You Should Be Watching: Hunter x Hunter (Part 5)


What is this, a continuation; even though the last part said it was the finale? I know, I know, I’m a monster, but I just can’t stay away from the glorious anime that is Hunter x Hunter! Yoshihiro Togashi’s long-running series is still going, and has even been announced to continue the original manga, but the anime has been doling out some of the strongest, most appealing and mouth-watering shonen action this fan has seen in a long time. I feel like I say that every time I write one of these, but believe me when I say these last 25 episodes have been some of the most amazing things ever put to the small screen. So much has happened over the last 25 weeks, and a ton of exposition and plot has developed and characters have grown, but I’d be a terrible writer if I spoiled it for you. I’ll just entice you as to why you should be watching!

So the King has been born, as we all know by now, and his legion and guard are some of the most ruthless guardsmen you have ever seen, but they’re also the most loyal to him. Menthuthuyoupi, Shaiapouf, Neferpitou quickly make a name for themselves and their king and make their presence and power known. Although a chunk of this batch of episodes is relegated to them watching the Ant King play Gungi (a board game) with the world champion, their senses remain the most keen and on edge to tackle any challenge that may confront them or their king. Now on the human and Hunter side of things, we have Gon, Killua and several other Hunters preparing to storm the King’s hideout to stop his massive genocide of humans and stop him. A bulk of this arc is building up and preparing for this, and although that may sound boring, Togashi and the team at Madhouse have created a world and pace that encompass a normally boring idea, and makes it exceptional.

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You may look at some of the synopsis for a few of these episodes and think ‘why would I waste 20+ minutes on watching that?’ Then you do, and you realize that had you missed out on it, you would have regretted every single second you did. The writers and director(s) have taken Togashi’s story and adapted it and its pacing extremely well. And, not to get too much in to spoiler territory, but by the end of this set of episodes, you’ll find it hard to believe that only about 15 minutes has passed since the attack on the King’s hideout starts. Seriously, roughly 15 minutes! Now, we’re not talking Planet Namek ‘5 minutes to destruction’ delaying of plot; we’re talking the pacing of extremely good writing and direction showing you the story at the rate it’s originally intended. Brilliant narration and design leads you along at the perfect stride as Togashi’s story is meant to be told. It sounds pretentious, but Madhouse just absolutely constructed a perfect way to put Hunter x Hunter’s story to anime.

Then there’s the beautifully animated action that is some of the best, most logically well thought out action in shonen anime. It’s never that ‘I have a power/attack you know not about. Wait, I have a more powerful attack or power level to show. No ‘I was fooling…’ nonsense; Togashi’s characters know their limits, but also know that the enemy has limits and they both have intelligence. A bulk of the battles rests in the minds of the combatants rather than their brawn. Sure, they have the brawn, but a majority of it stems from them trying to always be three steps ahead of their opponent, knowing that their opponent may already be three steps ahead of them. It’s truly amazing and beautiful sight to behold, and you’re always left wanting more and more and more. Soon you’ll be out of episodes and must wait until next week to get just one more fix. Hunter x Hunter is my anime crack, and I’m happily addicted!

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PHEW. It’s really hard to believe it’s already be 125 episodes, almost three years since Hunter x Hunter was rebooted, but it’s been a joyous ride from the start. As always you can find Hunter x Hunter every week on Crunchyroll, and you can find more of my You Should Be Watching series here on Geekenstein. Be sure to stick around as I’ll expand my series, and I hope you eagerly await part 6, as I’m almost certain Hunter x Hunter has another 25 episodes left in it to help me out. Enjoy the ride, nerds, and I’ll see you next time!