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Steam Gifts

If you have been gaming since 2003 then you’ll probably associate the word “Steam” with a digital distribution platform instead of the vapor form of water molecules. Lots of people (myself included) like the way that Steam works and the way things are tied to your account and not just your machine. With that being said though, buying PC games isn’t as big a thing these days, since consoles practically stole the limelight away. Now, what if I was to tell you that you could get PC games for free on Steam? Hmmm, methinks I perked your interest. Keep reading to learn about a wonderful little service called “Steam Gifts.”

...but I don't have $60 :(
…but I don’t have $60 :(

You know how it goes you see a game you really want, maybe it’s an indie game, hell maybe it’s Skyrim, but you just don’t want to fork over the cashola to play the game. But what if you had a chance to legitimately win a free copy? Wouldn’t you give it a shot? Steam Gifts is a community of Steam users who have banded together to make that dream a reality. Basically all you have to do is link your Steam account to Steam Gifts and that acts as your user account. From there, as long as you have at least $100 worth of games on your Steam account you will be eligible to enter to win games. You enter by spending points that are awarded to you whenever someone submits a game to Steam Gifts. So when Joe Gamer over there submits a $50 game, everyone using Steam Gifts, excluding the submitter, receives 5% of the value in points for a maximum of 300 points to spend. All these limits help keep the spammers and exploiters at bay and keeps the whole ecosystem of giving and receiving going.

Even you a winner can be.
Even you a winner can be.

Winners are chosen at random and it is up to the winner to complete the transaction by accepting and redeeming the gift. You might even make new Steam friends this way. If you’re into socializing, that is.

If you’re the giving type then you can also create giveaways as well. Being a giver also reaps some rewards as certain giveaways are limited to contributors and locked behind a contributor amount, which is basically the total worth of the games you’ve submitted. The more you give the more chances you will have because some are locked behind amounts of up to $1000 worth of giving. That’s like a Santa level of giving.

Free to enter, many titles to win! Will the dice roll in your favor?"
Free to enter, many titles to win! Will the dice roll in your favor?

Like all good things though there is a catch. It’s nothing major, but worth mentioning. When it comes down to it you can’t win unless your enter to win and you can’t enter to win if you don’t have points to spend. So there will be times when you’re just waiting for the points to come back so you can enter all over again. It should also go without saying that you are never guaranteed to win anything but it’s free to play along so who cares if you don’t win all that often?

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[Written by contributor Shane Peltzer.]