Wolverine: MAX #2 Review

The first issue of Wolverine MAX was pretty average and didn’t live up to its own potential, but it did manage to set up an interesting plot. This issue continues directly on from that and manages to deliver on setup and start to fulfill the potential of the series. The issue is about Wolverine trying to remember his past after losing his memory from the plane crash in the first issue. This gives us some great moments as we see Wolverine doing some detective work to discover his past. The issue ends with a great tease setting up the introduction of a major villain into the series.

The art in this series is really nice and it isn’t too realistic so the violence doesn’t feel too extreme. Speaking of violence, we get a bit more great claw action in this issue and it’s not just against a shark this time. We get to see Wolverine stabbing and killing people with his claws, something we don’t get to see in the standard Marvel books.

I was unable to get a picture to show the two art styles so here is a picture of Wolverine doing Gangnam Style. Enjoy.

This issue has flashbacks as well like the first issue but thankfully they seem to have gotten rid of the dreadful flashback artist from that issue and gotten a new one who can actually draw well. The new artist’s style is different enough that you notice you’re reading a flashback but not vastly different so that you feel you’re reading a different book. It creates a nice contrast that suits the mix of the two times.

Overall this issue was a significant improvement over the first. It had an interesting story that also managed to set up the rest of the arc, good art, great action and some small comedic moments as well. The cover art by Jock looks good as well. It’s a good issue thats definitely worth reading. If the next issue improves on this one or even continues the quality of this issue I definitely recommend buying the trade if not the single issues as they’re released.

[Written by contributor Connor Johnston]


Jason Starr (w)

Roland Boschi and Felix Ruiz (a)

Cover by JOCK

32 PGS./Explicit Content …$3.99