Wii Mini Releasing This Month


Further proving that Nintendo has no idea what they are doing, they have vouched to bring the previously European and Canadian exclusive Wii Mini to the US this month. This devision  makes about as much sense as a corgi willfully entering a stair-climbing competition.

No, that is not a typo. I did not forget to add the “U” to the Wii. Nintendo is actually releasing a stripped-down version of its obsolete console. You can read the specifics here, but the main kickers are the $99 price point and the inclusion of Mario Kart Wii. In case you didn’t know, Mario Kart Wii was Nintendo’s first noble venture into the world of online gaming. That game is now being bundled with a console that has no online fictionality at all. It’s bad enough that the market is still confused by the abruptly named Wii U, but tossing new variants of the old Wii into the wild is only going to make matters worse for the poor Wii U, especially during the month with the PS4 and Xbox One being released.