tell you why you’re wrong.

      • Mike Larrazzo

        If you think I give a shit about you labeling me a misogynist, believe me sister, I’m way past caring about any woman’s opinion of me in these matters. Just acknowledge that you’re culturally predisposed to favor the woman and burden men with the accountability. Shit – if women would just be honest with that one simple reality, so much bullshit would instantly fall away.

      • Mike Larrazzo

        I know it’s been 4 months, but I feel compelled to reply.

        First of all, you feminists have bandied that “misogynist” term about so much I don’t give a shit about it anymore. The word has about a soy content similar to the word “amazing” or “like” – You coud intsert it 1,000 times in a reply, and it has no effect anymore. Feminists have relied on shaming language in place of sound, reasoned argumentation for far too long. I just don’t care. It has no effect on me.

        Secondly, I would suggest that since ZQ allegedly slept with 5 guys (not “the guy”, as you are claiming), she is the one shopping around her cooter for favorable reviews. That these men would take her up on her offer is indicative of the lack or journo ethics, to be sure, but even more so, is a testament to the utterly low sexual standards and poor taste in women these men have.

        As for my sending money to Nigerian princes, I have sent them no more money than you have to Anita Sarkeesian.

      • m monty

        “Funny how misogynist you are by claiming that she slept with guy for reviews, but you don’t think that maybe the guy is selling favorable reviews in turn for sex.”
        So Rebecca says that the exchange of sex for favorable reviews absolutely did not happen. Although Kellogg’s show that Zoe did it knowledge that the sex did happen, Rebecca requires more proof that the event did happen, there is no pictures or video of it happening (and also no denial on Quinn’s part) so it positively did not happen in Rebecca’s mind. However, in Rebecca’s post, she makes sure to point out that if it did happen it was not Zoe’s fault to get favorable reviews, it was the journalist’s fault for extorting sex to give favorable reviews. Make up your mind Rebecca, did this absolutely not happen, or was it the journalist taking advantage?

  • Kinny Cakes

    It’s funny how the point of her as a human being sleeping with journalist for better reviews is what people are pissed about just flys over these idiotic journalist heads. Truly foul and disgusting journalism going on.

    • rebecca

      Funny how everyone just accepts a bitter boyfriend’s word, a random blog on the internet. How there is no proof that there were positive reviews in her favor.
      The only thing idiotic is every little boy here who is mad at ex girlfriends for leaving them, and taking it out on a female gamer.

      • Smazeli

        I know this is late, but the post is only half-true. No one Quinn slept with gave her a positive review, just positive coverage

        Nathan Grayson and Quinn admitted to having a sexual relationship, and Grayson had been giving Quinn and her game positive coverage across multiple articles across multiple sites. He was also in the “Special Thanks” section of the credits for Depression Quest

        Quinn later removed Grayson’s name from her game credits in a later patch.

        Aside from their confessions, the ex-boyfriend who wrote the blog post (Eron Gjoni) included facebook chatlogs as proof of her five affairs, and video of himself opening and browsing the facebook chatlogs as additional verification.

    • Brian Crocker

      Except there is zero proof of that, and he never said she did. Just that she cheated on him.

  • Mister Tampopo


    I appreciate that you took the time to write all of this out, but I have to take issue with the last paragraph you added after the fact:

    “Since you demanded it, I will add some thoughts on the other issues in
    this controversy. Yes, there is a claim that Quinn made up the death
    threats. There isn’t any proof, just hearsay and a recollection of
    events in terrible infographic form on imgur.”

    It’s never an easy question to ask in these situations, but what proof do we have that she received death threats? From my understanding (and I would love to be educated on this), all we have is her word/posts.

    • rebecca

      That is all the proof that her exbf provided. But all the angry neckbeards don’t seem to care about that.

  • m

    You’re trying way too hard to save this psychopath. My advice? Drop her like a shit and pretend you never shared an agenda in the first place like everyone else.

