You Should Be Watching: Hunter x Hunter (Part 3)


We’ve reached the halfway point in our “You Should Be Watching: Hunter x Hunter” series, and we’ve still got another 50 episodes to go, so let’s hit it running! When we last left off, the Phantom Troupe were making moves, Gon and his group were making moves, and that lusted-after copy of Greed Island has kind of fallen by the wayside. The first batch of episodes for this portion will focus on the climax of the Yorknew City arc, and it’s stunningly impressive how Togashi wraps it all up. Kurapika has dealt a huge blow to the Troupe by taking out Uvogin, but isn’t finished there; he intends to now win the eyes of his lost people from the auction. But the Troupe’s not out of the picture just yet, as an elaborate kidnapping must be foiled. *BREATHES* Yeah, not your typical shonen anime, eh?

Hunter x Hunter continues the terrific pacing the series has come to be known for, but not losing focus of making it too confusing or losing track of which characters are which. Their allegiance(s), their ambitions, and most importantly, their names; all of which tends to happen at near break-neck speeds, so pay close attention. As the action with the Phantom Troupe slows down (by the way, how terrific are the members in this group), Kurapika and Leorio turn their attention elsewhere, once again, to focus on their own mission(s). Kurapika continues to hunt down the scarlet eyes, and Leorio helps Gon and Killua with some paperwork and goes his own way. With the mess of the Phantom Troupe behind them, Gon and Killua return their focus to Greed Island.

Greed Island

Although they were unable to procure a copy of their own, there are now several buyers looking for actual players to enter the game and locate rare and valuable treasures for them. That’s right, Greed Island was “Sword Art Online” or “.hack” before those two things ever existed. Gon and Killua test their mettle in the auditions, and surprise, succeed at getting in the game. Now, I should preface that the Greed Island arc is my least favorite arc of Hunter x Hunter, almost feeling like a filler arc, but it’s still damn entertaining. It’s a bit silly, a bit over-the-top, and aside from being a long training arc, there’s little to be found of much substance in this arc. It’s not an arc to be skipped, but it’s certainly a low point for the series, but a “low point” for Hunter x Hunter is still much higher than shows of the similar genre.

Greed Island’s arc still has many moments that are pivotal to Gon’s quest for his father, and a few of the revelations found within are well done, and a couple of the battles are, once again, well thought out and memorable. A few new characters appear, and a few old faces make some cameos and remind you of the world outside the game. As Gon and Killua progress in Greed Island, everything starts to come to a head for them, and the aristocrats whom have purchased copies of the game. While the main emphasis is on Gon’s story, the outside world’s conclusion is still pretty satisfying too. At the end of the game, Gon and Killua are not only stronger for the journey, but get a amazingly terrific prize awaiting them at the end: Gon’s father, Ging.


Again, Greed Island was a good arc for the series, but it just couldn’t match up to the superiority of the Hunter and Heaven’s Arena/Yorknew arcs. But, don’t get too relaxed, the next arc on the “You Should Be Watching” is Togashi’s most ambitious yet, and will take all of our focus next time. What are the Chimera Ants, and why do they look human and what will happen when Gon goes to meet his father? Strap in, kiddies, and bring some bug spray, next time, the Chimera Ant arc begins, and you’re going to want to see all that it holds!