You Should Be Watching: Hunter x Hunter (Part 2)


So, how goes the catching up? Nearly there, already surpassed episode 50? Whoa, whoa, slow down, it’s not a race! Welcome back to another “You Should Be Watching” and the continuation of Hunter x Hunter’s rebooted series. If you missed the first part, head here and catch up really quickly! This part consists of the Heaven’s Arena arc in its entirety, and the beginning portion of the Yorknew City arc. Heaven’s Arena is more about Gon and Killua learning more about their latent abilities, while Yorknew is where the series really starts to take a surprisingly dark, but intriguing turn.

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves though. Heaven’s Arena is essentially the training portion of the series, but don’t you dare roll your eyes, at least not yet. In most shonen anime, the training arcs are typically full of boring dialogue and light on action. But, once again, Hunter x Hunter’s Togashi fixes all of that and makes the pacing and ideas of a training trope change dramatically. Though Gon and Killua have little trouble at first in their hundred rounds, but soon discover brute force won’t get them much further and have to then develop their nen. Nen is essentially aura, and has a wide amount of variables and understandings that Togashi helps explain though Gon and Killua’s newest mentor: Wing. When they’re not training and nurturing their Nen, they’re both being hounded by Hisoka (who wants them to succeed and battle Gon again) and the trio of Gido, Riehlvelt, and Sadaso (who are just tormenting our heroes).


While the idea of Nen isn’t anything new, how Togashi goes about the explanation and implementations are glorious. Gon and Killua suffer losses and struggle quite a bit in this portion of the series. It’s quite refreshing, honestly; too many times in a shonen show the hero overcomes their issues quite quickly. That’s not the case here, as Togashi has no qualms about having his protagonist lose and not come out on top every time. Now, in Heaven’s Arena, there are a few rules and regulations that you must abide by, like the aforementioned Nen requirements for higher tiered floors. See Gon and Killua battle their way up the various floors with shots of their Nen training helps the pace move briskly and keeps the watcher motivated to not tune out. As Gon and Killua wrap up their incredible Heaven’s Arena adventure, it’s time to start a new journey, but first a message from Gon’s father!

Using their newly focused Nen powers, they discover a new mission to help track Ging, but they must first visit Yorknew City. Yorknew City’s arc is quite different from Heaven’s Arena’s, but it really shows the tactical side of heroes, and Togashi’s writing. Don’t worry, fighting fans, you’ll get your bloodshed, but it comes at a soothing meticulous pace. You’ll get mafia-esque setups and villains, brutal action, and an introduction one of the ruthless Phantom Troupe. So that also means one thing: Kurapika will make his long-awaited return to the series too. Long story short, Gon and Killua learn they must purchase a copy of Greed Island, a game that holds a message from Ging, but is also incredibly rare and going on auction for 8 billion jenny (HxH’s currency). Luckily Leorio is in town too, so he’s able to lends some assistance to our heroes and teach them the ropes of auctioning and gathering the necessary funds to earn a shot at a cope of Greed Island.

Phantom Troupe

The series then turns its focus to Kurapika and the Phantom Troupe and devotes a bevy of time and attention on their motives and members, while delivering a stellar finale to Yorknew City. A finale we won’t quite reach in this part, unfortunately. Yorknew City and its amazing climax will be saved for another day, but believe me, it’s such a tremendous culmination, that it’s worth the wait. It once again shows Togashi’s impeccable tactical writing and ability, and even understanding the motives of all of the parties involved. You may not like the intentions of some of the players involved, but you won’t stop watching, I guarantee it! Be sure to stick to Geekestein and check back for another “You Should Be Watching” all about Hunter x Hunter and the closing of the Yorknew City arc, and our heroes’ quest for a copy of Greed Island.