    • rebecca

      What agenda? How do you know the psychopath isn’t the boyfriend who decided to put a massive piece on the internet? Who does that? No one without an agenda. Funny how she is the only bad guy and I have yet to see a male question any other sources.

      • Yithar


        Looking at the checklist, Zoe fits the bill far better than the boyfriend. You can’t really claim that the bf’s stuff is false when Zoe herself admits stuff in the Facebook conversation and he even posts a youtube video showing that it’s not fake.

        Everyone has an “agenda” when they’re doing something. But he specifically said that he did not post for vengeance. If she really is a psychopath, then I applaud him because there was a huge risk for himself. Most people ignore psychopaths in the workplace even if they know there’s something wrong because psychopaths are masters of manipulation.

  • Billy Ray

    Its not her personal life thats gaming news, most of us don’t care about who she slept with ect…
    What we do care about is that she did it to get positive articles written about her and her game to further her career, and that she also plays the victim card to great effect.

    We care that this has destroyed trust in Online Gaming News Media.

    • rebecca

      Yet no proof has been anted up. Funny how that works. Funny how guys like you claim that it is not about her personal life, yet every single person knows what it is.
      No one has questioned the very questionable boyfriend and his sources that he put on the internet.
      Try to pretend this is about integrity as much as you want. But when you are only questioning the integrity of the woman, it comes off of misogynist.

    • Brian Crocker

      So, IGN and Gamespot and all the really big gaming sites selling out to EA and Ubisoft and Activision and the other AAA devs/pubs, lining up to take a long hard suck on the money-spewing marketing pole – THAT didn’t destroy your trust in games journalism (which has been going on for the better part of a decade); but a woman who has made one game that has garnered any attention, and that only a bare small handful of it, having sex with a few online game bloggers – none of which it has been proven actually gave her favorable reviews because of it – THAT destroys your trust in games journalism?
      She’s a shitty human being, there is no question about that. There are lots of shitty human beings who make things lots of people enjoy. The claims of fake doxxing and the like are shitty things to do, and her response to the whole thing has been abysmal, but this is a whole lot of sound and fury over a whole lot of nothing.
      The indie game scene is very very different from the bigger game world. If you cover indie games, it is almost impossible not to grow friendly with the devs, because it is a small group of people working very hard for very little pay off. Most indie studios are a handful of people. You get to know the devs, and because they are so small it’s easy to get access you can’t get from AAA devs. They just want to get their game some press, and again, it’s usually just a handful of people so you literally walk into someone’s house/apartment and see what they are working on. AAA devs you just meet some suit from marketing/PR or a “head of production” – they are massive corps with many layers. Indie devs are a few people you can easily meet, and who are eager to talk about their current passion project.
      So yeah, there’s going to be a LOT more friendly/personal contact, and it’s hard to avoid. Most people who cover the indie scene do get close to the devs, because it’s easy to get tons of personal contact from them. There isn’t any proof that any journalistic issues popped up, period. It’s a bunch of heresay and he said/she said.
      If she did it to further her career, it didn’t work because she didn’t get much more widely known after the issues moreso than her initial push over Depression Quest.

  • disqus_lPCKHChcBn

    This whole thing with Zoe isn’t about that she slept with Five Guys,
    it’s the fact that she slept with Five Guys who are influential on
    others, from devs to journalists, thus giving her power through this. Of
    course most of us know this already, but no one talks about her
    actually DOING this.

    You want an example of her actually using her power? Sure, here it is:

    She’s already used her own power on a game jam, Fine Young Capitalists – http://www.thefineyoungcapitalists.com/

    gone on to to thrash it around, having it doxxed, and shat on so that
    her OWN game jam could come out on top and be talked about, that being
    Rebel Jam -http://www.rebelgamejam.com/

    It has no location, date, or any information on it, AND is HEADED by Zoe Quinn herself.

    http://i.imgur.com/Gy2n50g.png (embed)

    used her power that she acquired through others for this, people. It’s
    not about Depression Quest or that she had sex, it’s about her abuse of
    powers she’s demonstrated RIGHT HERE.

