You Should Play: Silent Hill 2


This game is quite simply, unnerving to play. Everything about it is creepy. It is true survival horror at it’s finest.

The story begins with James receiving a letter from his wife, telling him to meet him in Silent Hill, the town they used to vacation to. The only problem with this is that his wife has been dead for some years. OOOOOooooooOOOOOOooh Spoooooooky!

Never minding the fact that the moron GOES to Silent Hill after receiving the letter from his dead wife, the game is set up fairly realistic considering that besides there being monsters to fight, James doesn’t go into the town with guns a blazing. It’s not like he expected to have to fight a bunch of monsters when he decided to visit his dead wife. He does come across a couple guns, but the ammo is scarce. So instead he uses a board with a nail in it for most of the game.


The monsters are easily the best thing about this game, especially when you consider the entire town of Silent Hill is a monstrous entity unto itself.

The monsters in the town come in various types, usually accompanied by static coming from your 2-way radio. These monsters are creepy looking, but the reason for why Silent Hill is so creepy is the psychological scares. The town is oppressive with fog and dark buildings, the monsters scurry or jump out of nowhere, and even the town’s few regular inhabitants are even freakier than the monsters.


And then there is this motherfucker.

Pyramid Head (or Triangle Head as he is sometimes called) is an unkillable monster, much in the same vein as the Tyrant from Resident Evil 2. He shows up exactly when you don’t want him to, and is a real bitch to fight off or runaway from.

But, the ultimate reason to play this game, is the psychologically fucked up story line. I really can’t say anything about because it will ruin everything, but every monster, every person, and every area you visit, is directly involved with the story. You don’t just fight Pyramid Head because he is cool looking and scary, there is a DIRECT reason why you fight him. You don’t fight Zombie Nurses just because you are in a hospital, you fight Zombie Nurses for a very DIRECT reason. Shit don’t just happen in this game.


Also there are like 5 or so different endings, so the game can be played many times.

So there are a couple of different versions of this game. I suggest playing the Xbox version only because of the bonus levels with another character that is included in the game. The controls are clunky, but not unbearable if you are used to playing Resident Evil pre RE4.

So here’s the part where I tell you to play it. PLAY IT!

[Written by contributor Matt Papayanopulos]