Young Justice: Invasion “Cornered” Review

Title card for Young Justice Invasion
Spoilers for Young Justice below

After an abrupt hiatus, Young Justice is finally back and now my Saturday mornings have meaning again. “Cornered” starts off with a small alien robot, who painfully reminded me of Booster Gold’s buddy Skeets, informing a mysterious alien brawler about Earth’s heroes and how he could use another trophy for his wall of heads. The story with this alien challenger is that he goes from planet to planet defeating the strongest opponents that he can find and uses their head as a trophy. After his introduction to which we find out that his name is Despero, he and his robot go down to the hall of justice to which Captain Marvel, Zatanna and a few others are trying residing in after the loss of their Mount Justice(it was either that or a warehouse). Despero pretty much wipes the floor with everyone there, mainly thanks to his cheating tactic of having a third eye that basically lobotomizes its victims similar to what Miss Martian did toward the end of the last episode(shes still felling guilty about that and is becoming more of a liability to the team at this point).


After a thankfully lucky shot from Bumblebee to his third eye causes everyone that he  “lobotomized” to come back to their senses, Zatanna finally take him out by causing him to lobotomize himself. All while this was happening the Reach’s “ambassador” is busy solidifying his trust in to the American and International parties while making the Justice League look bad by revealing that they have a watch tower for secret surveillance (oops).

As another little side story going on, everyone who survived the Reach’s experiments with their dormant metagenes got to have some one on one counseling with Black Canary (lucky them). After telling him about his possible future due to the scarab, Blue Beetle feels a little guilty about hiding it from his superiors and friends, Kid Flash keeps urging him not to say anything but even after that Beetle asks Black Canary with help to get rid of his scarab.

Young Justice Cornered

Honestly this episode of Young justice was pretty lack luster. The best part was the little bit between Blue Beetle and Kid Flash arguing about telling everyone the truth about the possible future outcome due to Beetle’s scarab. I also liked how the Reach were still putting their grasps into the trust of the people around them while removing the people’s trust in the Justice League. The fight between the Young Justice team and Despero, which unfortunately took up most of the episode, was just kinda lack luster.

Rating Banner 3-5