  • Helmic

    Not too terribly concerned about the dirty laundry as that is ultimately her business, not to mention there’s nothing to prove that the guy who made the blog is telling the truth. The game she made is fine, and it’s certainly leaps and bounds better than the various piles of shit that gets through Greenlight anyways.

    However, on your point about the claims about the Quinn’s accusation (which I assume is regarding wizardchan): wasn’t her proof even more shaky? Who knows what actually happened, but the board received quite a bit of vitriol, including more than a few comments aimed specifically at them being virgins. It doesn’t really seem fair that someone can make such a serious accusation without proof while the accused’s attempts to prove their own innocence are completely dismissed.

  • Aphex

    She claimed to be oppressed by men in the name of feminism to get what she wants. She’s a lying bitch. And she fucked a bunch of nerds, which is astonishing given her looks.

    • rebecca

      You used an extremely misogynist point to try to disclaim that she isn’t oppressed by men.

      • Aphex

        Show me proof of the bitter oppression she faces while she’s fucking her married boss and cheating on her boyfriend for the advancement of her own career and we can talk, otherwise you’re just another blind idiot defending a slut because you’re a woman too. You’re ignorant view isn’t biased at all.

        • rebecca

          The only thing ignorant and gullible is the Neanderthal who blindly takes what some jilted ex bf said in a blog as face value with no proof needed.
          Again, the irony. Stop looking like such a fool, trying to disclaim oppression by using the very wording that is used to oppress people.
          The ex never said that Quinn did this in order to get a favorable review. The gamer in question never did a review on her anyways.
          So other than looking for an excuse to slut shame to feel judgmental and better about yourself, this whole thing is nothing but hot air.

          • Aphex

            I never said anything about the journalist or the review. If you want to see the conversations between her and her boyfriend when he was going to expose her to her boss’s wife, feel free to look them up. She used manipulation in the form of oppression to get her game seen and everyone supports it and her. I must agree with GetItGoing, I’m not going to argue. Have a good one.

          • Kizman

            you are the exact reason why women in western countries ain’t shit, lowlife feminazi.

          • Yithar

            Zoe Quinn never denied it either. She could’ve easily denied it. That should say a lot.

            “We feel Zoe is extremely suspect as she has lied to us on every
            occasion, she has deliberately misrepresented information, as well as openly bribed us to change our story. We strongly suggest people should be very careful when dealing with her.”

            I take that statement from the Fine Young Capitalists at face value. You can’t be fighting for equal rights for women while using people. It’s hypocritical.

        • GetItGoing

          Just a quick piece of advice:

          Don’t argue with 1) women or 2) betas/white knights

          It’s a waste of time.

          • Aphex


    • GhostOfJefferson

      Well said Aphex.

  • Aphex


  • GetItGoing

    Another white knight to the rescue of a dysfunctional, manipulative, unfaithful, self-proclaimed victim.

    It’s getting old.

    • rebecca

      There is no proof, nothing but hearsay from a bitter ex boyfriend. The only thing that is old is little boys who can’t accept responsibility for their own bigoted beliefs and drama.

      • GetItGoing

        Actually, there is. There is clearly a conversation they had.

        Her behavior speaks volumes as well. Clearly indicative of a terrible character also, I might.

        A young lady who poses for porn pics is not exactly a patron saint of honesty & virtue.

        • rebecca

          A conversation of what? Posted by whom?

          “A young lady who poses for porn pics is not exactly a patron saint of honesty & virtue”
          Since when is porn pics a deciding factor of honesty and virtue? Or are you one those males who think women should be wearing white on their wedding day. What a person does, male or female, with their personal life is their business. If this has nothing to do with gaming, it has nothing to do with gaming creation.
          This didn’t affect your life one single iota till her jilted ex boyfriend started a blog.

          • GetItGoing

            Their are many things wrong with what you wrote, and I speak from personal experience having been involved with women both who where virgins and those who had unsavory histories.

