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Xbox One No Longer Requires Kinect To Function

Xbox One-80

Earlier today, Xbox VP Marc Whitten has reversed yet another policy about the upcoming Xbox One. Despite previous announcements at E3, it will now be possible to operate the console without a Kinect plugged in. The joyous news to every operator of a fighting tournament and resident of Japan comes just months after several other major policy reversals, including the removal of the system’s always online requirement, the acceptance of used games on the platform, and game installs no longer being necessary.

Perhaps the only standing part of Microsoft’s E3 policy that is left standing at this point is the price, which is still $100 more than Sony’s competing PS4. It will be interesting to see whether this does anything to calm that masses that the prior policy reversals haven’t already done, of if we can expect a price drop and a bundle that doesn’t include Kinect before November.

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  • T.J. Fuller, Jr.

    If Microsoft doesn’t keep the Kinect as a mandatory inclusion, it will never have a worthwhile install base. Nintendo’s Wii mandated the inclusion of its Wii Remotes, even with games that are completely playable without motion controls. But /because/ it was a necessitated inclusion, developers knew everyone with a Wii had at least one Wii Remote, and could build their games accordingly. Downsides on both companies is the eventuality of Wii Remote Plus (fracturing those with and those without) and used Xbox One sales (which I could see offering Kinect-less packages).

    • NeedlerFanPudge

      Well I don’t think developers will take used sales into account. It will be a problem if they start selling a cheaper bundle themselves, but I think the price parity with PS4 would be more than worth the trade off. This isn’t like the 360 hard drive, adding stuff like voice controls and minor Kinect support in games that are designed for a controller should be easy enough this time around that it won’t affect those games in a negative way.