            However, I don’t argue with women. Have a great day.

          • GhostOfJefferson

            Since when is porn pics a deciding factor of honesty and virtue?

            Since the advent of photography available to the common person since the early 1850’s?

            If you do porn, you are not a paragon of virtue, in fact, in every moral system that has withstood the test of time, it is considered a vice (where it wasn’t pornography due to lack of technology, it would have been sexual promiscuity or prostitution).

            Your idiotic shaming language is irrelevant rebecca. Please engage your mind and disassociate from the need to spew emotions in lieu of reasoned discourse, if you wish to be taken seriously.

            Good job expressing your thoughts GetItGoing, as always. Slainte, mate.

      • m monty

        Rebecca, you are an idiot. You and I are both misogynist, the only difference is that I can admit it. Erin wrote a blog about a break up. Whiny bitchy little women do it all the time. You claim that this is not relevant because he’s a better ex-boyfriend. But why aren’t you going to women’s blogs and telling them not to post about their past relationships. The fact is that you have a double standard, if Zoe Quinn was a man and had miss treated a woman in a relationship you would be out raged at him, calling in the rapist, and be calling for his head on a platter. You say that there is no proof, but he has logs of the conversation. In addition, you are claiming that nothing he says is true, which is absurd since Zoe Quinn isn’t even saying that it’s untrue, she is just attempting to hide the evidence. You claim that this didn’t happen because a lot of this blog is hearsay. No shit moron, hearsay is not admin a bowl in court, but even you cannot be so obtuse as to not realize that this is not a court room. It is Eron’s blog. Your argument is that because some of it is hearsay that it did not in fact happen. If this was a court of law Zoe could be called to the stand and have to answer under over to these allegations. I guarantee that you would find not only is all of this true, but that the relationships were more numerous and it lasted longer than what Eron even knows about. A favorable article was written about Zoe, it just occurred before when she alleges the sexual relationship started. It does not discount that they’re very well could have been a relationship sexual or otherwise prior to the date she admitted to. And even despite that he had influence with his peers that did later right reviews of the game. Oddly enough, you don’t even seem bothered by the fact that she was a party to adultery, but of course addressing that is counter to your agenda. But of course you are a misogynist, so the woman always has to be the victim, and cannot possibly be responsible for negative actions. If you truly believed in equality you would have to admit that a woman could be as culpable as a man. But of course you cannot be successful on your own merit, therefore men have to be impressive. Just like Zoe is not talented enough to be successful on her own merit, and needs the support of social justice misogynists. If you truly stood for equality, you could look at this whole situation objectively. But once again that would be counter productive to your personal agenda. Good luck to you in your future endeavors to be the perpetual victim. I see a child in your picture on your posts, hopefully someone in his life teaches him to take responsibility for his own actions, and that he will have to gain success on his own merit. Otherwise, his existence will be as pathetic as your own.

    • Kizman

      haha so true my man, shit like this is just pathetic.

  • Metalix Knightmare

    What really gets to me about this whole thing is that a fair number of places that normally would talk about this have essentially been going through a media blackout. Rock Paper Shotgun, Giant Bomb, Reddit, Youtube videos keep getting pulled, Even 4Chan has been deleting any and all discussion on this topic.

    Heck, this is actually the first article I’ve seen actually talking about it in any detail.

    Oh yeah, as an aside, the guys from 4Chan she claims raided her? They’re from Wizardchan. Basically, these guys are the most depressing people you could ever imagine. They have a link to the suicide hotline at the top of their main page for crying out loud! They all tend to suffer from MASSIVE amounts of social anxiety too so it’s actually pretty unlikely that they did anything beyond not liking her games.

    • Sand Ripper

      But if someone from EA or Activision was exchanging sexual favors for positive press we’d never hear the end of it.

    • GhostOfJefferson

      Hypocritical feminism, just like hypocritical leftism, cannot survive without rampant censorship and silencing all dissent.

      • Metalix Knightmare

        Just for reference, I’m borderline Socalist, and pretty big on feminism, and I think Zoe is a damned disgrace, and this whole media silence thing in the gaming press is striking me as REALLY freaking weird.

        • I’ve seen it casually mentioned here and there, but not in any actual depth. For example, IGN mentioned Quinn being the “target of a massive harassment campaign” in their coverage of Phil Fish’s 300th industry exit, but that was it.

          Excluding forum board discussions, I don’t think I’ve seen any actual coverage of the event outside of Geekenstein.

  • AKS

    Wow, I hadn’t realize gaming “journalism” was so pervaded by SJWs and feminists. It’s so obvious that the real issue is that she slept with people reviewing and discussing her games. You seriously think that would have no influence on someone?! You’ve got to be kidding me. I suppose the fact that Monsanto and big oil companies have former lobbyists in government getting them special breaks and deals is also entirely a coincidence. A guy with a bloody axe and body in his trunk had nothing to do with a murder. Give me a break. Gaming press is such an embarrassing joke.

  • Glenn McBride

    Had Mrs. Quinn chosen to have a raunchy gang-bang with 5 random farm laborers, this would be little more than 4chan bait, if that. The fact that Quinn apparently used sexual favors to improve her position within the gaming journalism community (no pun intended) makes this extremely relevant. The faux indignity of the perfumed princes of propaganda as they dump any and all blame squarely in the laps of the beleaguered players is also comedy gold. It’s like the Jeff Gerstmann scandal or the Total War: Rome II Metacritic blowout never really happened. And as an aside, I bet good money that the “death and rape threats” are being thrown around by Zoe or her minions as a means to muddy the waters. Would not be the first time a kooky feminist played that particular victim card.

  • Karki Meade

    There is only one mention of her game by the Kotaku staffer. There is no review.

    If she’s an evil succubus whore, she’s not doing it correctly.

    • Nathan Merrill

      The issue is primarily that she gets press coverage from people who she has a personal relationship with, and their coworkers, without disclosure.

      If CNN was reporting about something which happened to the wife of a CNN reporter, you’d bet that they’d mention it.

      • Daniel Lawson

        I wouldn’t stake my life on that anymore… CNN has really gone downhill since I was a kid

  • Nathan Merrill

    I think there’s another issue you need to be aware of, because it is a very real one, and it is a feeling of persecution that many of these people get.

    Fundamentally, Zoe is kind of an awful person. And that even goes beyond the whole allegations of sexual misconduct thing. The fact of the matter is she acts very nastily towards people, and this is an enormous problem in the so-called “Social Justice Warrior” community.

    They’re bullies.

    And they try to play the social justice/persecution card to avoid being punished for being bullies.

    And this is a very real phenomenon. She has, on more than one occasion, used virgin as an insult. This is actually even more noxious than slut-shaming, because many virgins, -especially- young virgin males, are virgins because no one WANTS them – someone who sleeps around is, at least, making a choice. It is a source of shame for them, and people like Zoe Quinn use it to bully them as well as manipulate people with promises of sex.

    It isn’t surprising that people don’t like that.

    The reality is that using social justice issues to further your personal career is deeply questionable, and if you aren’t on the up and up, then you deserve to burn for it because it means all of your criticisms – all of your attacks – were merely for your own personal gain.

    And it throws everyone else who behaves the same way under suspicion. Are any of you sincere? Or are you all just playing the X card (be it race, gender, sexual orientation, whatever) to get ahead in the world and make yourself immune from criticism?

    Do you know why the Americans with Disabilities Act sucks? Because people are afraid to hire disabled people because they are afraid they’ll get sued.

    I wouldn’t want to hire someone like Zoe Quinn, because I would be afraid that they would sue me or attempt to blackmail me, as apparently Zoe Quinn has done with her boss’s wife. And my fear would actually be justified because of people like Zoe Quinn.

    So if there was some other outspoken feminist, why would I EVER hire them, when I might end up with a Zoe Quinn?

    That’s not fair to outspoken feminists. In fact, it downright sucks. But you have to recognize that many people who make hiring decisions have to make decisions like these.

    Now, me, personally, I know better. I can probably distinguish between a Zoe Quinn and an actual advocate for feminism because Zoe Quinn is meanspirited and attacks people, whereas actual advocates for feminism, such as many of my friends, are nice people who don’t attack people on the basis of race, sex, gender, orientation, or anything else and who find it morally repugnant when people do so.

    But the average HR director isn’t me. They’re scared and confused and afraid of being sued, and frankly, there are a lot of other, less risky choices. So if they find someone and they find that they blog about feminism a lot, are they going to be scared of hiring them? Some of them are, and many of them probably aren’t capable of distinguishing someone who is potentially problematic, like Zoe Quinn, from someone else who isn’t.

  • Trybrow

    Great, thanks for letting me know loud and clear that i should stay the fuck away from your site.


    She gave bjobs to get good reviews for a her so-so game. Journalist’s trading on their positions is the real public story no doubt. However, Zoe is one step above a casting coach crack whore. So yes her sex life is important to the discussion. Also those nude pics were not slut-shaming, taking normal female sexual behavior and using it against women. She took picks for money in a public forum. Don’t let the corrupt hide behind feminism it destroys a decent movement. She’s getting what she deserves. Hopefully Katuka’s business will also fail. Journalists really only have their integrity and that ha been squandered. That young paki girl who was shot for going to school, is much more of a feminist than easy self- aggrandizing hoebot Zoe.

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  • Daniel Lawson

    so much new shit has come out now that we really need to start cleaning up this stuff… we have way to many people with hands in each other’s pants

  • Pingback: Feminist hypocrisy – Zoe Quinn & the NFL: Personal life is separate from private life. | The Problems with Feminism()

  • JenkPac Shakur

    Anyone male or female that would go to bat to defend the sleazy lowlife that is Zoe Quinn along with the professional liars of the game industry which she bedded down with in the act of cheating on her boyfriend needs their head examined. It is the Zoe Quinns of the world NOT the supposed “woman hating misogynists” that make life difficult for the actual good and decent females in this rotten world since it is the good women who have to struggle very hard to overcome the negative stigma lying lowlives like Quinn cast across the female gender by their despicable behavior and that of their white knights in defending that which is indefensible. Look I get it, Zoe is probably very engaging in person but thats just the way psychopaths and the Borderline Personality Disordered people out there roll. What? Did you think you’d be able to spot such monsters by their wielding of bloody axes and their wearing of hockey masks?? Go re-watch Dexter seasons 1-4 and learn that predators like Quinn are social predators and hide in plain sight by learning to blend in and being pleasing to be around for the most part. With guys she played the poor me + sex romp game. With women she plays the poor me victim card which naturally tugs at the heart strings of soft hearted empathic women. Before you know it women want to be her friend in droves and men want to be with her. Its all a function of her Cluster B Personality Disorder mental illness.

  • morethanakeeling

    I’ve only been reading about this whole thing in the last hour and a half or so and dont know half of the internet dramas so wont comment on that. I will say though: she gives me some serious uncanny valley vibes.

  • Pantsu Titsu

    It’s not about her being an adulterer. It’s bribing companies to give her a good review with sex and money. She didn’t earn that good review with a good game. She earned it with her self-absorbed, i’m going to destroy your game so mine is better attitude.

  • A.

    It’s just slut shaming for slut shaming’s sake from people in a medium who oversexualize and objectify women as sex objects. How stupid is that? Women are strongly pressured to be as sexy as porn stars but then when they have sex, it’s a terrible crime? WHAT?

    Misogyny is truly a no win situation for ladies. It seems like a guys gone wild thing for men though. They really enjoy it. It’s all about getting as much pussy as possible while trying to keep women down. So selfish and ugly. Even though I make an acception for my partner, who is not like this, sometimes I can’t stand men, as a whole. Misogyny is just teaching me to be disgusted and distant and to prefer women over men.

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